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French Prosecutor Alleges Co-Pilot Intentionally Crashed Germanwings Plane Into French Alps


French Prosecutor Alleges Co-Pilot Intentionally Crashed Germanwings Plane Into French Alps

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The French public prosecutor heading the investigation into the Germanwings airliner crash in the French Alps that killed 150 people earlier this week alleged at a news conference on Thursday that the crash was caused deliberately by one of the co-pilots.

Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin cited what he said was evidence from a voice recorder in the cockpit.


Sirhan Sirhan… the girl in the Polka Dot Dress!!


Bring on the conspiracy kooks…


Repeat after me, everything that the MSM says is the Gods honest truth
Everything the MSM reports is the absolute unvarnished truth
The media can be trusted to report “only the facts”
I trust the New York Times, Washington Post
I believe everything my Government tells me
If I “doubt” the honesty and integrity of the media and government , then I am ":kook " and " conspiracy theorist and need medication.
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War is peace.
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"We will not take part in speculation on the causes of the crash.”

For once, I actually agree with a corporation.

I give CD a bad time about their headlines but the one for this article is well worded, the operative word being “alleges.”

It appears to me that there was a rush to announce something about this tragedy and the prosecutor jumped on the first substantive item that he had. I personally believe that more investigation should have been done before making this statement.



The UN has concluded that more than a million people have been killed in America’s “war on terror” [sic]. The unintended consequences of this new world order deception can now add this tragedy and another 150 victims.


Sometimes the cause is so dead-obvious - cockpit voice recorders don’t lie - that for the benefit of the victim’s families, preliminary findings can be provided. There is no reason to wait as airliner crash reports take a couple years - even when the causes are very apparent.


Yes everybody knows that government and media are eager to crash planes full of ordinary people into mountains.


Why the rush to judgment? The announcement seems premature. I think they’re trying to limit speculation that it was a political act. Post Charlie Hebdo that has to be a concern.


I’m not sure that we can safely say that the conclusion is “dead obvious.”

For one thing, there is no suicide note. Someone who is willing to take not only his own life but also the lives of 149 other people would be pretty far over the edge and there would have been some signs of mental instability.

Also, the head of the flight club in the co-pilot’s hometown - someone who knew the co-pilot well - is disputing the official story.



The only place where there is speculation that it was a political act is here. Most are regarding this as just major “going postal” type case. Suicidal-murder aviation events similar to this, albeit on smaller or less full planes, have happened in the past.


Such things have been said about murder-suicides in the past. “He seemed like a perfectly normal, well-adjusted guy” People who commit suicides often don’t write notes.

Perhaps they should wait for the flight data recorder, but it is already obvious from the radar that the plane was descending in a perfectly controlled manner that would not indicate malfunction.


I haven’t researched the matter but I would be very surprised to find that CD is the only site engaging in such speculation.

However, if you will read my posts again, you’ll see that I have not discussed the possibility of a political motivation.

If the co-pilot did indeed have a cause to serve then it would be even more likely that he would have left some sort of note or video. Martyrdom is pretty pointless if no one knows that you’re a martyr.

You may very well turn out to be correct. I just think that more details should have been confirmed before making an announcement that is as much an assumption as anything else. And it would not take two years to ascertain those details.



Not necessarily if there were HVT’s then the psychos don’t care… I believe they call it " Collateral Damage"


Meanwhile, in other news, the Dutch investigators of the downed Malaysian airliner in Ukraine have just announced that they have found missile parts in the debris. Whose missile parts they ain’t saying just yet. They are being careful.Nevertheless, conspiracy theories abound. No matter what the investigators come up with, their conclusions will be dismissed by quite a few CDers.


Having been a flight crew member for many years, it is my opinion that the worst decision made was to make all cockpits (commercial airlines) two-pilot in the late 1980’s… Supposedly the development of advanced aircraft/avionics technology eliminated the need for a third pilot or “flight engineer” to oversee technical issues that might arise inflight. The pilot unions were against the move but the airlines (reduce a large chunk of their labor costs by eliminating pilots) and aircraft manufacturers pushed for the change (money talks). No gadget or computer can replace a human, especially if the other humans in the cockpit are experiencing physical or emotional problems inflight. And placing a flight attendant in the cockpit when one of the two pilots needs to leave makes absolutely NO SENSE (airlines outside the US do not mandate that an FA go to the cockpit when a pilot needs to leave). There were times on my flights when a cockpit crew member (during three-man cockpit days) became ill after overnight trips to destinations in Mexico, which made the third pilot invaluable. There were also situations where unruly passengers (usually drunk and disorderly or couples getting into heated arguments throwing punches at each other) who did not respond to FA’s urging them to stop required a pilot in uniform to come back and resolve the problems…this always worked and quickly. If two pilots do not like each other and are forced to fly together, then having a third pilot can ensure there is peace in the cockpit. (US pilot unions ensure that contracts include love-hate letters wherein pilots can voice their preference of fellow crew members to work with or whom they refuse to fly with and scheduling heeds those when creating monthly lines.) A computer could not take care of these situations. All commercial airlines (and freight carriers) worldwide should seriously consider reinstating the three-pilot cockpit, especially for long range flights lasting over three hours. IMO, this tragedy could have been averted with a third pilot in the cockpit along with redesigning cockpit exit/entry to incorporate the use of a simple keycard and eliminating the ability of anyone inside the cockpit from manually overriding exit/entry.

My condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones.


See? It worked.


I did not dismiss the prosecutor’s conclusion. I said that it is premature.



Wouldn’t this arrangement expose the cockpit to invasion? If a crew member were to leave the cockpit and be overpowered by a malicious passenger, couldn’t his or her card be used by the perpetrator?



With three pilots in the cockpit and one leaves, then anyone attempting to “invade” would have to contend with two rather than one pilot. Besides, keycards should be made to include facial recognition or fingerprint recognition software thus eliminating entry by an unauthorized person. Programming for entry on cockpit doors can be remotely set in accordance with crew scheduling. If they can design technology to supposedly fly an airplane without human hands after takeoff and before landing, then they can surely create an improved, more well thought out way to secure a cockpit…perhaps polling/asking cockpit crew members for their input would be in order!!!