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Freakish Winter Warmth: It’s NOT Not Global Warming


Freakish Winter Warmth: It’s NOT Not Global Warming

Erika Spanger-Siegfried

Let’s talk about December 2015. In the interests of brevity—and so you can get away from this screen and outside where the weather, odds have it, is probably flipping gorgeous right now—I’d like to step through a brief montage of recent examples from around the nuzzlingly warm eastern U.S. and get to the point:

This warmth is due to several things, including global warming.

Some recent coverage has muddied this point, so let’s help with the clean-up.


Excellent summary. The totally lopsided ratios of record warm daily temperatures and record cold temperatures (especially nighttime lows) which has been ongoing for the past decade aside from few respites in 2013 and 2014, is the real "smoking gun" here. More info here:


So please, none of this "but it is really cold here in Nevada" stuff.


Republican governors will be sunbathing in Chicago and North Dakota in January and STILL argue that global warming is a hoax conjured up by the likes of Al Gore.


"The nightly news is covering black bears in New England who have put off hibernation to molest bird feeders."

We cannot say that global warming has led to an increase in the number of perverted bears, but can state it is among the complex factors responsible.


Mr. and Mrs. Nonlinearity are here to school the deniers.


Great post, Erika, but you should expand your end tag to...

Erika Spanger-Siegfried is a senior analyst in the Climate and Energy program at the Union of Concenred Scietntists and Enunciation-challenged Linguists.


"What's the weather like today?" Apparently to answer that question takes a meteorological degree! What I mean to say is that the right wing has been in denial for so long that the whole issue of global warming has become constrained by what can be proven in scientific journals.

In other words if you have experienced weather over the last twenty or so years without the benefit of a meteorological degree then ... it doesn't count!

Nope! Nada! No Way! Too bad. You can't prove what you've experienced is actually the weather, so too bad. You didn't experience it... well you can't prove that you did can you?

No unauthorized experiencing of weather allowed. Welcome to our world where up is up but you can't actually prove that it isn't down either.

Was it warm for you? Take a chance. Commit yourself to a direct answer. Is it warmer? Has it been warmer? Decade after decade ... is it warmer?

Chicken! You're afraid of answering definitively aren't you. Maybe you felt like saying >>> Well yes it is warmer but it isn't due to global warming and even if it is it is due to a cycle and Mars is experiencing global warming too and...

Whoa! I just wanted to ask if you thought I'd need to bring a sweater! Sheesh!

Look at us people? When did we stop being able to tell the weather? This author tells us plain. We've gotten lost in the denials, the scientific hair splitting, the complexity of details that MIGHT BE explanations and the models oh yes we have to check the models and then we can say but they are only models and modeling is very complex and very hard to do correctly but do the models agree anyway and a... sigh!

Do you get the feeling that for the first time in human history that human beings are unable to judge the weather themselves? Sure we may not know whether or not it will rain next week or stuff that we've never known but now the right has made it that we aren't qualified to know what we pretty much can see for ourselves.

When I was a kid, winters were spent with outstretched arms stuffed in snowsuits that didn't let you move and wearing mittens that made you unable to open simple doorknobs and you could spend all day burrowing through several feet of snow that stayed on the ground all winter and you made snowball people who somehow were always shorter than the ones you saw pictures of and so forth.
When my kids were um...kids I bought them sleds and other snow stuff beloved by the eternally runny noses crowd and ... it just never snowed. I mean it dusted a bit here and there but that decade was virtually snowless. That was a couple of decades ago or so. We do get snow at times. Weirdo snow that buries your car causes old coots to die in droves with shovels in hand and then two or three days later it all melts away in the mid fifties temperatures.

Huh? Why can't I say ... It has gotten warmer? Simple as that? What have you experienced yourself?

C'mon. Be a heretic. Say the unmentionable! It has gotten warmer.


I don't think the author wrote the bio-blurb - a CD staffer did


The planet is F'd and the human species is to blame.


Both true but here we are and here we will remain so maybe we'd better deal with things the way they are and make them better. Yes we are to blame but...

