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France Upstages Trump at G7 by Inviting Iran to Salvage Nuclear Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/26/france-upstages-trump-g7-inviting-iran-salvage-nuclear-deal


Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, is more American than the author, Juan, and I put together.

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Not really sure what you mean or are getting at, all I know so far, as of today, is that this country, and much of the world, has gone completely insane.


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As of this AM, stock market rises because Trump said he talked to high ups in China. I do not yet know if this is true or not. Confusing, And yes, the turmoil is insane because the prez is on his TV reality show roll. " If he makes you cry, he wins."

French ambassador Nicoullaud sez:
“It must be said that Trump is isolated at the G7 on this subject.”

Is there a subject at the G7 on which he is NOT isolated? In any case, nice to see a fig leaf devoted to diplomacy … a “subject” utterly lacking in U.S. domestic politics.


Trump welcomes and cultivates the isolation from the other G7 countries.

His “Build the Wall” and “America First” street cred are built on isolationism. Of course, if he was really serious about backing off of trade with china, he’s rein in Wall St, the ultimate driving force behind the quest to find the lowest cost – and thus most profitable – manufacturing centers.


Haven’t seen it yet, with the few photos that have come out of this meeting, but isn’t it about time for bimbo barbie to crash the party, sit on daddies lap, squeal like a school girl, and embarrass the country even further?

Being alone as global heating denier plays into Trump’s malignant narcissism. The same might be said of Bolsonaro


Thank you France, and the others that are working towards a peaceful world.
After WW 2, America was a GREAT country, Mr. Trump, because of the Marshall Plan, And it was great too when Kennedy and Kruschev worked together and avoided any kind of war. So if you really want to make America GREAT again--------read the good parts of US history----but Andrew Jackson was not it!


Unfortunately, Trump is not completely isolated regarding Iran: the lapdog Canadian government, led by a cold warrior foreign minister, is also hostile. As Cole cites from Le Journal de Dimanche,
three European powers and Japan having a quite clear position, entirely assuming a rapport with Iran
Note that Japan was worth mentioning, despite not being a signatory to the Iran agreement. Neither was Canada a signatory – but it must be omitted here because it’s out of sync with peace-promoting Europe (except Italy, it seems).

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