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French WWII Survivors Warn Against 'Deadly Risk' of Electing Marine Le Pen


French WWII Survivors Warn Against 'Deadly Risk' of Electing Marine Le Pen

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Earlier this week, French World War II survivors urged voters to reject Marine Le Pen in the country's upcoming presidential election, saying at an event commemorating the national day of resistance that she was a "deadly risk" for France.


If we do not stop the spread of Nationalist Extremism today, we will all be acquainted with Slavery tomorrow.


These holocaust survivors are just shilling for neoliberal big-bank-loving Macron - who the left really needs to be focusing their criticism and resistance. Le Pen won't be so bad - at least she is for the down-trodden white working class etc...


Yes, she seems like she'd be as good as trump (horrible)


Macron would be as good as Hillary (bad).
Like here, their choices remind me of that episode of Southpark where the boys realize that the two kids running for class pres. gave them a choice between a douche bag and a sh*t sandwhich


It's pretty amazing that there is a section of the French population willing to be identified with these monsters. After WWII, many collaborators fled, or pretended they were members of the Resistance to avoid becoming social pariahs. I wonder how they would handle a future scenario where they are held responsible for horrors inflicted in their name.


Maybe you need to research LePen a bit more. She's an ideologue with a poor grasp of social consequences and a head full of vainglorious BS. it would be like saying Ann Coulter should run for president---"she won't be so bad."


Are we not yet? Many Americans have become indentured servants of a sort. which is the step before outright slavery.


Have they all looked at the alternative? Le Pen is NOT her father, is 48 years old and is NOT anti-Semitic or even anti- Israel, but Macron cares only about himself and the rich.


Let's see: racist, xenophobic, anti-Muslim, raised in a mansion with wealth and privilege, appeals to the "disaffected" French plebiscite, claims to have all the answers, vomits empty promises, vilifies the French government, and incites violence at her rallies, wants France to be isolationist (exit the Euro Zone)...Marie Le Pen is DJT's evil twin separated at birth (although she was born in 1968).

Please awaken to the evil before you people of France...see what the US has chosen for its evil emperor and how all his campaign promises have been lies. Like DJT, Le Pen will destroy France from within and it will be the people who pay the awful price.


I wear the yoke of no man. Never have, never will.


Thanks for the responses it shows that my sarcastic point vis a vis the attitudes here regarding the last election went completely over your heads.


South Park is fiction with no relationship to real analysis and decision-making in a real world. Hillary would have been bad like, maybe, the eruption of the super volcano Tambora. Trump is a massive asteroid impact.


Cartoons can be very revelantt, and social indicators. People have died because of cartoons (Charlie Hebdo). Southpark has made some strong social statements


In a country that prides itself on "JOIE DE VIVRE" she has come surprisingly close to victory. Putin has picked off England with the Brits, who prides themselves on cold logic and the US who prides itself on pure gut, now France:"Terre de mes aieux" Closer and closer to world domination. This guy, Putin is one shrewd operator. He is playing five card stud while we toy with Chinese checkers. I don't know if he isn't holding a royal flush ace high. If he does France he can insure the end of the EU. "Voila c'est fait".


I suspect the anti-labor 'Macron Laws' forced through by the Rothschild banker when serving in Hollande's cabinet will have more people considering Le Pen than any dictat of Putin's.


Yeh but Le Pen is funded by Putin/Russia, so she wouldn't be running such a strong campaign if it wasn't for him.