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Freelancers Shouldn't Betray Other Gig Workers By Allying with Anti-Union Opponents of AB5

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/08/freelancers-shouldnt-betray-other-gig-workers-allying-anti-union-opponents-ab5

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Too late, or should I say, too early. Too late because the foundations of organized labor in the nations are eroded to the point of collapse. Too early because enough Americans aren’t in soup lines yet in the kind of numbers it would take to spur a new labor revolution.
In short, things are bad, but not yet bad enough for brainwashed Americans to consider changing or amending our state religion of Capitalism.

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Thanks to Sascha Cohen for describing the conditions of freelancers, and the fraudulence of individualism in class warfare.


Tom Johnson
Columbus, OH USA

A former freelancer, history student and current contingent faculty member.

This article is garbage. I support gig work. I’ve been doing gig work for years and make damn good money. Now it’s going to be ruined by democrats!!! I’m going to be voting republican this election!

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Well, Republicans have been quick to propose remedies in the legislature, whereas Democrats are sitting on their hands until AB5’s sponsor Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez releases them, which she won’t do. So what can Democrats expect?

Further, the notion that individualism is a capitalist notion is bunk. Individualism goes back much farther than that. It’s core to anti-capitalist anarchism, for instance, and core to the US history, idealogy and myth as well. It’s why my grandparents left their homes to come here, for instance. Even communism is based on respect for individual workers and opposed to mass exploitation of employees.

In the immediate, if unions and Democrats want to protect certain groups of workers who are exploited through misclassification, they should do their homework first. Find the exploited groups and write corrective legislation that doesn’t damage other groups. But that’s too much like work, I guess. God forbid they should work hard while saving the world.

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AB5 was designed by the unions to destroy the lives of freelancers. The unions do not want to compete on a level playing field with freelancers. So, instead of providing a better level of service to win customers, they just called up the corrupt politicians that they own (e.g., Lorena), and they outlawed freelancing. Ipso facto, the unions are providing a perfect example of immoral monopolistic practices with AB5.