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'Free Trade' Will Kill Green Movement, Hundreds of Groups Warn Congress



Treason: [noun]: the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

How are these trade agreements not treasonous?


This was ever their intent. As it became ever more obvious that the movement by local citizens to protect their environments from Corporate abuse, the directors of those Corporations and that 1 percent recognized this could become a threat to future profits. They recognize fully that their model of resource extraction and profiting off the same could not work were they forced to bear the full costs of their endeavors.

With this in mind they decided they needed to co-opt Governments and sent out their teams of lobbyists with suitcases of cash to take over the same pressuring Governments to relax regulations , which they referred to as "red tape inhibiting job creation" first and then ensuring the removal of these regulations enshrined via these "trade deals" by ensuring there would be a great cost to Government to restore or add regulations.

This was all used in conjunction with Militarism and the use of sanctions wherein Countries that did not play along were to see their Governments destabilized or were to be invaded outright for reasons of "national Security". All of these seemingly different things are in fact linked. The NSA and such agencies in other Governments that spy on groups that are in the green movement are another facet of this all devouring beast. This was made clear when it revealed the NSA was spying on Countries Governments that were discussing these deals internally.


Congress, which is pretty muched owned by the fossil fuel industry and its cronies on Wall Street, would be thrilled if passing TPP meant killing off the "Green" Movement. Perhaps a better headline might read:

Green Movement Demands Congress Kill TPP: "Hundreds of Groups Will Turn Into Thousands"


How could any government official with the right mind anywhere in the world even consider with any degree of seriousness such blatant corporate power grab. Obama, Bush and Bill Clinton all have been telling lies to promote these totalitarian trade deals and they all deserve to rot in our prisons. Thanks to the relentless hard work of many grassroots environmental organizations for disclosing these filthy schemes. Now its up to all of us conscious freedom loving people to fight till death to reverse these and other stealthy corporate government take over attempts.


The TPP is NOT a "Free Trade" deal, it's a corporate "negotiated" and written global Trojan Horse to lock-in corporate dominance - the "negotiations" done in secret and public advocates, labor environmental and other advocates for the common good were excluded!

"falsely called a “trade agreement”, only 5 out of 29 of the Trans Pacific Partnership’s chapters have anything to do with trade. And conservatives point out that even the 5 chapters on trade do not promote free trade.


This is corporate-whore Obama's, Hillary's and others attempt to force corporate vulture capitalist profits over people ideology on America and the world - to make them rich! Millions are waking-up to how the 1% and corporate abuse, pollution and corporate political control affects our lives and environment, and this TPP and the other "BS "free-trade" deals are the criminal attempt to evade national and global controls on their operations!

Obama and Hillary - both in this up to their necks - are beholden to and compromised by (read bought and paid-for) corporate domination of America the TPP & TTIP deals are designed to serve!

The only candidate of conscience and truth is Bernie Sanders who has spoken truth to the American people while Clinton and Obama have sold-out Americans!


Politicians dont care about the environment or clean air or water....They only care about corporations getting what they want and keeping politicians in plenty of slush fund campaign money.....Politicians are looking to their future when they are out of office and getting them big speaking fee checks and or cushy lobby do nothing high paying job.....This is what is fueling the TPP.....I wonder how much Obama is going to make off this deal?.......This is a product of Citizens United and the supreme court ruling to make bribery legal and this is the result....To many politicians representing corporations to the determent of the American people.

I say fire all the politicians and hire honest ones if any exist...I am beginning to wonder if anyone is honest anymore.


Yes indeed ! If my Congressman and one Senator lose their re-election bids in November, they simply take the lobbying job on K Street that has their name on it and increase their annual salary from $175K to $2 million.

I hope the "hundreds of groups warning Congress" get a different response from my Congressman and two Senators (all Democrats) who have always responded with their trade is wonderful mantras whenever I have admonished them to vote against fast track and the "trade deals".


The only thing "Free" about the TTIP and TPP is the free rein given corporations to pollute, poison, prey on peoples in "developing" countries without fear of any legal repercussions. "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose..."


When they saw that the Patriot Act could dismantle constitutional protections and more importantly that it was tolerated by the public ( the loss of their constitutional protections) a framework for doing away with restrictive regulations and laws had been created. trade deals are just a way for corporations to get around regulations and national laws. The Patriot Act did it to the constitution and trade deals do it environmental regulations but also any regulations or laws corporations choose to object to.

The corporate coup does not respect democracy but then neither did the Patriot Act nor those who signed it... Something Bernie did not do.


Letting facts get in the way of the corporations', politicians' and media's good story again ?


Exactly right. Time people start acting as the sovereign caretakers of this planet and demand that their governments do their will instead of asking. We need to be ready to back up our demand with actions such as civil disobedience and total non cooperation.


Ten days ago on a Saturday, there were demonstrations against TTIP all over Europe, 23 in the Netherlands. The following Monday not one major newspaper or tv news program mentioned them. Some of my neighbors, educated, wealthy, had never heard of TTP. I think what we who read CD (and have known for months what this secret deal is about - and who's pushing it) have got to send as much information as we have to our local newspapers and tv stations and demand they let people know what TTP will do to the last remnants of democracy in the US.
Clinton "says" she's against TTP but, if Obama can't push it through Congress before January, it's the first thing she'll sign when she sits down in the Oval Office. That progressive platform Sanders hopes to create is just promises, and most of them are promises that "can't" be kept because "practical politics" doesn't work that way. Ladies and gentlemen, we are truly, royally screwed: Sanders won't get the nomination, and Clinton will squeak through (the Diebold machines will flip R votes to D to be sure of that, because Wall Street et al wants her to win).