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Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar Draws Ire for 'Accurately Describing How the Israel Lobby Works'


Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar Draws Ire for 'Accurately Describing How the Israel Lobby Works'

Julia Conley, staff writer

A progressive Jewish group was among the many who defended Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) late Sunday after conservatives and centrist Democrats attacked her for simply acknowledging that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, gives millions of dollars to pro-Israel causes each year.


There will be a dearth of comments on this topic as the Hasbara trolls will be taking names.


Memo to Vladimir Putin:

If you really want to know how to meddle in US electoral politics, AIPAC could give you some valuable tips.


Ilhan…a word of advice. DO NOT APOLOGIZE OR WALK BACK YOUR COMMENT! Be brave and stand up to power. That is why you were elected.


The thin skin of Israeli State Fascism, and of its supporters. What a fucked up world. After all, AIPAC knows that you have to violate other peoples human rights if you want to steal their land.


Anti-Semites! /s

The greatest sources spreading anti-Semitism right now are the pro-Likud sycophants (like AIPAC in this country) with their heavy-handed political threats and arrogance. And none of it has to make any sense or not even be stereotyping itself - Corbyn was called anti-Semitic in Britain for calling out BANKERS! So, all bankers are Jewish and they really do run the world? WTF? AIPAC demands apologies from two (count them - TWO whole Muslims) in congress because they support Palestinian rights and conservative and centrist politicians join in the condemnation? Who runs this country? The Zionist lobbies in the U.S. and Europe are damaging what little is left of their cause. They can’t even see the damage such things do.


Rep.Omar is well-dressed. AOC also wears designer clothes these days. It is an interesting and fresh way to get your picture and your news out. Designers who are using customers to market their styles have a way of getting them published with pictures.


The Truth will set the Palestinians free.


What the hell makes Chelsea Clinton’s denouncement important!! Both of her parents supported AIPAC.


I think you are reading the paragraph wrong (or I am reading your comment about that paragraph wrong!). Chelsea is denouncing Ilhan’s ‘AIPAC’ tweet. Someone else chime in if I have it all backwards.


Suggesting that a Jewish organization is buying off American politicians



If our representatives were truly loyal to the United States of America we wouldn’t have to worry about influence peddling from any place including Israel, Russia or wherever. When the leaders are corrupt and money is where their true loyalty lies, which is very much where I think we are now - then our country and its values and self interest are being subverted - not by the foreign nation - but by our own people. Now that influence from foreign countries also influences who gets elected. Without strict control of the money in politics, we are open to subversion as almost every point. This is a matter where the people of the United States somehow need to stand up to those in power and put them in their right place.


you get the iceberg citing, I mean sighting, award today


Utter a word of truth about the Israeli lobby, its deep and extensive influence on American politicians, media, political discourse, and you are branded “anti-Semitic.” Shoot unarmed protesters, bulldoze their orchards, confiscate their property and proclaim yourself the greatest victims in the history of the Earth, and you get standing ovations. Enough. The “state” of Israel is a racist, apartheid regime that is brutally flaunting international law and committing war crimes on a continuous basis. They own the US Congress in many ways. This is a statement of the obvious, so the politically correct bullshit is wearing thin. As the saying goes, “that dog don’t hunt no more.”


Chelsea Clinton is an entitled little brat who never had to experience real world struggles in her life. People like her - who willfully ignore the crimes of the ‘state’ of Israel - honestly make me sick.


Chelsea Clintonś comment would seem to be criticizing it as anti-semitic. Which, in reality actually IS anti-semitic. More like daddy, seeing if she can twist semantics for a permanent leverage position- a Clinton trait constantly being messaged / massaged. It is what is is - ya no?


Agreed and look who she married and fathered her children. A certain investment banker by the name of Marc Mezvinsky. His father Ed Mezvinsky was convicted of 31 charges of felony fraud, and served five years in federal prison and released in 2008. What a gene pool.


These assholes (I’m speaking of establishment “centrist” dims and repukes NOT our newly elected crop of progressives who are truly impressing me so far) are loyal to one thing and one thing only (you listening Nancy and Chuckie?) and that is hard cash. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves and never have. I remember an incident years ago where there were protesters in front of Pelosi’s home. She got all bent out of shape bcz a few were stepping on her precious lawn and plants. She called police (sound familiar) and had those who stepped on her lawn arrested. Typical entitled bitch. These jerks have to go. Right now Pelosi is assuring the private health insurers (the CEO of United Healthcare made $52,000,000 last year which amounts to $1.00 of every $7.00 paid in premiums for healthcare going toward his salary) they have nothing to worry about. She is bound and determined to save the private health insurance industry (so she can keep getting “campaign funds”) to the detriment of 300,000,000 who NEED single payer. This level of selfishness astonishes me. AIPAC is yet another lobby in which the selfishness of our establishment congress scum takes priority over the lives of innocent Palestinians. Did anyone else notice how AIPAC called anyone even remotely against their influence over our government was immediately called anti Semitic? Fuck them and fuck our establishment politicians. They’ve led us down a long road from Reagan to where we are now. We need to stop giving Israel arms and especially money. We need that money here for U.S. citizens.


I stand in solidarity with Rep. Ilhan Omar.


Ahhh Yessss! The old amti-semitic card. It’s losing it’s lustre. Anyone who lets it affect them is foolish!