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#FreeKaren: The Hysterical Campaign to Free Australia's Hypothetical Eco-Terrorist


#FreeKaren: The Hysterical Campaign to Free Australia's Hypothetical Eco-Terrorist

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Australian government's controversial new "radicalization awareness kit" for schools, which links climate activism and alternative music with terrorism, has prompted a growing outcry by teachers and environmentalists—as well as a fitting social media response—since the booklet's publication earlier this week.


Stupidity aside, this story highlights generic characteristics of political subjugation and exploitation of citizens.
- Divide the populace against themselves
- Indoctrinate the young
- Instill irrational fear
- Conflate dissent with terrorism
- Encourage vigilante thinking
- Criticise anyone who speaks these truths


It's funny and it's not.
I can't help thinking about what David Cameron said a week or so ago, that 'Jeremy Corbyn was a threat to national security.' And I can't help wondering just what all that designation as a 'national security threat' might that entail, including arrest and disbanding the other party. With those words, everything is, as the so-called leaders like to say, 'on the table.'


There's really no need for those in power to engage in "divide and conquer"

When the "respectable" opposition is so eager to take on the task.

"[S]abotaging logging machinery" ...

Horrors! We would never think to commit such acts of terrorism!


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"the booklet was intended to combat the indoctrination of youth by extremist groups like the Islamic State (ISIS)".

Oh I had no idea that that the CIA had already created an ISIS branch in Australia.


This feels like actions taken to combat the "international communist conspiracy" I heard so much about in the 50s and 60s. Then the "international drug cartel" I heard so much about in the 70s and 80s. Then the "war on drugs" that over arched all of it. Quick! duck and cover.
Now cry-baby neocons and their corporate pals and their governments are really trying to do a number on the minds of the world's future. First they work really hard at destroying all the future nows that children were expecting to show up, then they get them to believe that to care for the earth is an act of terrorism, then they drive them into poverty so they (the children) become volunteers in the poverty draft and go off to some other country and do the same thing to other children. How loathsome, how criminal. The banality of evil.
This all too ridiculous for much sober consideration right now.


Remember Hayduke! :O)


...and karen,never ever make a clock and bring it to school while dressed as a muslim!

omigod our (u.s. ) peculiar form of sociopathic bizarreness has infected the govt of australia! we need the american psycho illogical association to prescribe mucho medications and bed rest for all of these people.there are bed spaces open at the guantanamo "hospital", just dont use the ones marked CHENEY BUSH RUMSFELD YOO or NEOCON.


The Aussies, along with all other peoples living within fascist police states, should make their own "fascist awareness kits" filled with facts on the destructive history of totalitarian thinking and its tell-tale signs.The kits should also take advantage of the numerous present-day examples of fascist thinking and actions that have been so graciously provided to us by an untold-number of mis-leaders.


A truly EXCELLENT idea ! It would be the perfect act of resistance . I hope some of the Australians who value an open and free society will get started on it now .