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Free Market Solutions to Climate Change Aren't 'Realistic'


Free Market Solutions to Climate Change Aren't 'Realistic'

Carla Santos Skandier

Last month's vote in the Senate on a Green New Deal resolution was a waste of time, an attempt by the Republican leadership to jockey Democrats into a supposedly embarrassing vote that nearly all of them in the end sidestepped by voting "present."



“Free market solutions.” Now there’s an effing oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.



of course the “free market” cannot solve climate change because the downsides are not figured into prices of commodities.
That said, there are several definitions of “realistic” Fenstein’s use of the word was in reference to what can actually pass the current Congress with the Senate in McConnell’s control and Trump regime in the White House. Of course, in that sense she was correct.
“Realistic” in the sense of actually taming climate change is another matter and there are wide differences of opinions on issues such as the role of nuclear power, aviation, human population growth, personal responsibility, and control of corporations including things like “cap and trade” and carbon taxes which are certainly not the free market Probably all of the above needed. And it is a reasonable debate to have on the question of whether or not to work for something helpful that can pass now even if it is far from adequate.



What is the market price of the survival of human civilization?



The reality is this.

Nature provides all the tools to prevent reduce Carbon emissions for FREE.

The so called “Free market” destroys what Nature provided and then comes back to the Public with solutions that cost the Public money. They are just eliminating the competition and us with it.

The “Free market” is a con.



“The free market is a con” indeed…nobody alive today has seen a “free market”. Markets have been rigged in favor of those in power, not free, for centuries.



Humans subsidising their own demise…It’s so ironic !

Can you actually believe the folks that we put in power, as power is always given never taken would continue to use the same system that got us into this mess .

Einstein’s definition of insanity ; using the same energy that created the problem to solve the problem.
We have been undermined by those of us in so called authority. Humans those responsible must take responsibility for all of it !!!

The Free Market is a concious choice created from the minds of humans .
It either works or does not work ,it depends on what you are trying to do .

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The fossil fuel industry must pay for their externalities.



Yes, EdsNote, of course, as you say, "“Free market solutions.” is an effing oxymoron.

In fact, even the brilliant, Francis Fukuyama, in his massively influential 1995 book “The End of History” (and his earlier article of the same title), had used the term “free-market capitalist democracy”, whatever ‘political/economic and social’ unicorn that term implies — he bravely and honestly reversed in his later book, “America at the Cross Roads” — by acknowledging that the ‘Cross Roads’ might more realistically be between democracy and empire.

IMHO, that crossing of the “Cross Roads” between functional democracy and empire has already now been fully crossed by our first faux-Emperor Trumpius 'Crossing (not the Rubicon but the) Potomac in overtly demonstrating that the “disease of Republics” (which all our American founder knew from their deep reading of Roman history, was EMPIRE) has now most obvious achieved the metastasizing effect of cancerously turning America from a weakened Republic in the 1890’s (“Age of Imperialism”) toward a Disguised Global (crony) Capitalist EMPIRE.

It is shameful, boarding on obscene, that from America’s turn toward a corporate capitalist Empire of money over people in that the late 19th century, and with an 1886 Supreme Court (CLERK’s top-note that corporations could be real ‘people’ in terms of rights wrongly interpreted from the 14 Amendment) that our entire following history of more than a century to now in 2019, that the arc of history has been ‘bent in the direction of Empire’ over democracy — except for a brief blip in the direction of “social democracy” under FDR’s “New Deal” before which ‘we the people’ having to suffer the “Great Crash” (which Galbraith failed to call the ‘Great Looting’), “Great Depression”, with the evisceration of 25% of workers, starving of their families, and soup lines miles long (“Buddy can you spare me a dime”), did the country make any upward movement in the ‘arc of history’ toward any democracy vs. Empire.

As soon as it was clear to the imperial forces of crony corporate capitalism, and before FDR’s known coming death, at the Democratic Party convention in 1944, the Democratic machine torpedoed socialist Henry Wallace (FDR’s standing VP) and installed a naive and pawn presidential candidate, un-Truman, who went on the allow the complete adoption of MIC (CIA, NSA, NSC) ["National Security and Double Government, by Michael Glennon].

Which is why I posted this brief history of our ‘arc of history’ slide into the total submission to this most recent and overt Emperor and this current Disguised Global (crony) Capitalist EMPIRE — in my following commentary to the NY “Times”:

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“FREE MARKET” is about profits. Nothing else.

Therefore, it can’t fix anything except profits

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The moment that’s done to them is the moment when they’ll pay themselves and their shareholders huge bonuses and then declare bankruptcy.



Some people liken the Green New Deal to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic but at least when the fantail goes under you have something to cling to that floats. Better than sitting in the bar guzzling booze and then jumping over the rail at the last minute.



We are not worth very much to them at all.



That was my answer also. Our history has been the government using it’s power and money to aid those that benefit the politicians. We have used our military to help so call free market overseas to make sure that american businesses profit. Our empire has been built to help that ‘free market’.
To think the ‘free market’ can solve our problems is pure foolishness, unless the need to making certain wealthy people richer is the problem.



This article mentions a lot of things thst won’t work but I see no reference to what will.



Here’s the version of my brief ‘American History of succumbing to EMPIRE’ that I commented in the “Times” and meant to include here on CD:



The problem is each and everyone of us demands more and more energy in order to prosper. Even all the calls for “renewable energy” are assuming at least as much energy as we now have plus more and more every year to accommodate growth.

People around the world have only one option available to them to get out of poverty and have a reasonable life for themselves and their loved ones and that is to make money. Making money is directly attached to energy use for 90% of the population.

What needs to happen is energy use from all forms must be reduced