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France Erupts in Defiance of Employer-Friendly Labour Reforms


France Erupts in Defiance of Employer-Friendly Labour Reforms

Duncan Cameron

France is continuously rocked by debates around the meaning of the Enlightenment ideals of liberty, equality and solidarity that predate the French Revolution.

Some important notions are widely shared. Most French citizens expect governments to meet the basic needs of all and promote individual expansion of talents and abilities.

It is generally agreed France should offer educational, cultural and recreational facilities to every child.

How the Enlightenment ideals should apply in the workplace is a matter of fierce dispute.


"Free trade", with its ISDS ghouls, will destroy workers' rights further.


It has been obvious Francois Hollande is a sellout to the plutocrats for a long time...
With attempts to increase the 35 hour workweek, support for austerity for Greece, support for the endless Wars
Looks like France will have to get a new truly people's party like so many other countries




One of the only bright spots of Modern civilization was provided by the peoples of France when they declared the 3 principles of Egalitarian, Freedom and Cooperation as the highest virtues of any society.
Americans should understand that The U.S.A would not exist if not for France and it support and its ideals.


Just looking at the picture gives me the impression that this rally is bigger and even more angry stuff than the je suis Charley march.All over the world people are waking up to economic issues. This started with Occupy Wall St and continued with Bernie Sanders.It looks like it will continue.


In the US, there's a vicious, never ending war against unions. Once a GOP governor takes over a state, he/she works overtime to turn his state into a right-to-work (for less) hell hole. Of course, there are Democratic governors and mayors who are not friends of unions but it is the GOP that is pushing this noxious right-to-work crap.
France has a unionization rate of only about 8% but the French will take to the streets in massive numbers at the top of a hat and French laws are very pro labor until now.


Like every popular movement or so-called revolution, they will fail because they are aiming too low. From Egypt to Greece to Venezuela to Brazil to Argentina - it's the same. Demanding democracy from capitalism is a fool's errand. Like chickens trying to talk a den of foxes into being vegetarians. Only by overthrowing capitalism itself and all the institutions that sustain it can the democratic aspirations of the people be realized. But, uh-oh that's Marxism or communism or something and we can't have that. Never that.