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'Freedom For the Political Prisoners': Hundreds of Thousands March in Barcelona


'Freedom For the Political Prisoners': Hundreds of Thousands March in Barcelona

Common Dreams staff

Independence movement supporters marched to protest the prison detentions of ousted government officials and grassroots leaders

barcelona protest


Prepare America!

This may be us shortly.


If the states of the late Conferderacy want to re-secede, this time I say let them.


" This may be us shortly."

Not until millions of the 99% of Americans, realize they are not living in a democracy, but a fascist, oligarchy, that is really a military dictatorship, world wide empire, wrapped in a pretty flag and still claiming that most egregious, canard: namely, that America is a democracy.


I think of those in Spain are in much the same position as those in Scotland. They share a common yet strained history. The people of Northern Spain are a much different people as are the Scottish and the English. Here in American we fought one of the ugliest wars of all time to preserve the Union. I do not wish that on Spain or anyone else. Though it does happen. Let us hope that those in Barcelona see the rational side and not the emotional side of things.


When a Society refuses to Respect the Ballot

Only Totalitarian Supression by Extortion Remains

Yours is the Worst Villainy


Madrid is not without blame. In fact, it’s hard to side with Madrid when it chose to implement suppression and oppression over Barcelona, instead of inclusion of Barcelona in its economic policy making.


Must be in the Spanish DNA. How not to handle successionists.