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Free Chicken: Vindman on Trump, Stone and All the Other Deadly Useful Idiots

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/14/free-chicken-vindman-trump-stone-and-all-other-deadly-useful-idiots

Trump is asked about the killing of Michael Reinoehl-----Trumps says the guy needed to be taken out—Trump is supporting extra judicial killings-----The shooting by the 17 year old and now these secret police.


In Ohio after Kent State

Even the National Guard refused subsequent duties

These are Our Men and Women not his
So Parents “Teach your Children Well”

In Vietnam Fragging was REAL

Seen more than a few incidents where the hung ho west pointers changed their orders based upon “revaluation of facts on the ground “
Yeah…No Shit

Do your reading

“They have the guns but we got the numbers”

Remember watching LAPD’s “finest” hightailing it outta Compton after Rodney King riots. little boys with little appendages

A little bully coward is easily defeated often times by his own idiocy

Stone will meet his. So will that puta trump


I like and have a modicum of respect for Colonel Vindman.

But his mission – to put up a forceful front against Putin – also gives Putin “free chicken.”

Because when Putin tells the citizens of Russia that the US and NATO are deploying missiles at their border, sanctioning the country left and right, and arming the Ukrainians in their effort to take over a region that is almost completely comprised of Russian speakers – Putin’s absolutely right. And I could mention many more ways we make a boogeymen out of Russia instead of seeking a better relationship, much to the MIC’s delight (your enterprise, Colonel Vindman), but you get the point.

Putin is a corrupt dictator. Undoubtedly a murderer. But he’s popular as hell, and the US State Department helps make him popular, Colonel Vindman.

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In the past few days I’ve watched two documentaries…

*A doc on Frontline that chronicles the unholy alliance of Alex Jones and Roger Stone in the run up to the 2016 election. (sadly, I did not know of this connection…)

*Net flicks has a doc out called The Social Dilemma, about the state of social media and its horrendous ill affects on democracies all over the world. It talks to the creators of many of the algorithms that predict our behavior and that are used to manipulate us. They, the creators of this tech are realizing the monsters that they have unleashed. Compelling and Chilling.

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I’m counting on it…

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The loon factor is deep in the trumptard and his minions.


which makes him an unwitting agent of Putin … and who created modern russia … hmmm


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Judy Woodruf asking Kushner about the guy in the Trump adm who is calling for armed revolution if Trump loses??? Am I in another universe-------and Stone the same thing—and we just act like this is normal???

Russia has always leaned to authortarian rule------and they are trying to import this view into the US. But then getting $50 million from Putin is no big deal------because Trump is so rich ha ha

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Kind of like Obama ordering the drone strike on a 16 year old American citizen without due process. This is bipartisan, and it has been festering for years. We have been closing our collective eyes to extra judicial killings since the US became an empire years ago. We need to shut down our standing army and severely limit our alphabet agencies…and stop interfering in other countries politics…and stop murdering their leaders.

Agreed-----the military right now are asking to bomb Kenya and the NYT reported they only need a sign off from the president because of current law.

And sanctions on Venezuela are outragous --during a pandemic-----??? and it is so sad I see NO politician standing against these murderous sanctions.----Trump is not going to lift these sanctions----and I understand Biden is not going there because of Florida.

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