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‘Freedom Is Blossoming’: After Dismembering a Journalist, Saudi Arabia Goes on a PR Spree

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/26/freedom-blossoming-after-dismembering-journalist-saudi-arabia-goes-pr-spree


Money and power have corrupted the vast majority of communications media worldwide. Most people know that “the media” are not trustworthy, but the decades-long mis-education of the US populace leaves most “media consumers” here without a realistic analysis to understand media, or money, or power. Hard to dig yourself out of a hole when you don’t see the hole.


From murderer to ‘savior’. Quite an impressive resume the media is conjuring up for Mohammed bin Salman. The Halo around his head is real…no??


Well if this story pisses you off, then the link below should send you over the top.

“Trump Administration Considering Immunity For Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman: Report”


I will not read the article that you posted but I ask what power is given to a head of state to pardon a figurehead from a different country. The title itself denotes stupidity. What audacity the creatures in this government have ? What effrontery the media embraces to print such drivel!


Can you lead the “media” to publish more true and well written article to counter the lack of facts published by those who print garbage PR pieces?


I’m not a lawyer, but I suspect this protects him from charges from this country and the lawsuit that the article brings up. I wouldn’t think it would have any affect on any other countries charges or lawsuits.


So maybe the Saudis would like to make one last deal with the Donald, like selling them the Statue of Liberty. So many tired, poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free there, y’know.


There are multiple problems with conveying pardons for crimes not committed, nor adjudicated in the US. But I see the issue this pardon would be attempting to address, though I both doubt that it would stand up even to a US judicial challenge, as much as I doubt that any of this will prevent such a corrupt despot from continuing to commit such crimes in the future.



As near as i can tell from the WaPo article, this would be “diplomatic immunity” under the US Constitution, making bin Salman immune from all civil suits in the US as a head of state. But i’m confused about the authority that a US President would have to make such a determination.

From the article:

“The immunity of foreign officials from suit in the United States is governed by the doctrine of common-law foreign sovereign immunity,” the prince’s lawyer, Michael Kellogg wrote.

Mohammed “has immunity based not only on his immediate familial relationship to the King, but also on his own ‘high-ranking office,’ ” Kellogg added. The filing said Saudi Arabia’s embassy made the immunity request in October and that the State Department “advised that it remains under consideration.”

A response from Aljabri’s lawyers is due after the new year and is expected to argue that the crown prince is not yet king and conspired in his personal capacity, so he should not be granted immunity, as asserted in his initial complaint. Aljabri’s lawsuit cites two U.S. statutes, the Torture Victim Protection Act, which bans extrajudicial killing, and the Alien Tort Statute, which allows victims of such illegal operations to sue in U.S. courts. He has previously denied Saudi allegations of theft.

The State Department typically consults with other U.S. government agencies before issuing a recommendation of immunity to the Justice Department, whose formal request is usually binding on a federal court. A decision can come quickly, such as for a head of state, or take months or years, depending on the circumstances and complexity of a case, legal analysts say.

A favorable decision, known as a “suggestion of immunity,” is only one option. The executive branch can also issue a statement of interest to a court that falls short of an outright declaration, proposing further inquiries or actions by a court. Or it can do nothing, essentially denying a request.



Thanks for clarifying. I was hoping @Trakar was correct, and it wouldn’t stand up “to a US judicial challenge”.


Agreed, (there may be legal wiggle room on the diplomatic immunity issue), but to my considerations a Presidential pardon for a foreign national (yet alone heads of state) regarding crimes committed in foreign territory against a foreign national who had US permanent resident status and who was overseas but not as an acting official agent of the US government in any fashion or form, it just doesn’t seem like a Presidential Pardon would address any relevant issues. Pardons aren’t the tool which would be applicable against civil suits against foreign nationals by citizens of the U.S., I guess my perspective focuses more on pardons as being a shield against U.S. federal government prosecution of U.S. citizens, not as a protection for foreign entities from suits or actions brought by private U.S. citizens.

Just to be clear, however, while I have some familiarity with a few narrow areas of U.S. Law, this is not one where I have any especial knowledge or competency. Personally, I wouldn’t expect a civil suit could be properly and successfully brought against the Saudi crown prince in US Courts either, but I haven’t actually looked at the details of the suit or the court’s considerations of jurisdiction, standing and merit, so I’m really just discussing this from a superficial, passing interest, perspective, and it is not something I’ve extensively researched nor even much casually read about.

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Good, needed article. Sad, important issues. I am afraid the ship has left the port already. This is all part of a larger issue with corporate propaganda and vicious display of powers. The Saudi state swiftly murdered a journalist, without bothering to pretend that it was not, making him an example. The US (and other western powers), slowly and gradually are murdering another journalist by pretending to follow the rule of law. How does that differ? Slightly in several ways, but fundamentally, not. The 1st one was at least under the Saudi state’s jurisdiction, the 2nd one is not even under the US’s jurisdiction. The 1st one only challenged one state’s power, the 2nd one, challenged the entire foundations of western democracies. These are the sad times we live in. CNN has become more like a tabloid now days to serve as an opium for the people.


Where else would he go? Nobody else wants him.

Isn’t the ICC and the European Court of Justice and international tribunals what the despots want protection from? Trump cant bequeath protection from them or it.

