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French Asylum for Snowden and Assange Would Send 'Clear Message' to US


French Asylum for Snowden and Assange Would Send 'Clear Message' to US

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira would "absolutely not be surprised" if whistleblower Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange received asylum in France.

"It would be a symbolic gesture," Taubira told French news channel BFMTV on Thursday, adding that it would not be her decision to offer asylum, but that of the French Prime Minister and President.


Most importantly, Europe should quit NATO. Then it should grant asylum to Assange, Snowden.


Snowden has the best and most realistic chance of obtaining a secure asylum somewhere. The Russians will be able to move him without the US figuring out how to find the aircraft and bring it down (they’ve already tried once!). One of the biggest problems for Snowden–aside from the obvious wrath that the grantor would incur from the US–is also the expense and skill level required to keep him safe from the US and its mercenaries in another country.

Assange is likely screwed. It would take a major political upheaval in the UK to find a decent politician willing to not felate the US on all matters of policy. Until they do, the second Assange sets foot outside that embassy, he’s toast. Even if the Swedes drop all warrants on him–and I think this is pretty likely in time (they’re already close)–the UK will still nab him and send him to the US for interrogation and likely trial and incarceration.

So this might “send a message” as a political act, but it will likely do nothing for either Snowden or Assange. It’s just a FU gesture to the US for tapping their phones.


Don’t hold your collective breaths waiting for France to give these two asylum. Though they may be miffed their masters are bugging their presidents, they remain good little doggies in the Europoodle Kennel of Empire. French politicians and pseudo-journalists never cease repeating Washington’s lies, so why would they choose to harbor two men devoted to exposing those same lies? (I live in France, incidentally.) As for Christiane Taubira, she is surely one of the more sympathetic faces in Hollande’s decidedly un-Socialist Party, though she is fairly marginalized within the French political class, for the simple reason that she is black and the French unfortunately remain a rather racist bunch. She has been the subject of racist lampooning and comments from both the right and the pseudo-left, including those Martyrs of Empire at Charlie Hebdo. And the writer of this piece should be informed that Liberation, alas, is definitely not a “leftist” newspaper, but yet another in the French mainstream that repeats the lies coming out of Washington and New York. It was certainly leftist at its founding in 1968 (Sartre was one of the founders), and remained so, despite visible decline, for over three decades, but then, around 2004 (if memory serves), it was bought by the Rothschild group, not a very “leftist” outfit, and it’s been adieu leftism ever since (with of course a bit of “liberal” window dressing a la USA: gay marriage, pseudo-feminism, and so on). CD’s staff writer should dig a little deeper when she writes a piece like this.


Mme Taubira is one of the few in the governing class of the Parti Socialiste with the requisite nous.


Vive la France!!!


Europe, especially the eastern part, is too afraid of Russia at this point to quit NATO.


Thank you for this analysis. I don’t like the message, but I appreciate the messenger.


Ditto for Australia and Canada.


Well, those guys lived under the Russian boot for 40 years. So yeah, i don’t think your advice or any amount of literature would change their mind.


Twaddle! They are puppet government of the empire, and completely under the empire, with military bases everywhere, with the empire owning and controlling a huge part of their media, and they do as they are told, because they have little choice.


…or too afraid of the US?


I agree the US government has & will violate any countries sovereignty. Fascism is alive & well in the USA.Criminals & racketeers , run the USA


The tangled webs we weave when we choose to deceive.The men who hold the highest offices of US government are caught red handed lying us into war, torture murder, committing the greatest heist in world history & when exposed they prosecute whistle blowers instead of the war criminals perpetrating those crimes.—The gig is up!


What empire are you talking about? I don’t see any empire. I just see some people who had enough of the Russian boot stomping on their faces. If they had enjoyed that, they would have stayed that way. But it didn’t happen that way, did it? You lost, people are free, get over it.


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