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Free Fallin': On the Perils and Promise of Possibly Impeaching Trump


Free Fallin': On the Perils and Promise of Possibly Impeaching Trump

Medea Benjamin

I would love to see Donald Trump impeached—for anything. Emoluments. Corruption. Conflicting business interests. Profiting at public expense. Obstructing the Russia investigation. Leaking classified information. Waging wars without congressional approval. Groping. Whatever it takes.

It’s a colossal embarrassment to our nation and a danger to the planet that Trump inhabits the White House. Much of the world, Arab despots aside, would jump for joy if he were kicked out.


The only problem is, however, that if Donald Trump is either impeached or resigns, we’ll end up with Mike Pence or possibly even Paul Ryan as President, both of who’d be just as bad, if not worse than Donald Trump.


Recall Nixon did not resign until some of his cronies including VP Agnew were forced out. Far better that pence and other members of Trump’s circle of evil be pushed out prior to Trump being pushed out.


What then? Pence, Ryan, and McConnell are just as bad and maybe even worst but they probably would not be in our face with Russia. What’s the plan then?


I would love to see Donald Trump impeached as well. The impeachment would pretty much have a neutering effect on the entire Republican party, Pence and Ryan included.

Also, I would love to see an independent investigation into the Seth Rich assassination and his ties to the leaking of DNC emails, Kim.Com, James Comey and Mike Pompeo trips to Australia, and the MSM refusal to report on any of this.

The Democratic Party Establishment may also be destroyed for good in the ensuing investigation.

#May The Duopoly Rest
#In Pieces.


Medea seems of two minds here. One is her usual and most welcome progressive viewpoint. The other, in this particular case is not so welcome. Medea wants impeachment but first she (like many progressive pundits before her) explains why it won’t happen or can’t happen with the republicans in charge. I suppose she and they are right (maybe) but then she starts talking about efforts to impeach including calls for impeachment by some republicans.

Why progressive pundits drop their organizing hearts when writing an article for publication is like a disease of the left. It is like the authors write so as to be published rather than to organize. Pursuant to this general viewpoint writing, the author’s first have to appear all knowing and serious so they feel the need to explain how impeachment won’t happen and only then do they talk about impeachment. Once they organized first …and foremost!

For Progressives it is never about why it can’t happen… it is always about how to make it happen. Something the laudable Ms. Benjamin already knows.


impeachment is not the answer
trump is not the problem
people are asleep (and/or unconscious) at the wheel


people love bandwagons:
let’s impeach
let’s get rid of Saddam, I mean, Assad
let’s get Russia
As PonyBoy said, how about Seth Rich (and also DNC lawsuit)


" We know that Donald Trump is a pathological liar. Sooner or later, his lies will catch up with him. The impeachment movement should be there waiting."

With all due respect Medea, impeaching Trump will not solve anything, except that most of us would love to hear that Trump has been fired!


" Impeachment is not the answer."

I agree. Just like wars are not the answer. Ask yourself: did the potential impeachment of Nixon and his resignation, so he could be pardoned by Ford solve anything?


The overall point to this piece seems to be that impeachment probably won’t happen, but it is a good organizing tool and it has grassroots appeal. If Benjamin actually believes impeachment is a practical possibility, then it is a glaring omission to not even mention Pence and what happens next, after Trump is out of office.

The example she gives for impeachment being a good organizing tool illustrates that it was a waste of time and energy. The antiwar movement died an early death the moment Obama took ownership of (and expanded) the “Bush” wars in 2008. And, as Benjamin notes, the Democrats didn’t pursue impeachment once they gained the House majority in 2006. Why would we expect them to pursue it this time? In fact, it seems like impeachment was then and is now just a bait-and-switch gimmick for getting Democrats elected.

What’s the point of organizing around an issue with grassroots appeal if there’s no chance of winning anything? The world doesn’t have time for us to keep repeating the same mistakes.


Trump absolutely should be impeached for crimes he has committed. But then, so should Obama have been, so should Bush have been, and Bill Clinton was impeached in the House of Representatives for committing perjury. This is not debatable. But if the drive to impeach is based on the utterly false Russia narrative, done so as to strengthen neoconservative aspirations to a war with that nuclear-armed power that could easily result in the end of all life on Earth, without regard for the suffering that will be endured by billions, then impeachment is undesirable and in fact abused as a political tool would do far more harm than good.


