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France Cancels Major Climate March, But Groups Say They Won't Be Silenced



Blessings to the organizers for forthrightly insisting they will go forward with their march as planned. They need a broad front of support from all quarters to go forward.

The transparent opportunism and demagoguery of "officials" who crassly use the threat of terror attacks to clamp down on this growing mass movement for social and ecological justice is simply staggering... except it is just how they do business.

Plainly, if we shut down this march, the world will be a much safer place for all our citizens... /snark

EDIT: Now the government has cancelled the march. We all everywhere must find ways to disrupt business as usual for the fossil-fuel terrorists.


from the article:

Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, said COP21 actions were more important now than ever. In a blog post
published Wednesday, Dearden wrote, "It will be deeply ironic if
climate activists from around the world are among the first to fall foul
of France's emergency powers."

IMHO, it's not likely a coincidence these terror attacks happened right before the environmental protest in France. They were likely instigated by the Empire at the behest of Fossil Fuel companies who have a fortune to lose if new conservation laws get traction in the world.

It will be interesting to see if a 911 white-wash happens in France as well. Condesleeza Rice and Little Bush got 32 warnings of an imminent terrorist attack before 911 and did nothing because they knew it was going to happen. Micheal Moore's "Fahrenheit 911" revealed on film that when the twin towers were hit by terrorists, reading "My Pet Goat" was more important than the safety of his country for GWB.

So it's my guess that Texas Oil Families (bush and Kock) are likely behind this.



Hard to imagine worse timing. Arguably this could be the most important meeting ever held. There was a report that a number of organizations have cancelled their protests. At least the climate meeting is scheduled to go ahead as planned. And there should be plenty of protests held all over the world.


Don't worry. France has also cancelled global warming.


Maybe I am wrong, but I do find it more than a coincidence the timing of these attacks in France just happened before the major climate march. Cui Bono?


Does this hearken back to the days of the planned mass protests against the WB/IMF in DC for September 30, 2001 or what?

Of course in that case, it was not the police or government that banned the actions (most were already going to face police resistance) but the cowardly organizers themselves dismantled this protest wiping it clean off their websites and Indymedia by Sept 15. Very quickly the entire global economic justice movement was dismantled as well.

To the powerful, terrorist attacks are the gift that keeps on giving - to the terrorists too it seems....


Can't let ISIS or corporate terrorists muzzle climate justice voices.


Cooperation Rules
We all know things don't always work out the way we imagined they would. For those of us with some experience in the Climate struggle, you know what I mean.
Events such as the terrorist attacks, tragic though they are, and in this case inconvenient for COP21, could act as a catalyst for changing the way we do things.
My opinion is we are in desperate need of a major paradigm shift in the ways we go about trying to find and implement solutions for global problems. It's my intention here to present some of the bare essentials of such a strategy.
So, with that in mind let's began. With some six billion of us humans on the Earth at this time only a small percentage of us could have been in Paris next month anyway. BUT, all of us can link together through our connected HEARTS, and have a huge influence on the outcome of COP21. Media can play a big role here by providing much more than usual 'real time' coverage of the week long get together. Personally, I believe hundreds of millions of us( if not billions) have a burning desire to participate in and add positive input to COP21.
Here are some of the basics. Try to keep an open mind on this. It will probably take a while to get the hang of it.
We are all connected through our HEARTS. As we explore this pathway it's going to be a whole new ballgame. The HEART becomes the final decision maker. COP21 is an ideal opportunity to periodically (at least several times a day, for that week) get in your HEART space, connect with the EARTH, connect with the SKY, open up a portal in your heart to all other hearts and began to experience the connected human mind. Then, you set intentions, and focus on parts or all of the goings on at COP21. And remember: COOPERATION RULES.


I hate to say that when I heard about the attacks, my second thought, after, "Oh no, what a terrible thing," was, so this will stop the Paris Climate march. I wish I had been wrong.


"WE are in a country of free expression"! That is with the minor exception of incarcerating those posing inconvenient questions which would undermine the veracity of the contrived atrocity propaganda popularly known as the Holocaust.Which in turn would nullify the enormous material and political benefits derived thereof.


This is not being reported anywhere else on CD, so I'll report it here. Global average temperature for the month of October completely smashed the previous October record - by a full degree Celsius over the 20th century average. Every month this year set a record, and seven of those months culminating in October smashed the record by a progressively larger margin. The trend continues and November and December will probably be more than a degree over the average. We are talking about global averages here with thousands of data points - for the whole globe to be heating at this rate is frightening.


We also seem to be heading for a "runaway" El Niño event too...


But quite stunningly - the blathersphere is still full of people claiming "the warming stopped in 1998".


I thought the timing of the Paris attacks something to give thought to on several levels, if one subscribes to the many investigative reports concerning the relationship between the U.S. Saudi Arabia, Israel and ISIS. If one does, then as horrifying as it is to contemplate, taking attention away from the Climate Summit and the TPP currently before congress, neither of which people know very much about, thanks to a corporate media owned and operated by the elites capable of anything if it helps further this Cabal's agenda. No way to prove of course and only speculating, however knowing such people have no regard for life, human or otherwise, much less our environment, I wouldn't be surprised to discover these people helped orchestrate these attacks in Paris. It's not as if they don't know how, now that they have been at for so long and anything that helps increase spending on the military is always going to be on the table and no question, the Paris attacks helped that part of their agenda. Well, enough of thinking out loud so to speak. I wish everyone the best in our struggle to improve this world in whatever ways are open to you. It surely needs all the help it can get.


I'd say the marchers are more likely to be attacked by the police than by terererists... Surely, the terrorists knew the march was coming up, the climate talks were coming up, but they chose to blow up coffee shops instead of hitting such large targets. Who's colluding with who? Now, the state has the perfect excuse to ready the tear gas.