Doing nothing simply makes things get worse much faster. That is the reality.


California... & probably most of the West Coast -- colder than usual. Global warming, certainly -- but doing this by putting persistent wiggles in the jet stream, the downturns indicating places where Arctic weather comes south.

In recent years we've had the opposite pattern -- likewise a global climate-destruction phenomenon -- and the right wing has been happy to pretend that it proved nothing was happening. (I don't know how they can get away with that this year.)

Here in San Diego... usually fairly warm this time of year -- We've had all the leaves fall off the fig trees (triggered by day length, probably) and then had new spring growth setting in at the tips, and now that the weather has turned unusually cold, well -- We'll have to see. But instability & anomalies are the new normal.


thanksexxon (and el nino)


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The North Pole is melting away and winters get rain not snow in many places and yet the republicans say that is normal but of course it isn't normal at all. The fact that anybody wants to pretend it is normal is what is happens to be peculiar.


I'm not an expert on these matters, yet there seems to me that there is some international intrigue involved in the way thing are playing out; and it may have been in the works for a long time. 1) Why is there no political desire to really address the Chinese pollution levels? 2) Why is there so little discussion on the well evidenced 206 year solar cycle that generates a 30 year dip in the Sun's energy output? That cycle is now at the starting point of the 30 year dip. A dip that tends to significantly change the typical pattern the jet stream flows out of the north so it becomes more common,to have it flow south into Europe and likely even into Ukraine's grain producing lands. Europe is highly populated, generally well educated, and is a major influence in the worlds politics and economy. For all I know, there was a predetermined desire to draw China into being a major industrial polluter from the time Henry Kissinger began talking to them in the Nixon era. Anyway, it is my understanding that their soot is well noted to be a major factor in the loss of arctic polar ice. Meanwhile, there has been trouble getting supplies to a long used base in the antarctic area. (This may be due more to more ice floating around due to melting by warmer oceans, though. As there is also another factor that seems be coming to light now.) The fact that the volcanoes in the oceans (often not well monitored) have become more active and are introducing huge amounts of CO2 into the waters and also the atmosphere, thereby matching well with the increased tectonic instability noted as being one of the historically evidenced increases that occurred in previous solar dips of the 206 year solar cycle. The concern for ocean's warming and acidification may be mainly caused by those sources. Endeavoring to obtain energy from subterranean heat sources has grown in recent years to the point that they have even hit molten material in Hawaii. To me, volcanoes need to be addressed, if at all possible; if we are to have reasonably stable weather patterns that sustain our food production, and the likes. The amount of CO2 emitted by some recent volcanoes have totally thwarted any efforts that man has done to reduce its emissions. Thankfully though, the CO2 has been getting lockup out of the atmosphere someplace they can't pin point so far Perhaps the oceans presently help more than they can grasp. In any case, whatever is helping may not persist, It didn't in previous 100,000 year cycles. So the odds are against us.


Solved => JUST DON'T MOW !


"(mainly through poorly worded headlines; unlike mine)"

Except for the fact that most people will not register the double 'not' in the headline because our brains tends to filter out repeated words. If you really wanted people to understand the intent of your headline it you'd leave out the double negative...


I suggest Erika go to Geoengineeringwatch.org and get educated for the real reasons for our crazy weather. Aerosol spraying has been going on for decades No! its not contrails Contrails disappear quickly. Chem trails linger and converge to form the cloud covering that blocks up to 20% of the sun Thats the Gov't answer to global warming But we are being bombarded with nano metal particles that is affecting everybodys health What happened to our beautiful clear blue skys we use to get a lot? Look up and get educated


Mate, is it a full moon where you are?
Can you hear others howling at it?
Let's deal with evidence - rising CO2 emissions - and leave the F'ing loony & crack pot theories that only give the deniers ammunition to use against the scientists out of the discussion.
Don't forget the meds.


Sorry but your info is a crock and unscientific. People reading your post should be warned that this is not serious science.