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Freddie Gray a Victim of America's Longest War


Freddie Gray a Victim of America's Longest War

Dan Rodricks

Owing likely to the diligence of a clerk, the Maryland District Court records on Freddie Gray already have been updated. The disposition of Case No. 5B02287290, in which Gray was charged with attempted distribution of an unspecified illegal drug, appears capitalized and in boldface: ABATED BY DEATH.


While this TYPE of analysis and frame is pervasive, that does not make it wise or true.

From the article, Mr. Rodricks points out:

"Polls show that most Americans think the war on drugs has been a failure, but four decades on, it's still going strong."

Fine. Polls show what a majority of citizens think. However, in NO way does that public consensus lead to, cause, or correlate with authoritarian policies that have used the war on drugs--to control citizens--in a manner that runs parallel to the war on Terrorism--a pretext for attacking foreign nations.

As occasions warrant, here again I must disabuse the writer of his generic, ill-fitting use of the singular WE frame:

"We still have prohibition instead of regulated commerce, and we still ask cops and federal agents every day to arrest people who possess or sell illegal narcotics. We still emphasize punishment over treatment and rehabilitation. We still mostly attack the supply of heroin and cocaine, and not the demand for it."

Who is the we that supports prohibition? Surely not THAT SAME populace that decrees the drug war a failure?

Who is the WE that emphasizes punishment over treatment and rehabilitation?

It's those who are part of the infrastructure of the Orwellian Control State and/or their faithful authoritarian father-knows-best followers.

But that is not WE in the sense of ONE uniform category.

Trafficking in this frame subliminally suggests consensus where there is none and in that manner does what Chomsky pointed out long ago: attempts to manufacture consent.

A more honest frame would say "Our nation is still encumbered by prohibition policies."


Siouxrose11 wrote:

'Fine. Polls show what a majority of citizens think....'

Nothing could be further from the truth. And that would obtain even if the sample size were 300,000,000 instead of 1,000.