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#FreeDaniel: Community United in Outrage After ICE Detains 'Dreamer' With No Criminal Record


#FreeDaniel: Community United in Outrage After ICE Detains 'Dreamer' With No Criminal Record

Nika Knight, staff writer

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has arrested and detained a 'Dreamer,' or an undocumented immigrant brought to the U.S. as a young child and given permission to live and work legally in the country, stunning civil rights defenders nationwide and provoking fierce local opposition.


Thanks Seattle for standing behind Daniel.

It may be trite and banal, but the saying that first they came for the Muslims; then the Hispanics.....and then?


The differences between a kid born here of immigrant parents, a kid born in another country of immigrant parents and a kid born in another country of U.S. parents are going to be microscopic. Where mom dropped the kid out is irrelevant. Mr. Ramirez grew up in the U.S. school system like everybody else. Little kids typically retain only a few vague fragments of memories of the old country -- a teddy bear, a babysitter...

Just a guess, but Mr. Ramirez probably never learned any other language but American English, and deporting him to a non-English speaking country is going to be rough.

I understand the whole "gang" thing, but there's no standard of proof for being in a criminal gang other than a criminal record.

What does the gang do or not do? I hung around with some kids up the street when I was young and we drank vodka and orange juice, which for high school students would be a criminal act, but as suburban kids we never would think of committing robberies.


This kind of arbitrary arrest and detention is on constitutional and smells of Gestapo.


These efforts by the Feds to round up people of a specific nationality or religion, grab them off the street, arrest them, maybe detain them in a camp or prison, and/or deport them, seems to be frighteningly similar to the persecution of the Jews in Germany, and also the internment of Japanese-American citizens during WWII. Are we headed back to the dark times of that period because of stupid people electing a stupid man to run this country into the ground with his self serving slogan to Make America Great Again? Is that what Great Again means to average Americans?


You nailed it. Add Steve Miller to the mix, and it smells like the Third Reich to me. Chilling.....Sickening..... very scary.


Once again the Party of No goes for the low hanging fruit to get headlines. Too bad for them that they feel the third estate is morally bankrupt, They might actually like the headlines that are written about their nefarious activities.