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'Free Healthcare is Good During a Pandemic': Covid Makes Case for Socialized System, Say Groups

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/free-healthcare-good-during-pandemic-covid-makes-case-socialized-system-say-groups


Like ANYBODY in gov really cares about US


Canada would have performed much better had there been a plan in place to deal with these outbreaks of COVID19 in Long Term Care facilities. The vast majority of deaths in Canada were in LTC homes and the ratio of deaths from LTC homes was 2 and three times higher then other nations.

Most of these homes were privately run and as “For profit” entities tend to do, they were understaffed and saw little in the way of preventive measures implemented because these were deemed expenses that impacted profits.


UK Health Care and the US Veterans Administration (VA) ARE “socialized systems” wherein the gubmit owns medical infrastructure, directly employs doctors, nurses and other health care workers, and does not charge patients.

Canadian single payer and US Medicare are single payer systems wherein medical infrastructure, doctors, nurses and other health care workers are privately employed. Although US Medicare started out being fully funded by the gubmit, each passing year sees higher patient costs, hardly “socialized”.


Sorry, just got the un-invite to my Grand-daughter’s high school graduation due to Covid-19… in Missouri where they are so conservative and laughed at “stay in place” orders.

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Of course, show this to the neanderthals and they will scream…

America is OBVIOUSLY BETTER, Our Numbers are Higher than anyone else’s.


Here ya go
I’ve carved out that graphic in case you need to share it in your arguments with idiots
(not that data helps with them)



Not sure they even understand pictures

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Well, you have to realize that it is all about skimming off at least 10%.

So if you took out the for profit LTC facilities’ impact on Canada’s numbers, they are even better as a result of having socialized medicine. The fact that Americans continue to tolerate their abuse at the hands of the for profit healthcare industry is a huge disappointment. There should be vociferous protests until we get M4A. Instead we get sad faced acceptance.

Congrats on your granddaughter’s graduation and condolences on conservative Missouri.

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Well done! They’ll likely think we are winning because we’re higher on the chart.


Dats the value of a gud edukayshun

You mean “gud” indoctrination that convinces us that “the market” has all the answers ?

The US committed our healthcare system to be 100% for profit forever by signing away the right to regulate dozens of service sectors in 1994-1998. Ultimately those areas are supposed to be outsourced. Those jobs are on the table. they are just pretending we could still decide it.

Want proof, go to the Geneva web site of the WTO and look up our “Specific Committments” under the General Agreement on Trade in Services.

What that means is that our “two party system” is a sham.

More than ‘socialized’ medicine was needed to combat covid-19. (As at June 25, 2020, 22:31 GMT)
U.S. and the other countries on the graph
Country: Cases - Deaths - per million population.
U.S.A 7,547 - 377
U.K. 4,537 - 637
Italy 3,956 - 574
France 2,472 - 456
Canada 2,718 - 225
Australia 296 - 4

Australia (which has a mix of public and private health services) has a total death number of 104! (A 5th of those deaths were in one church-run aged-care facility early in the outbreak.)

The main difference may be that in the last week of March, Australia closed it borders to all but returning citizens and permanent residents, who on return all were quarantined (at the government’s expense in hotels) for 2 weeks. Also during its ‘lockdown’, internal borders were closed and restrictions on movement were enforced by fines. Additionally a ‘National Cabinet’ was formed consisting of the leaders of the federal, state and territory governments to co-ordinate the response.

Also a factor that may have also helped was the existence of a national public broadcaster which is ranked in polls as the country’s ‘most trusted news source’.


" There is only one party in the United States , the Property Party … and it has two right wings."
Gore Vidal (Essay: ‘State of the Union’ 1975).


The outbreak-trajectory comparisons sampled for this article resemble some I’ve been scrutinizing at a cool site called Our World in Data (voice-over by Walter Cronkite). In general, you’ve got great access to select which countries to compare, or else CSV download for the geekish.

The trajectory snapshot below is of the four most troublesome national outbreaks: USA, Brazil, India, and Russia. Quite expressive of USA’s current position:


Our recurrent “brief history” sampling is turning slightly up in the last period for the first time.
A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  02/05/2020          11          11
>   8.  03/04/2020          87          98
>  12.  04/01/2020     213,046     213,144
>  16.  04/29/2020     817,515   1,030,659
>  20.  05/27/2020     667,864   1,698,523
>  24.  06/24/2020     675,759   2,374,282

Most people who care to know the truth about for profit VS universal government run healthcare, already has searched for it.
IF you are hooked on Fox exclusively you will never know the truth.

That graph should also show you why the U.S. stock market is falling again. Red state businesses just can’t function. They are in pandemic disaster for a long time to come.

Free healthcare would have been good for the U.S. economy too.