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France Asks UN to Back 'Merciless' Military Response to Paris Attacks


France Asks UN to Back 'Merciless' Military Response to Paris Attacks

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Just days after French President François Hollande vowed a "merciless" response to the Paris attacks, his government on Thursday submitted a resolution for the United Nations Security Council to "take all necessary measures" against ISIS.

The French proposal, which could face a vote as early as Friday, competes with a separate one re-submitted by Russia this week that stipulates the inclusion of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


"...stem the flow of foreign terrorist fighters to Iraq and Syria and to prevent and suppress the financing of terrorism."
This part of the proposal will spark a furious debate in the you-know-who crowd. Maybe the US will try to water it down.


Endless cycle of merciless violence by the West and its very predictable child of Bush's Iraqi regime change, Daesh.

Knee-jerk merciless response is exactly what the depraved minds of Daesh want - and warmongers/profiteers thrive on..........

Violence begets more violence.


Wouldn't a merciless response be a violation of the Geneva Conventions?

Or are only the poor nations subject to that kind of thing? (yah, that's a rhetorical question)


"We have been using military force against terrorism for the past 15
years, and it has failed," said Bennis. Actually, they've been using terrorism against counter-terrorism, because their terrorist policies created the backlash of terrorist attacks in the first place. The US Government is the biggest terrorist organization on the planet. Its insidious presence is the bane of peaceful planetary existence. Its false flags create the "need" to terrorize the planet in the name of patriarchal righteousness. The US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia (the three main patriarchal religions) have us on a course of corporate patriarchal greed like no other, that will bring certain planetary destruction if not immediately bridled. (I figure that will happen right about the time pigs fly.) The Amerikan Sheeple especially, are just too ignorant, arrogant, and apathetic to even realize there's a problem with terrorizing the crap out of millions of innocent people in 15 nations for the last 15 years in the name of fighting terror. "Military action = TERRORISM!"


But war is so very very profitable to US Military Industrial Complex. What can possibly replace profits from war for our Military Industrial Complex?


or he might have said "ISIL is so bad, we want permission to be worse"


Telesur English is reporting that this has passed unanimously.


The US is standing back now, playing the good guys and letting France and Russia do most of the dirty work. In the meantime the US is using the Paris attack to further the police state at home. From: "Police are bullies", to "police are our heroes" took only a few days after paris.


"It also calls for member states to "intensify their efforts to stem
the flow of foreign terrorist fighters to Iraq and Syria and to prevent
and suppress the financing of terrorism."
WHAT? Do you mean the US and other "Western forces" which have already destroyed Iraq, Libya, and support Israel in its illegal occupation? The financing which comes from "our allies" and our supporters back in the Homeland? Who is considered "foreign" in these cases?


The international peacemaking community of the United Nations shouldn't condone or approve in anyway acts of violence or retribution. Additionally, merciless implies that they'll be innocent people killed as a result of retaliation, knowingly harming innocent people in acts of war violates several Geneva convention mandates which form also the basis for the UN. Currently its far into the 21st century and as a global community we've already got out of a century where we had to go through 2 world wars and the Vietnam war. Violent reactions to attacks were something of the caveman era, its time to get intelligent and take actions of peace.