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"Free Love - Not Free Trade": With Obama En Route, Germans March Against TTIP


"Free Love - Not Free Trade": With Obama En Route, Germans March Against TTIP

Jon Queally, staff writer

On the eve of a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Germany on Saturday to voice emphatic opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement (TTIP), a deal they argue benefits global capitalism and corporate elites at the expense of the public good and local democracy.

With a 1960's "Summer of Love" theme informing the march, many participants grooved under banners reading "Freie Liebe – Statt Freihandel" (Free Love – Not Free Trade) as organizers estimated 90,000 people in attendance.


Free love? Ah memories of the sixties! Far out man!

Of course 30+ years later the divorce lawyer cost a fortune but yeah ...free love... Ah the memories!


TTIP an apt acronym for The Thieves In Power trade agreement.


And Merkel is still pushing the canard that these treaties lift all boats and promise prosperity...

Prosperity for a few at the expenses of EVERYTHING.


What is so irksome to my mind is that the pushing for this and similar "trade" deals by a man elected in the US to do something about the economy did nothing substantial to help the economy but shoved Obamacare on financially struggling people and now wants to see even more jobs exit the US.


I am all for free trade between sovereign nations, but not for agreements, which are product 'of the big international corporations, by the big international corporations, for the big international corporations'.


Though Merkel has expressed her support for TTIP, her office has acknowledged that public opposition remains strong.

As George Carlin once mused, if honesty were suddenly introduced into the system... the whole thing would collapse. In the spirit of old George, I'll pick up where both the author and Merkel's office left off with a 'non-fictional fictional' continuation of the quote:

Though Merkel has expressed her support for TTIP, her office has acknowledged that public opposition remains strong. They went on, however, to state that the TTIP will never-the-less be rail-roaded through and foisted on the protesting public, admitting that the public's opposition is futile and counts for nothing in a corporate oligarchy masquerading as representative democracy.

Take old George's word for it.


I believe it was a Native American observation that when Truth becomes apparent to a person their natural instinct is to laugh. George Carlin, almost Shamanistically, was a conduit of truth. We were lucky to have had him, and through the media record that he left us, to still have him when needed.


Remember, around the Pacific, the Toilet Paper Plan was put forward, designed to wipe us all out in favor of corporate power and profit.
* Mr. Øbama is still pushing for that as are the other bought and paid for government minions of the 0.001%, despite enormous and growing resistance to it by We the People of the US and the World.
* Now, he is pushing for a similar deal in Europe, called the The Thieves In Power at the expense of the people of Europe, (and the US) over their growing rejection of the entire thing.
* If these corporate and military groups were at all honest, they would state, like the Borg in Star Trek, "You will be assimilated, resistance is futile."
* As was proved in Star Trek, when the people fight for their own freedom and well being, they will not be assimilated. I think, at least I hope, that our Corporate Borg Clones will be dissimulated. World wide!


Thanks Suspira,
* I'll use part of that in my comment below. Very good acronym! I hope you don't mind.


Not at all feel free.


Obama is a hollow suit whose rhetoric is empty and devoid of reflective thought. The sad part is how embarrassing it is to watch. He thinks he is saying something deep and profound, when the audience is thinking just the opposite.

Let's face it Obama's presidency has been a profound failure and I suspect even knows it. History will not remember him well.


Obama pushing TTIP (and TTP and TISA) says a lot about what has underlied his entire presidency.


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Several years ago I saw Robert Kennedy Jr speak on the Waterkeeper Project, which he did for about fifteen minutes, before launching into a lecture on our broken system of government. Starting with the environment, he connected dot after dot. When he got to the economy, he said, "I'm all for free trade, we should give it a try," before excoriating the government for subsidies to profitable industries and income inequality.

As for Free Love not Free Trade, check out Bill Hicks' It's Just a Ride::


I pray that you succeed, Europe.

Would that we could get 90,000 on the streets against these "deals."


In keeping with the purpose of Lincoln's three clauses in the Gettysburg Address, i'd say:

"Government of the people; by the corporations; for the corporations."

Or to elaborate the first clause a bit, and specify the other two:

"Government of the people, the Earth, and everything; by capital; for capital."


This simple concept appears outrageous to minds steeped in the culture of "consumerism" and "free trade." i like to boil it down to "Buy nothing that you do not actually need."


If you like Obama and what he promotes....You will really like what Hillary has in store for the populace of the world!!!
(During her NY Acceptance speech....she gives "GLOATING" a whole new meaning...)

See notes below.....If your rival doesn't fall in line...well...you know... F-em....
"The announcement comes as the Clinton campaign has taken on a much more strident tone. Jennifer Palmieri, communications director for the Clinton campaign, contended Sanders “has been destructive and is not productive to Democrats.” After Clinton won the New York primary, a senior Clinton aide told POLITICO reporter Glenn Thrush, “We kicked his ass tonight,” and, “I hope this convinces Bernie to tone it down. If not, fuck him.”----Posted on another CD article.


Obama has betrayed us since he first took office. His first cabinet picks were a disgrace after all the soaring speeches about freedom and hope and change. These trade agreements are the perfect example of his betrayal. All the bones he's been throwing us in his last year are just going to be wiped out with the trade agreements so he feels free to talk more b.s. Watching this theater he does is like watching corrupt Republicans hide behind the name of God right after they punish one minority group after another. It's sickening.
Good news though is that people all over the world are against these agreements and they may be able to save the world another step toward fascism. Good people everywhere are rising up and demanding better leadership. We've learned to see through the lies, finally.