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France’s Answer To Trumpism: Non, Merci


France’s Answer To Trumpism: Non, Merci

Pierre Tristam

Before you go to sleep Sunday you will have learned a new name, the name at least six or seven of your fellow-Americans already know: Emmanuel Macron. He will have been elected president of France, the youngest-ever chief of state for that country, not including prepubescent heirs apparent of royal days, and younger than Teddy Roosevelt, our most pubescent one, by four years.


Truly enjoyed and savoured this article - from a Florida neighbor apparently - it's thesis, it's arguments, it's writing, it's metaphors, and it's cultural knowledge. But was a bit confused with the last statement "I never thought I’d see the day when for the rest of us in the mother of all democracies, France would be a greater hope than Washington, New York, Kansas or Florida."

The US is the mother of all democracies?


I began it thinking I was going to read, rare on CD these days, an article about somewhere other than the US, France, but then a third of the way in found I was soon back in the good ol USA, sigh, and then, as you noted, at the very end, the absurd blast of deluded US exceptionalism wherein it is the glorious mother of all democracies! I sometimes wonder if the US education system uses different history books to the rest of the world. Probably they think history began began in 1776. Before that, there was nothing but darkness on the face of the void.........


Ridiculous article that sees everything only in Murkan terms. Le Pen, repellent though she is, was a far different candidate from Trump, a more true rightwinger than the Orange Guignol, but also a more socially minded one. I am relieved she didn't get in, but outraged that the fake McRon was foisted on the nation, when there was the excellent dark-horse Melenchon in the running.

And McRon is not, by any means, with all due respect to Mr. Tristram, "change." He is the very opposite of change. He was thrust by the establishment into the race (after bombing in the (faux) Socialist primaries) specifically because they panicked when they realized they were looking at the strong possibility that there would be no status-quo establishment candidate in the running in the first round.

McRon is the continuation of the status quo: i.e., the continued application of already failed and failing neoliberal policies aimed at "marketizing" every sphere of human existence on earth, starting with, in his case, the still-humane French social welfare system. He is Brussells' man, not the man of the Franco-Gallic-Roman people that make up France with their North African brethren.

He is pro-war in the Middle East, wasted no time saying that, as president, he would send the bombers after the latest media hysteria around the false-flag chemical "attack" in Syria in April, and is said to be, by those who know him well, a man of no firm conviction.

Just the puppet the banksters and war party need. He'll probably be worse than even Sarkozy. If that's "change," Mr. Tristram, well, I have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you...


Maybe b/c back when the US was 'born' most, if not all, European countries were monarchies; and maybe 'mother' is partly b/c of the Statue of Liberty (since she is a female), and b/c the US as a nation was 'birthed' and women are the sex that gives birth ...?

Or maybe b/c now this country is merely the motherf**[er] of all democracies?? :smiling_imp: But I don't really see that as pertaining to what the author so eloquently wrote ...


Not in the sense that we're the best or biggest, like the Mother of all Bombs, but in the sense that, IIRC, the United States was the first large nation to be based on democratic principles – although technically the U.S. Constitution defines a representative republic, not a true democracy, and in the beginning the vote was re­stricted, as today actual governing is effectively restricted, to wealthy white males.

And I wouldn't get too excited over the results in France.  The biggest difference that I see is that most French citizens voted, and around a third of them voted for fascism.  In the U.S. only about half of the eligible citizens bothered (or were allowed) to vote, and fewer than 1/2 of those, because of the outdated electoral college sys­tem, were able to put the fascists in power.  I would expect that if as great a proportion of Americans voted as did the French that we'd see about the same 1/3 - 2/3 split between fascists and anti-fascists here. By the time the 2018 elections roll around, Amerika's fascists will have suppressed voting even further, and killed the open internet in order to make organizing a meaningful resistance very difficult if not impossible.


Investigators Say French Police Who Sodomized Black Man With A Baton Did So By Accident -- HP
So France elects fascism-lite, their Bush Sr; and France is salivating at the prospect of going to war in Syria.


Democracy did not start in the 18th century. The parlament of iceland was founded sometime in 900s. And indigenous people all over the world have had many many types of democracies. But a few arguments, not to even mention slavery vs democracy etc etc.



Merci beaucoup.


Well, most European countries are monarchies even now, but they're still democracies. The Netherlands had a monarch (still does) but was ruled by Parliament since the 17th cent., England was ruled by an elected Parliament since 1649 after the English Civil War in which the monarch, Charles I, was beheaded. The oldest working democratic parliament is that of the Faroe Islands, closely followed by Iceland who have been ruled by parliaments since the 10th century.

I think your last explanation is the most likely, that really he meant to write "the motherf"""cker of all democracies" but his spellchecker altered it.


But . . .  but . . . I said LARGE nation, and probably should have said large, MODERN nation.  IIRC, nearly all Native American tribes were democracies as well, although apparently with a less formal structure.   But what really concerns me is not that Macron won, but that fully 1/3 of French voters - like 1/4 of Americans & nearly half of Dutch voters - support fascism.  And it's probably going to get worse - a WHOLE LOT worse - before it gets better . . .