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Freedom Flotilla Missions Will Continue ‘Until Palestine Is Free’


Freedom Flotilla Missions Will Continue ‘Until Palestine Is Free’

Elizabeth Murray

What’s next for the 2018 Freedom Flotilla Coalition?

In August, the crew and passengers of the Freedom Flotilla ships, Al Awda and Freedom, returned to their home countries after being hijacked, interrogated and imprisoned by Israeli commandos. The outcome may have appeared anticlimactic, since many supporters had hoped for a triumphant arrival by the flotilla ships in Gaza Harbor and a breaking of Israel’s illegal 12-year land and sea blockade of the small Palestinian enclave.


“Once again, we got to know what it’s like to be Palestinians.”

The Zionists want you to believe that Zionism and Judaism are one and the same. They are not. Zionism is the ideology of settller colonialism. This is how the US began: ethnic cleansing, theft of land, the destruction of a people(s). Palestinians are experiencing a slow genocide, this would not be possible without the unwavering support of the US government. As an ideology it is hard to think of something more vicious than Zionism; you’d have to look to Wahhabism or fascism.

An interesting bit of history: Zionism was originally not a Jewish ideology, but a Christian one going back to the Crusades. The idea was to send European Jews back to the Holy Land. Zionism was originally an anti-Semitic concept. One could argue that it still is.


Thank You, Solidarity and BDS!


Good points. And both Zionism and U.S. “exceptionalism” stem directly from the European ideology of white supremacy. Colonialism cannot exist w/o the colonialists somehow believing they are “superior” human beings. Your examples of Wahhabism and fascism are also well-taken and now we see the Wahhabist Saudis going with Zionists in the region to impose their wills. Sort of a Hitler/Stalin non-aggression pact. We can see how that worked out.


See this episode by Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton:

“Zionism and anti-Semitism: Joseph Massad on the sordid historical alliance (Moderate Rebels Ep. 9)”


More accurate headline would read.

"Freedom Flotilla Missions Will Continue Until Palestine Is Free, Or Dead.


It is time for America to cut the welfare to Israel. After 70+ years----enough! American citizens can use the help as well as the imploding infrastructure----WE the People should get the taxes first----not the corporations, not the bankers not the military and not foreign nations. After all, aren’t we saluting the flag with the words that end with “liberty and Justice for all.”??? i am sure that the"all" refers to We the People.

It is time for the UN to actually act on the existing laws, and if they can’t support them—go home and make the UN building into a homeless shelter.

It is time to learn what products that Israel makes, so that people of conscience----or with any conscience, can boycott them all.

BOYCOTT DIVEST and SANCTION. It worked wonderfully against South Africa’s apartheid--------and it will work for Israel too.And oh yes that commandment about NOT coveting your neighbor’s stuff…certainly applies to LAND. If Holocaust victims can reclaim their art 70 + years later----surely the Palestinians can reclaim their heritage of land too.

We have a long way to go. America, for that," More Perfect Union."


Beating unarmed passengers and crew members, bring medical supplies.
Israeli Commandos = Israeli Cowards. Cowards one and all.


Evidence of slow genocide?


There are thousands of Jews much darker than any Palestinian.

It’s the Palestinians who were shouting “The Jews are our dogs!” as they murdered innocent Jews in 1920, 1921 & 1929.
It’s the Palestinians who say “Jews are descendants of apes & pigs.”


It’s Hamas that denies Gazans freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion & the vote. If Gazans want freedom, they need to overthrow Hamas.


The whole world benefits from Israel’s advances in science, medicine & technology, but we Americans also benefit from our access to intelligence from MOSSAD which is considered one of the world’s best intelligence agencies & from being able to pre-position military supplies in Israel in case we want to intervene in the Middle East & from Israeli expertise in developing weapons systems. We gave F-15’s to Israel & Israel improved them, 700 modifications. Thanks to Israel, we now have better warplanes. Also, Israel is a laboratory & the Israelis are guinea pigs in learning how a democratic society can deal with terrorism. Israel is on the front line battling terrorism. The terrorists say “First the Saturday people (Jews) then the Sunday people (Christians.) Israel is the barrier island protecting the West.


The 18 worst countries for human rights in 2017 were Syria, North Korea, South Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, Libya, Yemen, China, Burundi, DR Congo, Afghanistan, Burma, Pakistan, Lebanon, Mali, Nigeria, Ukraine & Mexico.

Do you buy products made in China?


Because Israel has been under continual attack from racist Palestinians, it has to make sure that no one is bringing weapons to Gaza to murder innocent Jews. That’s why it’s important for Israel to check every ship going to Gaza.

Israel says it has seized a ship carrying advanced Iranian weapons made in Syria that was heading towards Gaza.

Hamas plans further protests as it rejects medical supplies from Israel

https://www.telegraph.co.uk › News

Hamas turns away truckloads of Israeli humanitarian aid destined for …



I simply wish to express my admiration for my co-worker in Edinburgh Royal Mail who twice courageously participated in aid ships to Gaza. Well-done, Theresa.


Simply to say that the ship in question was intercepted in the Red Sea and was heading for Sudan.
Experts did not confirm the weapons were intended for Gaza


“There are thousands of Jews much darker than any Palestinian.”

Indeed there is.

Ahed Tamimi being one Palestinian with fair complexion


Hasbara agent. I was wondering when you’d show up…


Racist Palestinians teach their children to murder Jews. Why would your co-worker help people who are trying to exterminate the Jews rather than the billions of people in poverty who aren’t trying to hurt anyone?

Here’s what Palestinian kids see on Palestinian TV:

A song in a children’s cartoon includes the lyrics, “Zionist man, run away, Zionist woman, run away, very soon you’ll be killed by a car.”

A Palestinian singer is shown in another clip, singing the lyrics, “Oh Martyrdom-seeker, make them cry. Make the fire engulf them. Turn them into body parts, roast them.”

A Palestinian child declaims in a speech into which he has been indoctrinated, “Oh sons of Zion, oh the most evil of creatures, oh barbaric apes.”

In a children’s TV show, a Mickey Mouse figures asks a child, “How will you sacrifice your soul for the sake of Al-Aqsa? Was will you do? The child replies, “I will shoot. We want to… We will annihilate the Jews”


There are millions of Jews much darker than Ahed Tamimi.