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Freedom Dreamers: The Faces of Student Debt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/28/freedom-dreamers-faces-student-debt

No sale here.
The debt is less than their car debt.
the average payment is $250 per month.
My utilities are more than that and nobody anywhere is proposing I get heat, water, electricity and sewer for free.

So typical of liberals - create a total disaster by having no grasp of Econ.1 when they start passing out money. It creates a complete mess, and they go around screaming about all the horrible consequences - of their OWN actions

Nobody’s particularly looking to sell you anything.

Student debt can be over $200,000. Where I live, utilities are not shut off for nonpayment during the winter so as to not kill off oldsters, who particularly need our heat.

Actually, the current debt crisis was not created by “liberals” in the old US of A sense that meant followers of the social policies of FDR. It was created by corporatists who wanted to stop the flow of educated personnel into social projects and things to help the general population.

The seminal document here is Samuel P. Huntington’s “Address to the Trilateral Commission” of 1975 or 76 (I have seen it listed both ways). Huntington discusses what he calls “an excess of democracy” and argues that the work choices of graduates can be controlled by placing them into large debt for their education.

Yes, a physician can rack that amount up.
They did many years ago and then filed bancruptcy en masse.
Lawyers too.

I have no sympathy for the lady who went to grad school at age 55 and borrowed 55 thousand dollars.
First, no one is going to hire her - in the Chicago region, at least. She supported her comfortable condo living using most of this loot. Not tuition, fees and books. Now, you want to forgive her selfishness??
Perhaps the particular college should be limited in the loan amount they can allow a student to apply for during one year. Perhaps an age limit. Perhaps no loans at all. The loans simply allowed the colleges to up the tuition to unobtainium for average families.
Again - the average payment is $250 per month. Much less than the former students car payment.

Maybe you don’t, Oldie. I am not really certain how your or my sympathy would become relevant, though I suppose it might were we to vote on a proposition. The issue at hand has nothing to do with a request for sympathy.

“Average” will naturally include circumstances that are not relevant to current students, since it naturally must include people who terminated their education while circumstances were different, and not every profession works with “average” education. And English or history teachers can “rack that amount up” as well, where the position requires a PhD. And I am not disturbed that a student at any age might be able to live in an apartment or condominium and be comfortable while studying.

However, the larger difference that we have, if I am not mistakenly projecting some belief on you, is that I find that the greatest problem with current laws is precisely that graduates are forced by debt to choose professions not according to preference or to need, but according to the highest bidder, essentially the highest bribe. So the problem is exactly that people, 55 or 25, are forced to choose profession not by calling and not by the need of the population, but by the whim of the wealthy. Therefore, Oldie, you and I are deprived of the better part of their service, just as they are deprived of a less impaired choice of career.

I think it’s a lousy way to allocate resources and that we should take that decision away from the wealthy in this as in many other things.

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In the past, I have provided many idea for incentives that promote career choices while also providing affordable higher up education.

Request for sympathy:
yes it is. forgiveness of debt is playing on ‘oh my’, jack and jane are missing out on Starbucks three times each day. The new BMW’s and Audi’s parked in the public school teachers lot tells me they are doing more than OK. 35 years ago, teachers drove Flintstones cars with floorboards rusted out.

Well, the suggestions might be welcome; I don’t know.