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‘Free Basics’ Will Take Away More Than Our Right to the Internet


‘Free Basics’ Will Take Away More Than Our Right to the Internet

Vandana Shiva

As the TRAI decides the fate of Free Basics, Mark Zuckerberg is in India with ₹100 crore, in pocket change, for advertising. Facebook’s Free Basics is a repackaged internet.org, or in other words, a system where Facebook decides what parts of the internet are important to users.


Zuck him, and his megalomania.
The very last thing humanity needs.


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Toxic food

And tethered thought


Zuckerberg is CIA. Dulles CIA shadow government media control on steroids. The fascist oligarchy is tightening their chain around the neo serfs necks.


Wait a minute... What the public wants (video) is not what the government wants to provide? Why the heck not? How do you spell democracy?


I don't know if this is best place to advertise this, but there is this video on YouTube that everyone has got to see (and seems to agree with much of what Arby is saying):

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

If you have some free time, please watch. It is quite amazing how this British historian lays out how we have gotten into the mess we are in.

{during this month of December, it has been viewed over 110,000 times}


The problem daddio7, is credit, mixed with less than traditional land ownership.

Cotton is a nice crop for places with infrastructure poorly developed. Imagine growing tomatoes and it being 24 hours to 4 months to a city market. Not so easy to select a new crop without storage, trucks on demand, contracts with buyers or additional credit when needed.


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The showcase for why America is where it is today.


All that groovy-sounding energy and diet shape-shifting and nary a mention of militarism.

I would not find it surprising to learn that some DOD outfit--through a paid Information Contractor was pushing the meat diet item. Obviously it's important. It also happens to be the one venue where individual choice has consequences.

By focusing on the personal choice--to eat meat or not to eat meat--the greater dangers can be left out of discussion. These include Monsanto's geo-engineering a DEAD planet devoid of the natural seed's capacity to regenerate its lineage along with the impossibly hostile-to-life imprint and impact of the military industrial complex's traveling Carnage Show.

Someone like Frank Luntz probably dreamt up this particular Talking Point emphasis. Now it's a common feature of this forum and mostly used to take the spotlight off of Big Agri and Big Military.


Ridiculous attempt at minimalizing the scope and genius of Vandana Shiva's commentary.


Gates pushes Monsanto and the geoengineering of the natural world, standardized testing (which essentially colonizes children's minds), and vaccines which--administered as overloads to infants' systems--are likely responsible for Autism, at a minimum.

He wants to turn the entire realm of MOTHER nature into manmade contrivances, each known by its pricetag and controlled by males.


Are you sober?