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Fresh Demands for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta's Resignation Mount After Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking Charges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/07/fresh-demands-labor-secretary-alex-acostas-resignation-mount-after-jeffrey-epstein

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Tell Trump Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta: Resign
106,725 signatures with goal of 150,000


There’s something to be said for vigilante justice.

Hope this scumbag faces some.


In the case of America, and increasingly the rest of the world, it appears to be the only form of justice available.


Here are the Democrats who still voted to confirm Acosta despite questions about the Epstein case: Catherine Cortez Masto (NV), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Manchin (WV), Claire McCaskill (MO), Bob Menendez (NJ), Bill Nelson (FL), Jon Tester (MT), and Mark Warner (VA). Someone needs to search for Menendez’s name on the flight manifests because we know he is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and knee deep in Florida corruption.


Remember way back when we first started separating kids from their parents at the border and there was an out-cry of “where are the girls” because there were no girls to be found anywhere? Well, where are the girls? Human trafficking, sex slaves, big money, big names, big politicians, so, where are the girls?

Will anything come of this? I highly doubt it, too much money, too many fancy people who have too much power and we are just throw-aways for their entertainment.


Finally it’s not just the right wing talking about this.


Third way-ers all.
Like most Clinton acolytes, these folks all look and act like republicans. Covering up child rape is just par for their course.
Of course one tends to wonder, just how many 15-16 year old girls did Donald trumps member find its way into? But hey, no big deal. This is what our oligarchs do, it’s what they have always done. And they will continue to do it, until the bastinado is brought to bare,


We have always been a cruel nation. But this, well this is over the top, even for US.
But nothing will be done of course, as Nancy and Tom and the Clintons have already let it be known that they just don’t give a shit.


Resignation is just another slap on the wrist for this scumbag, like the other scumbag buying his way out of prison. He should be charged and prosecuted to the fullest for his role in epstein’s “deal” to evade any meaningful penalty, and that conspiracy aided and abetted by acosta directly led to more of the same crimes against young girls! Demand his arrest and prosecution! Surely that “sweetheart” deal designed by a conspiracy to evade justice was itself a crime?

“Everyone who shielded him (epstein) (including Alex Acosta and Donald Trump) are just as culpable for his crimes” - Sen Mike Gravel

But, as others here have written, there seems to be no law at all for wealth or the connected - contrasted with police executions of unarmed people of color and poor.an obscenity of vast degree.

I wonder how much and what both epstein and acosta know about others in very high places that may also have committed such crimes?

The stench of the trump regime and all its cabinet criminals is ripe and goes all the way to the top - too bad there is no real opposition leadership with the integrity or courage to demand justice - there silence and inaction makes them complicit to the crimes and cover-ups!


That is how the oligarchy has maintained power all these decades in America. As we were told by many an academic during the Kavanaugh debacle, there is a caste system in the USA, and that people like kavanaugh, and Acosta, are part of the “leadership” class, whose primary purposes are to maintain the gap between the oligarchy and us, and of course to cover up the “high crimes and misdemeanors” of that oligarchy.
It’s just like the French aristocracy, or the Romanovs of Russia. The difference of course between then and the likes of Epstein is that Epstein lives in the electronic age. He can quite literally place a “firewall” between himself and us in the “hoy poly”
The (not so) funny part is that, while this “pizzagate” thing was going on in the post Clinton years, the right wing wack a moles and their Nazi media apparatus were apoplectic. But once Trump stumbled into the white house, it magically disappeared. I guess what Jay Gould said in America’s first gilded age still applies today. He could indeed hire half the poor people to kill the other half.


Infuriating, and all too true Brian. It is astonishing that such an overt (to far too few apparently) criminal cabal and conspiracy of wealth and power can avoid what is brutally enforced on the “little people”.


The conspiracy at the top - those controlling and directing the looting of America and the rest of the world, and evading via their stolen wealth, media control, diversions of financial crises and premeditated wars, any meaningful price for their actions - are guilty of crimes against humanity, the entire planet, as well as sexual predators and financial parasites, ALL deserve nothing less than dancing at the end of a rope!

Robert Reich gets it - “So long as the oligarchy divides Americans – split off people of color from working-class whites, stoke racial resentments, describe human beings as illegal aliens, launch wars on crime and immigrants, stoke fears of communists and socialists – it doesn’t have to worry that a majority will stop them from looting the nation” - much the same spoken in the 1998 film by the Bulworth character - “Rich people have always stayed on top by dividing white people from colored people/ but white people got more in common with colored people then they do with rich people”

Reich should have added the role played by the complicit DINO party and its “leadership” - part and parcel of the con.- the Clinton’s Obama, Cuomo, Pelosi, Schumer et al - all a critical part of the con that might not be able to exist without their roles as co-conspirators!


And so the Kabuki plays on. “D’s” and “R’s” will jump on the bandwagon to show their “horror” at such things. There will be payoffs, that bail thing might get Epstein out and off to a secluded spot with no extradition treaty.
*This will bounce around from court to court and will finally end up before the “Supremes,” who will find all the baby-rapers as acting within the Constitution and therefore not-guilty. The head baby-raper will then pardon them all, and they’ll have a big party at Maralago. The girls will be on Trump. (I wonder how many of the “Supremes” have bought young girls from this bunch over the years, to ease their fading sexuality?)
*So foul, this Oligarchy that feels it can do no wrong, not even by having little playgirls,(and boys) to kill time (and kids) with.
*With 329 million people in the US Fourth Reich, I hope there is a vast majority, with children and teenagers, who will tear these bastards and bastardesses out of their comfortable digs, expose them, and fill a prison with them. A real prison, not one of their fancy Federal Hotels which miscreants sometimes get to stay in until the heat is off, when they go back to work.
*This makes me sick to my stomach.


Pray for a wave of Ninja Warriors to drop in on them all one dark and dreary night, and slice and dice to their heart’s delight.

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This arrest was made because there were people that would not let this injustice go and were working through the Courts and the Public to keep this issue front and center. Indifference would have led to Epstein “paying for his crimes” with a slap on the wrists which Acosta had intended.

Now it certainly true that those in power will try and make this call away and find some means to exonerate one of their own. After all peoples in high places took these junkets to Epsteins Island retreat but that does not mean that the people that kept pushing for this arrest should not get some kudos going their way.


And this from Fox News:

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My dream is for millions of Americans to form a coalition for justice and surround OUR HOUSE and evict OUR TENANT.


Epstein’s Madam
How do you paste photos ?


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My ex Brother in Law who was incarcerated and was in a prison that was more like a Federal Hotel than a prison for the rest of most people fits your post to a T!