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#FreeRosa: Supporters Demand Release of 10-Year-Old Detained by Trump's ICE


#FreeRosa: Supporters Demand Release of 10-Year-Old Detained by Trump's ICE

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Rosa Maria is not the threat. Trump is the threat."


First off there are 11.5 million undocumented people in the US (probably a low estimate) and there has been an increase in detentions 100,000. So that is a fairly small response. The support structure of those detentions is no small thing. National identification numbers for hospitals, homeland security training for hospital security, and in this case stopping an emergency vehicle and criminal detention in a hospital are pretty bad precedents We need a comprehensive change in immigration policy and law. Use these examples to create better policy. Everyone needs medical care at some time in their life. Another thought here is that the US is only recently closing institutions that housed the disabled in far worse circumstances. People with disabilities make a huge contribution to our public good and well being.


Besides this child, how many others are incarcerated? Takes a whole lot of courage, ethics and morals (not) to do this to children


I’m wondering if this episode might not be construed as a “lesson.”
*No matter who you are, no matter if you are sick, or well, or even dying, any contravention of government edicts will lead to instant correction. No exceptions, except, of course, for the very wealthy.
*Sort of reminds me of life in Nazi Germany, as they consolidated their power.
*Cheer up! For things will no doubt get much worse before it gets any better, and that will take a lot of sacrifice from We the People, as the wealthy are pretty well entrenched after years of preparation.
*I just keep hoping that something will happen to unite We the People into a coalition dedicated to eliminating the treacherous sock puppet duopoly, and exposing the duplicity and greed of their masters.
*Then, perhaps, we can regain our Constitutional Republic and our Honor!
*The only alternative, as I see it is to continue slipping deeper into the slime until we drown.


I think that is the lesson in a lot of countries. from a documentary I watched. It was how travelers were treated if they became sick or injured in another country. I never considered this very much but I was disturbed by how awful and even life threatening it can be if you are not prepared. Some countries have Universal Health Care and would treat everyone at least for emergency care. It is not just here.

Many of our systems are overwhelmed or not prepared to meet basic needs, What could be beneficial becomes something else.


Our systems are overwhelmed or not prepared because instead of doing what government was expected to do, and did for many years, which was to use most of the tax income to make the country better, its citizens having access to health care, food, housing etc. That tax income was not the government’s to do with as they wished, it came from We the People, with an expectation that the government would do as the Constitution preamble says:
*"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
*Establish Justice? Look at the games played for the wealthy special interests at our expense all the way up to the SCOTUS.
*Insure domestic Tranquility? With a police that kills at will, protected by the courts, with agencies that think torture is fine and dandy. Where we have the most people in prison of any nation?
*Provide for the common defense? The military was a reasonably small force that could defend against an actual attack on the USA. The Founders of this nation wanted peace. It was not intended to be made into the largest, most powerful and ruthless Wehrmacht in the world, dedicated to making war on any small country that disagrees with us, or has natural resources the wealthy covets. Our infrastructure is crumbling, people are starving and homeless, disasters have wiped out many places, both on the mainland and on islands controlled by us, but “We can’t afford to help them, we don’t have the money.” At the same time, the government spends billions and trillions promoting and expanding the Wehrmacht, gives billions to dictators we have put in charge of nations, that will do what we tell them to. We give enormous tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of the poor and the working poor.
*Promote the general Welfare? By removing any checks and balances on companies that poison the soil, kill the bees and other insects that are the pollinators of the food we hope to eat? Companies that promote GMO foods and destroy as many of the natural seeds of our crops that they can engineer, so they can control all food sources? By allowing big Pharma to peddle drugs that are killing us, and closing the agencies that are supposed to prevent this? By encouraging and allowing citizens to be deprived of their homes due to chicanery by the various wealthy hedge fund criminals and other financial sharks?
*Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity? By removing our protection and substituting the most invasive and thorough surveillance agencies the world has ever seen, permitting them to read our mail, our emails, our financial records, our health records, our business transactions, our travels? By limiting our freedom to travel and requiring all sorts of identification just to take a plane across country, or take AMTRAK to another town or state? In some parts of the South of this country, you had better have a copy of your birth certificate, a passport if you have one, along with your driver’s license, if you want to drive into town to go shopping. Otherwise, you could find yourself in jail as a “suspected alien.” To encourage us to become snoops and snitches for the government upon our friends and neighbors?
*We could afford to help our people and rebuild our infrastructure. Cut the Wehrmacht down to a defense force and put a few trillion into the kitty; cut all the breaks to the very wealthy and have them pay a fair tax on their income and profits. Close down our several hundred bases around the world and a few billion more is saved. Quit building new trillion dollar battle groups. We have far more carrier task forces than we could ever use, including another under construction today.
*The fascist Hell that we are descending into could be checked, if We the People would just get our act together and work for the common good. BDS the bastards, have a huge general strike and close the country down. Learn to cooperate for the common good. Support the renewables and boycott the oil, coal and nuclear companies as much as possible. Help thy neighbor! "Do not unto others as you would not have done unto you" This wisdom is found as far back as writing is found. Where practiced, it has been beneficial to all. The current approach seems to be for Greed and Gluttony to rule and the People be damned.
It is going to be We the People, of this nation and the world that can turn this around, and perhaps Mother Nature will back off, if we are sincere and stop destroying the planet for greed.


We lived in the South when I was a baby (a long time ago) and I remember my mom telling us. "when driving through the area if a policeman gave you a ticket, you went straight to court. He would take off his officer hat and put on a judges robe. If you could pay the fine you were free to go. I don’t know what it is like now but it is more pervasive everywhere in my opinion.

I agree it can be changed. Right now we are in a destructive cycle which is not all bad, we can’t continue in this way of doing things. It does matter how we change because we have had some very good ideas that have gone painfully wrong. Not that the ideas were wrong. Good ideas there mintrue. Thanks.