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Fresh Questions Raised About Impact of Trump's "Mother of All Bombs" Moment


Fresh Questions Raised About Impact of Trump's "Mother of All Bombs" Moment

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Donald Trump declared his deployment of the "mother of all bombs" on a remote region of Afghanistan last month a "very successful" mission, but a new analysis is raising questions as to what was actually accomplished and why the mammoth explosive was even dropped to begin with.


The purpose of dropping the MOAB was 1) to test what it would do and 2) justify ordering another one


The ridiculous MOAB bomb was obsolete before it was even developed. Reason: It has to be carried by a transport plane because it's too heavy for a bomber or fighter plane. That means any country with ant-aircraft capabilities will shoot it down before it can reach it's target and this includes the highly portable human carried SAM's,(surface to air missiles). The Pentagon spent approx $400 billion developing this dinosaur plus an additional $15-20 billion for the cost of each device. And folks wonder where all the taxes go! We will probably never know how effective, or not, the bomb was because of the blackout of the blast site, at least until a brave serviceman/woman blows the whistle. Also the target was the Taliban not ISIS.


The memo from the WH read:

  1. MOAB dropped successfully.

  2. No public reports to follow (nor any written evidence of the deployment).

  3. All but the top 1% of Americans will soon receive a bill for this successful destruction of dirt, rocks, and international relations.


Yet more proof that our presidunce is the Mother of all Boobs!


And there we have it folks, earlier propaganda was nothing more than the dreaded fake news reported by gushing [orgasmic] journalists!


... but the US can't afford National Health Care for all of its citizens --

though the president's party has just voted to reduce taxes on Elites/wealthy
by 2/3rds.


WHAT is the nature of this bomb?

Is it nuclear?

Evidently not part of the information anyone wants to give.


Only an insane war monger or a war profiteer could call dropping this MOAB: " A VERY SUCCESSFUL MISSION".


The MOAB done its job and that was to kill the ISIS members who where responsible for killing to US Marines, so before people want to say trump was wrong for having the bomb dropped thank about the american lives that where taken. Trump is a far better president then Hillary would've been. remember Sep 12, 2012 when we had our men and women in Benghazi who where killed and who where there. the Libyan Gov was responsible for bringing the men and women home who where there because Obama would not authorize our soldiers to go get them nor help them. So before you want to criticizes trump and how he is taking control and showing other country America is done sitting back and allowing people to walk all over us how about you pick up a gun and go fight. its easy to mock the people who protect the flag but yet you cant do there job.