I seriously doubt that.  Have you forgotten the “NEVER TRUMP” movement?  The RePooplicans rallied around Tweetle-Dumb only when they had no alternative, and would probably love to be rid of him and the surrounding chaos so they can get back to the serious business of turning what’s left of our economy over to their korporate overlords and our personal lives over to a “Christian” theocracy. There are even a few, like John McCain, who seem to be genuinely worried about Trump’s success in weakening NATO and G7 economic ties on behalf of his Russian pals.

IMHO, the RePooplicans biggest problem with impeaching Drümpf will be controlling the reaction of his reac­tionary Alt-Right & NRA supporters, a sizeable fraction of the party. They might be O-K with an impeachment for treason based on the Russia connection, but an impeachment based on his violations of the Emoluments Clause ain’t gonna fly with that crowd.


What you say might have merit - if Ms Benjamin hadn’t included these last two paragraphs.
All she said is it can’t happen yet.

While most members of Congress are not yet ready to jump on the impeachment bandwagon, they are constantly sticking out their fingers to see where the wind is blowing. And the wind is picking up. Trump’s approval ratings are in the doldrums, hovering in the high 30s and low 40s. A poll taken after Trump’s firing of former FBI director James Comey found for the first time that more Americans are in favor of impeachment than against: 48 percent versus 41 percent. Perhaps even more encouraging was that just 43 percent of respondents believe Trump will serve his full term as president.

We know that Donald Trump is a pathological liar. Sooner or later, his lies will catch up with him. The impeachment movement should be there waiting, hands outstretched, ready to nab him as he falls.


Sorry the evil Russians used their mind control rays to force you to vote for Trump … if you respect John McCain, your prognosis is really poor.


As several others have said - impeachment, then what?
President Pence and both houses of congress Republican.

What really has to change is the composition of Congress, so Congress at long last stands up to the Executive. Absent such a fundamental change in both the House and the Senate the Executive, whether Republican or Democrat, will continue to put hegemony over domestic issues and profits over people and the planet, while corporate Ds & Rs in Congress raise “donations”.


Honestly, right now we just need some wins, one step at a time. If Jon Ossoff pulls out Georgia, that would be a great start. But that’s a gerrymandered seat that has elected Tom Price handily multiple times. Impeachment isn’t going to come from the current House whether or not we think it’s good, bad, or ugly.


The EU nations, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and China need to refuse any visits from the orange oaf during his reign of treachery. Stonewalling DJT will send him over the edge and at the present rate of exodus by WH staff, he will have no one to target and torture daily. He will do himself in (if the jackals in the WH, the intelligence community, and Congress don’t start chewing off his limbs one-by-one sooner) as so many tyrants have done throughout history.


You did see where in the second paragraph I said “first authors have to…”! I like Medea very much and think she is kind of heroic actually but here I was only critiquing an article (and not just hers btw) and a tendency for progressive pundits to lay down their organizing and pick up the publicizing. It was very noticeable when Bernie first started running and continued up to midway that a number of progressive pundits couldn’t stop telling people that they supported Bernie but that he didn’t stand a chance of winning. I suppose the reason is that they want to appear more balanced or that their editors expect that kind of dispassionate analysis from writers but how would it have sounded if back in the early days that every time a writer spoke about civil rights that they always first explained why desegregation could never happen and only then explain why it should? That’s why I made reference to organizing. From experience I know that some things are hard enough as it is and being reminded of how hard doesn’t really help organize people.


It’s not McConnell after Ryan, it’s Orin Hatch (R-UT), the senior majority party member of the Senate (President Pro Temp), then effing Rex Tillerson. No good choices here at all, and if you have to go down the line of succession far enough you come to Pruitt and DeVos! NO, NO, NO. We don’t want to impeach Trump. We want to use him to keep the Republicans bottled up and spinning their wheels for the next 3.5 years. Nothing getting done is preferable to ANY of the agenda they want to pass! Obstruct, delay, deny! Keep repeating that phrase like a mantra.