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Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar Draws Ire for 'Accurately Describing How the Israel Lobby Works'


It is not surprising that a woman, a Muslim, a progressive will be targeted. We have a group of progressive women of color elected and they make a strong power base. This scares the heck out of the GOP an centrist Dems. Omar said nothing wrong. The Israel Lobby revels in finding things for their knee-jerk reactions on anything that spotlights its nefarious work.

What is interesting to me is that the line that Omar used came from a Black rap/hip hop song that focused on the of money to control things and the power given to money. So we have here a conflict betw something that strikes an anti-semetic bell for some while actually coming from the African-American culture. I think the Jewish culture that is offended needs to understand their own limitations of knowledge and culture. This is not a one way street.

I also am encouraged to have seen to date at least 3 or 4 articles defending Omar from people who are Jewish themselves. One is an interview with a Jewish man, actually an Israeli in the US who worked for a progressive candidate in a Red State. He describes how AIPAC sought out the candidate and offered money if he changed his program to support 2 issues AIPAC supported. This was pretty aggressive use of money by AIPAC to buy influence!