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Fraud, Waste, and Lies: Charter Schools Cheating Communities Out of Millions of Dollars


Fraud, Waste, and Lies: Charter Schools Cheating Communities Out of Millions of Dollars

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Accepting and soliciting bribes. Diverting public funds for personal profit. Lying about the number of students. These are just a few examples of the fraud and malfeasance committed by charter school officials—cheating communities out of millions dollars that were supposed to go to education, a new report finds.


Like so many public services, in this case, public education, privatization and corporatization invariably lead to the degradation and disintegration of these services. Making profits (greed) trumps providing substantive, high quality service with integrity and concern for the public at large. Oversight is haphazard and with charter schools, they have been known to close their doors with little-to-no notice leaving their students (and parents) holding the bag. In addition, these abandoned students then re-enter the public schools, which puts an additional financial burden on the schools/districts that are already struggling. And it goes without saying, the teachers are then shouldered with the additional students in already crowded classrooms.

Meanwhile, the charter school company then puts the school and property up for sale to the highest bidder (usually purchased by a commercial enterprise seeking to build a mall or sprawling apartment complex for example).


When ever you change the bottom line of programs for public service to profit I would think these behaviors would follow.


Google "embezzling public schools’ and discover that lo and behold, ripping off the public is endemic. While the article is (rightfully) pointing the finger at charter school corruption, the implication is that somehow it is unique to these entities. Not at all. Having worked in public schools in 3 states where daily ripping off the system–whether small amounts or millions were involved–was rampant, I can attest to the “nudge-nudge-wink-wink” mentality and collusion that prevailed.


There is nothing to indicate Charter School fraud is more prevalent than any other area where public monies are disbursed to private industry.


Charter schools have not been around long enough for their owners to fully realize their fraud potential.

The map accompanying this article only shows states where charter schools have operated long enough to develop a track record. Several additional states are just getting started with charter schools.


I support non-profit charter schools and oppose for-profit ones.

My daughter attends a non-profit charter school in an impoverished rural area and it’s one of the best schools in the state.

But for-profits of any type want to maximize profits and that usually leads to providing less for more. That’s why for-profit prisons are a national disgrace and we’ve one of the most expensive medical systems in the world.


About as naturally as day follows night! A truly pathetic way to run an educational system.

If our educational system weren’t teetering, people would be well-enough educated to understand that when privatization does occur that is exactly what will happen simply because of the profit percentage tacked onto the end.


All according the corportariat plan. Their dictatorship will continue until we confront them. Major political change is needed. They have to be brought back under the rule of law they are evading with their graft and bribery. Money is not speech and corporations are not people.


The money, is that all you think about, what about the students. What about missing education opportunities, what about the psychological harm of being devalued to a cost centre a burden on profits, what about the cheapest possible adults they can find to ‘pretend’ to lock after the students, what about churning out improperly schooled students who have to repeat courses prior to gaining entry to college.
WE TOLD YOU SO, now that is exactly what America deserves to be told by educators and concerned citizens from all over the rest of the world.


And of course, the value and virtue of charter schools are sold to an ever-more-gullible public as “better for the children” or similar malarkey.


Yes, it’s a shame, though, that many for-profits can register as non-profits–there is a loophole–so you don’t actually know. And if a public school had been given the tax money and the freedom to operate as the nonprofit charter, you never know what they might have done–they might have been even better.


Any twit would realize that the whole reason for privatizing the commons is to screw the taxpayers. Who could be surprised at this announcement?


Schools, public and charter, are the latest “goldmine”…for Common Core testing (private company), less educated teachers will increase profit for charter schools owned by private companies, etc, etc


It was so damn obvious the day this started-charter schools are a shill for privatization. Most should be closed.


Well, reading this is worthwhile, a counterweight to what I usually read. BTW, you should read some from the other side, and think critically about both views, so that you aren’t scammed by either one.

Think about this: By law charter schools get less money per student than ordinary public schools. Parents choose to enroll their children in them, as opposed to the school assigning their child to some school in their neighborhood or across town. Parents can see what and whether their children are learning, and they can compare their experiences with other parents they know whose children are in public schools. If charter schools weren’t producing good results, in the parents’ opinion, then parents would pull their children out of charter schools and send them to ordinary public schools. Yet there is a waiting line of parents seeking to enroll their children in charter schools. Why?

By the way, take a glance at this book ‘The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey Into How the World’s Poorest People Are Educating Themselves’ by James Tooley. Available at that world’s largest river company located in Seattle.