Published on Saturday, December 26, 2020
[Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)]

‘Freedom Is Blossoming’: After Dismembering a Journalist, Saudi Arabia Goes on a PR Spree

Behind the media and money blitz, the kingdom remains one of the world’s worst human rights violators—both at home and abroad.

Alan MacLeod

Do we the us in U.S. even realize that discussing mass media structures beyond the bounds of advertiser-driven\corporate-capture Pay2Play is taboo over the broadcast airwaves and cyber-spectrum of our land of the spree\and home of the knave?

Unlike Canada, our quiet neighbor to the north with similar problems of corporate-capture and regulatory capture (although Toronto Star calumnist and reporter Linda McQuaig earlier today published an article reprinted here on Common Dreams on the lack of any meaningful regulatory system in Canada to mitigate the horrors of factory farming to our fellow creatures ~https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2020/12/16/keeping-the-curtains-drawn-on-secretive-factory-farm-industry.html ), there is at least a semblance of a national Public Interest and educational broadcaster in the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Watch CBC on their own web-site or their archived programming on U. of Tube and you’ll find a much wider and deeper level of discussion on Public Affairs, without the incessant Snake Oil underwriting and sponsorship interruptions that sanction the time necessary for grappling with complexity in Public Interest broadcasting.

Meanwhile, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting [CPB=NPR+PBS] here in our country’s 50 states and assorted off-shore occupied territories, Wage Slave Plantations, Sweat Island factories and altered states had more access to the national resources of broadcast and cyber spectrum back at the turn of the 19th into 20th centuries when radio for another half-century would be only broadcast alternative to “whoever owns a press has the freedom of the press” in America’s self-flattering repertoire of platitudes masking our Feudal Founding White Property-Owning Fathers’ vision of our revolutionary New Nation.

When is the last time our Public Broadcasting or Commercially auctioned off airwaves and cyber platforms offered any educational fare with critical thinking encouraged on the history and reality of the Public Relations and Advertising industries? We, the docile heirs to revolutionaries haven’t even demanded the air space and cyber space access and freedom to analyze and critique the advertisers who buy up the broadcast licenses in the name of serving the Public Interest and maximizing investor profits.

The Public Relations industries (co-founded by Sigmund Freud’s grand nephew Edward Bernays ~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_relations
~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Bernays ) has come to subvert what little representational government our landed white gentry slave-owning, wheeling and dealing founding fathers intended by replacing One White Property Owning Man = one vote with a shameless Pay2Play Duopoly serving the needs of our Feudal Lords of All.

Roughly concurrent with the openly racialist Woodrow Wilson’s administration and its establishment of the Creel Commission (see under Public Diplomacy) that was formed with tax-payer funds to propagandize our nation into support and active military participation in Imperial Europe’s World Wars, necessitated by the clear majority of Public Opinion that leaned towards the original isolationist position of the U.S. in global affairs.

Here is what the PR Industry that has long sold our electorate our grasping GREED IS GOOD Neo-Liberal E-CON and rhetorically AmericaFirst! Neo-Conservative Fiscal and Social Conservative mis-leaders and Koch-funded lobbyist dictated and drafted legislation via ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council).

Much the way the advertising industry has sold U.S. our nicotine delivery systems (Liberty Torches as Bernays envisioned the Tobacco Ad Campaign that Progressively would bring women the right to vote and smoke) along with the tooth cleaning powders with all variety of retail Snake Oil. Depending on your philosophy and point of view the PR Industry has since evolved or devolved into this current state, without so much as a magazine like Canada’s ADBUSTERS to use satire to resist the mind control techniques of our minders. Or to subvert and legally challenge what Shoshana Zuboff terms in her new conceptual reference guide for the digitized age of info asymmetry and the new bid-net to bid-net market in HUMAN BEHAVIOR FUTURES that thanks to the til recently largely ignored first female tenured faculty emerita at the Harvard School of Bid-Net is our new paradigm referenced as The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power

Note that when the nattily tailored Tommy Boggs keeled over in his expensive platter of fine foods at his top-dollar power table at his Washington DC watering hole, few would have mistaken his photo for the Hollywood Central Casting Evil figure traditionally costumed in technicolor as the Saudi Ruling Family’s Prince Mohamed Bin Salman and meant as a stand-in for the vast majority of impoverished and struggling Arabo-Muslims:

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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The US, is not a member signatory of the ICC, and the European Court of Justice and international tribunals have no jurisdiction or authority in the U.S. nor over U.S. citizens in international airspace or waters. But you are correct that a Trump pardon would only prevent the U.S. federal government from prosecuting the Saudi prince, but it wouldn’t restrain the U.S. government from detaining and turning him over to any nation or international organizations which had extradition agreements with the U.S., nor would it prevent U.S. Intelligence and Security agencies from sharing information with friendly foreign intelligence and security agencies to assist in helping to bring the criminal Saudi prince to justice.

Didn’t/doesn’t the US do the exact opposite, share intelligence with the Saudi monarchy?

I know they have lots of oil.

U.S. “friends” and “enemies” are always in a state of flux and for most such states they may be both “friends” and “enemies” at the same time regarding different issues and by different branches/elements of our own government.

What is the way they in the “Washington Consensus” see we, the people?

Meaning - all of the nation’s natural (non-juridicial) people?

Are we “their” “friends” or “enemies”?

Who comes first, people, or “investors” and “transnational corporations”?

Who is in charge, people, or global economic governance organizations? (Like a particular one in Geneva)