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#FreeAJStaff: Travesty of Justice Continues


#FreeAJStaff: Travesty of Justice Continues

Omar Ashour

"Shocked", "sickened", and "appalled" were appropriate words to describe the international reactions - and some of the local ones - to the second sentencing of Al Jazeera journalists and their colleagues in a Cairo court on Saturday.


This is for the forum's anti-Bernie Sander's squad:

"Politically, part of the crisis and its repercussions on journalists so far is that there are only negligible costs for unchecked repression.

"If a political regime can kill more than one thousand protesters in less than ten hours - live, in front of international media - and get away with it, it can certainly prosecute the journalists who reported the violations without worries.

"Hence, if the impunity continues, the cost-free repression is more likely to continue, at least in the short to mid-term."

There is every possibility in today's armed and locked down uber-surveillance state that any serious uprising would mostly guarantee a military-style takeover akin to an American version of lasting martial law.

That's why many of us applaud Sanders. It may not be the revolution that the forum's 1776-champions have in mind, but it won't turn back the hands of time, either.

Look at Greece? The Troika has its government by the balls and many are becoming so disillusioned with a Left left without fiscal resources that the pendulum could well swing to the right.

The times are unstable.


I take it your support of Bernie at the same time as you write the above statement means that you assume he can do something without a serious uprising. If so, that sounds like badly needed progress in terms of undoing the current catastrophe.

However, every vote for anyone at all, and ata any stage of the process is basically a vote in favour of the political classes and the current twisted system. So will Sanders voters accept that they indirectly supported all that if by chance he fails to make it to the presidency? That's not a facetious question - just a genuine attempt to highlight that it is false to think that a vote for any candidate that fails to get elected is a vote with no consequences at all.