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France's Government Aims to Give Itself—and the NSA—Carte Blanche to Spy on the World


France's Government Aims to Give Itself—and the NSA—Carte Blanche to Spy on the World

Danny O'Brien

The United States makes an improper division between surveillance conducted on residents of the United States and the surveillance that is conducted with almost no restraint upon the rest of the world. This double standard has proved poisonous to the rights of Americans and non-Americans alike. In theory, Americans enjoy better protections. In practice there are no magical sets of servers and Internet connections that carry only American conversations. To violate the privacy of everyone else in the world, the U.S. inevitably scoops up its own citizens' data.


The use of false flags to serve as a rationale for state violence is well-documented.

Similarly, as soon as one "super power" developed atomic weapons, others followed.

The ruse of the War on Terror created a pretext where under the guise of fighting the enemy without, surveillance spotlights were aimed at any "enemies" within. And as states became corporate clients, what was in the interest of big corporations was suddenly (in too many places) in the interest of the state. That meant, those groups that sought to rein in the powers of huge multi-national corporations caught the attention of today's ubiquitous Watchers.

When U.S. elites managed to "liberalize" the world of finance (and its formerly restrained rules on unchecked speculation with the sky literally the only limit), this contagion also spread across the Atlantic.

The surveillance matter is an effect of a larger cause, and that cause is the dangerous merger between states and corporate elites. Whether termed fascism, or otherwise, the only good news is that so many are fighting this beast in so many places.

Since many good people know little about encryption, my particular strategy is to toss SO much data and SO much info at them as to clog their systems. Add in a little more sun spot activity, and Divine intervention just might do the job of crashing servers like the giant info-retention center in Bluffsdale, Utah.


The surveillance state is an odd place to dwell (in)...it's kinda funny but people wonder why HRC ran her own email server, well folks that's a no-brainer...the cia loaned congress computers swearing they would never spy and guess what?, well folks that's a no- brainer too, geez...I mean come on, do you really trust google? how about aol? if you don't have your computer locked down so it barely runs then you must be flooding the stream, which really is a waste of hard to get energy...the real problem? everybody's gotta gun...you got the mic, the surveillance state, the police state and on and on and on..."badges?, we don't need no stinkin' badges", Treasure of Sierra Madre...Sweden isn't too bad for safety minded providing good safe communication connections, it's a big part of their legal system, that is if your-a-lookin' round a bit...


divine intervention...Big Smile, Thanks


I think it's valid. I am working on a book based on paths to expanding consciousness and one chapter is based on the realization of this Presence in our own lives. I can think of SO many examples when I was down to my last dime and the EXACT sum of money I needed showed up. What I've learned during these "austerity cycles" is that when one is closest to the line, they are best positioned to watch Divine Order (or Intervention) in action.

Many years ago, a young man who I'd befriended in Puerto Rico took a job as a park attendant at the island's beautiful (now stressed) rainforest. He'd find trails off the beaten track to share with me when I'd visit. On one such occasion he took me hiking where I'd never gone and we suddenly came upon a very impressive rainforest. At that instant I heard BEAUTIFUL music playing; but as soon as my rational mind "stepped in" to try to figure out WHERE the music was coming from, it disappeared.

Richard Bach, author of such popular books as "Illusions" and "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" spoke of a similar experience.

When our consciousness pierces the veil of ordinary perception, what materially-driven and directed science asserts is impossible indeed does occur.

I need to look up the name of the woman doctor who suffered a stroke, and sort of observed what the experience was doing to her brain from the inside-out. It took her 8 years to fully heal; but what she experienced when the brain shut off the left brain hemisphere was exactly the experience reported by mystics all over the world. It's a boundary-less experience of blending into all that is.

Back in college, I took a few LSD trips and one time sex was involved. It was amazing... as I experienced the cells of my partner's body becoming my own, and vice versa. It was an experience that stayed with me.

Another time, I was in Miami with family and when I went downstairs for dinner, while attempting to cut the roast beef on my plate, I kept checking my own arm. Again, one thing united with another...

And since we ARE mostly the illusion of solidity since we are composed of trillions of swirling atoms, or Light energy condensed, these super-sensible perceptions are closer to the truth than the bias we've been taught for believing in what's apparently solid.


Oh, it is very valid...maybe 45 days ago I was going to do something which would have cost my life but saved many people harm, someone came walking onto the screen, smiled and waved at me me and the whole thing, motivation, timing, intent, smoking my last smoke went poof, into thin air, gone...a week or so later I came between this person and another who was intent on killing her...I had work to do, so I wasn't "allowed" to "turn a torino", as in the movie Grand Torino...I live in an inner city apartment complex so the vibrations are very high because it is a mix of cultures, being deaf with childhood acquired PTSD gives me the advantage of being sensitive, the down side it drains me so I have to not interact as I'd like, I read people and they don't like it when they catch me....I'm mighty glad you to hear you're writing a book, it's about time :-)))


I have written MANY (14, plus 6 movie scripts) books. Anyone can google my name to find the titles. One is not supposed to promote their work in these threads, so I will honor that protocol.


I know I can click on someone's avatar and find out who they are and all that but rarely do, it's kinda like a "private" thing so I go for their comment(s) content to sorta know who they are and I'll continue this way...your comments content have always been insightful over what ? years :smile: