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Free Press Advocates Decry 'Unprecedented' and 'Unjustified' Restrictions on Reporter Access to Trump Impeachment Trial

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/16/free-press-advocates-decry-unprecedented-and-unjustified-restrictions-reporter

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Nothing “Democratic” about Trump/McConnell GOP Senate who want to get rid of the “impeachment”
and continue their graft and criminal occupation while packing the courts with their political operatives. King Trump has much power. His supporters think having a King is a good idea.


After last nights Rachel Maddow interview with Lev Parnas (part 2 tonight) Its all starting to make sense that all of the right wing GOP is corrupt beyond imagination and all of these treasonous traitors should be put on trial. I believe it was Trump and Barr that wanted the death penalty for traitors and this is one time I can agree,


These criminals and traitors known as US Senators are busy doing all they can to destroy any hint of a democracy. We need to reject them and their agenda.


I will be much happier if they are in a cage at Guantanamo for the rest of their natural lives. Although I am against the death penalty, it is too easy for them.


Trials? You jest. There is no fairness with our chosen ruling elites. Their hold on political power in all branches of government will make any fair trial null and void. Maybe someone will threaten them and give them a three-hour warning to hide or evacuate into their caves. Then we seal off all exits and start over. They will not be missed.


The duopoly’s contempt for the American people has been on brazen display for several years, but has certainly reached new depths in the current attempts to obliterate the role of Congress in the writing of our laws and oversight of the Executive branch.   Never has the Constitution itself been in such grave danger as in the most recent three years.

Uphold OUR First Amendment!   Hold a Fair and OPEN Trial!!


From the article:

“For the Senate to produce anything less (than a fully transparent impeachment trial) would be a show of GOP contempt for our justice system, and it would be a show of GOP contempt for the American people.”

Judging by Brand D’s efforts to limit to two the number of articles, and then to slow-walk those, I’d say the contempt is thoroughly bipartisan.


Investigations of Tweetle-Dumb’s numerous and blatant violations of the Emoluments Clauses and his ‘arrangements’ with DeutscheBank and Erdogan are certainly warranted.  Of course, in theory at least, there’s nothing to prevent the House from writing another Article of Impeachment next week . . .


You’re seeing the fascist strongman playbook continue to play out, with Trump, Moscow/China Mitch and others seeking to throttle the free press, the only institution given special rights and importance in the Bill of Rights, because it’s supposed to be the pit bull attacking corrupt bastards like Trump.
The media’s attorneys should immediately sue, on violation of First Amendment.


No! false equivalency, inaccurate, Trump-loyal deflection.
The two-party duopoly is bad and both major political parties suck.
However, the GOP is obviously far worse than the Dems, in part because they serve the Fuhrer.
If the Dems were as bad as the GOP, they wouldn’t have brought any impeachment at all.
On an article like this, in which it’s clear that it’s ONLY the GOP who are attempting to stifle the journalists, what useful purpose do you serve by slagging the Dems???


If you’re suggesting that I’d carry water for Twump, you’ve obviously never read any of my previous posts.

I offer a counterweight to those who reflexively bash Brand R to the point of ignoring its enablers across the aisle.


It’s one thing to have access. The second thing is what you do with that access — journalism or propaganda


Guild has been coherent all along with Dems shortcomings.
And as a former Dem, there are enough to make me an Independent and oppose DNC

But I agree, Mr Carson, it’s clearly the Republicans whose actions are Treasonous to their Oath of Office


STOP,STOP,STOP, the fucking secrecy. We are sick and tired of it.


Mike Gravel Senator from Alaska read the Pentagon Papers facts into the Record

Bravo Sir !!!

Who will Carry the Colors forward now?


The gop are very scared, that’s what this is about, raising that umbrella for protection for the gop from the total shit storm that they know is coming in Nov. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, we don’t even have a functioning republic, much less any form of democracy.

Next up, a rule making it illegal for Senators to receive or respond to their constituents during the phony proceedings. Of course it will be framed in the context of needed security.


Mike Gravel was a Senator before my time but as an Alaskan, resident I agree 100%: BRAVO SIR!


He was a very Brave young man at that time, we all were.

Boy were they pissed. Good Job Senator.

It all came from a final Magnificent REVULSION of the Horrors of the Pentagon’s Lies and the Lives it was costing the World.

Kinda feels like NOW.

Or should I say Definitely feels like NOW !!!


Republicans have been committing treason since the Coup attempt against FDR. Criminals only get worse if they are not utterly crushed. FDR should have known that. WE should not make FDR’s mistake and let ANY of this crop escape being crushed - Real Jail, Real Time and complete Asset Forfeiture