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Fresh off 'MAGA Field Trip,' Steve Bannon, Erik Prince Among Right-Wing Crew Plotting Out Privatized Border Wall


Fresh off 'MAGA Field Trip,' Steve Bannon, Erik Prince Among Right-Wing Crew Plotting Out Privatized Border Wall

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

What brings together the likes of the president's former chief strategist Steve Bannon; voter disenfranchiser Kris Kobach; notorious Blackwater founder Erik Prince; controversial former sheriff David Clarke; immigration hardliner and former Congressman Tom Tancredo; and offensive meme spewer and former baseball great Curt Schilling?



Here are the real aliens Trump want out of the US and we need them here.



HI alcid : wow that was beautiful —all the creatures----all the beauty-----and all the waste of creature and human life if this stupid wall is built. But my mind is going dystopian novel again—so here goes:
I’m sure Amazon can help. I mean they have those drone deliveries and they want the little wheelie wagons too…but the trouble with drones and wheelies is that anyone can use them for-------- anything.
This wall could get really ugly for both creatures and the land.
Oh and Erik Prince, as Besty DeVos is your sister-----this bodes evilness. Well as Secty of Education, I imagine she’s figuring out how to dumb down learning so that maybe the only job those kids will ever get with be-----as searchers and destroyers for Erik Prince. Wow, who knew how much evil could result when combining family businesses!



Well I guess this is what they make bulldozers for.

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Are there enough Neanderthal, bottom feeding, knuckle draggers in our country to build this thing? Damn I’m with senator Warren tax the crap out of them now. They are probably the same crowd that amassed billions taking advantage of migrant labor.

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Al,THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! What a fantastic idea to run Masters’ video! He has some other ones, too. My stepsister is running an organization to save mountain lions in Texas, to educate ranchers and others about their history, place in ecosystems, etc. She sent me some of Masters’ work some time ago. I’m glad you thought to post it here.

Al knows, but for folks who don’t know, ocelots, pronghorns, little Pygmy owls (which can’t fly over that tall fence), and other endangered animals will be furthered endangered if Asshat & Co get more of that wall built, but I never hear any media, much less a politician address those environmental and ecological concerns. Tears me up.

Let me tweak your post…Dump and his even-more-evil twin Stephen Miller really do want to keep
Latinos out, pure and simple. I don’t know if they ever thought about the animals or the danger to the land. I doubt they’d care one whit if anyone did try to teach them. My fantasy? Tie both of them, naked, down over fire ant mounds, in the glaring sun.

In other CD articles, I’ve posted links from Sierra Club and other authorities about the land and animal concerns, but I didn’t think of Masters. I’ve also written to every single Repug senator and sent them the same info. So thank you again!



This effort is little more than a scam to get the gullible low-information voters who still support trump to send in money so these evil-doers can enrich themselves further.




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And what a travesty, one has to wonder why?



Privatize security and you have way less accountability. We have seen what that bares in the past two sad years of governance.

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