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"Frickin Illegal": Congressman Says Trump Has No Authority for Latest Bombing


"Frickin Illegal": Congressman Says Trump Has No Authority for Latest Bombing

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the wake of news that the U.S. military bombed forces allied with the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday, at least one member of Congress is voicing dissent by saying President Donald Trump has no legal authority to order such attacks.


Thank God there is at least one good man in the US House. Thank you Mr. Lieu!

Barbara Lee of California was the only person to vote against the travesty of the AUMF all those years ago.

So few conscientious members of the US Congress, for shame.


I guess the far greater number of daily US bombings of Syrian civilians - supposedly against “terrorists” - that benefit the Assad government, are OK then?

Rep. Lieu’s indignation is very selective, to say the least…

Gotta love those Leftists for Assad - the most murderous dictator on the planet right now. What next…Leftists for Erdogan? Leftists for the reformation of the memory of Pinochet?


Those in the military who carried out this illegal order are just as culpable as the person who authorized it…

This is not allowed under the AUMF. Syria has not attacked the US and has no means to do so. The entire Congress needs to publicly denounce this at once.

As for the AUMF, it needs to be rescinded. It has been abused by three successive POTUS’s to commit international law violations


This is absolutely true. It was just as true of Obama and Bill Clinton.* All of whom bombed countries completely against international law, thereby committing war crimes. Where was liberal (in the Phil Ochs sense) outrage when those crimes were commited?

*And true of the Bushes, Reagan, and so on.


How do you know there are daily bombings?


Even though I applaud Mr. Lieu for being the exception to the rulers, this cowardly,abdication by Congress of its responsibility to declare wars is nothing new and has been going on at least since the Korean police action in 1950, when for all intensive purposes, America became an Empire ruled by a military, dictatorship.


Yea! We’re the Airforce for ISIS!!!
War crime


This all started with Colin Powell’s ( retired ) putting his stamp on the Bush Adm.'s weaving of Iraq into the 9/11 attack. The day after, no less, with Rummy looking for any justification. Your comments are doing the same thing. The OhBummer Adm. didn’t start the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, correct?
Calling OhBummer a psychopath, no different than Trump, conveniently lets Bush & Co. off the hook. If OhBummer is a psychopath what are the Bush & Co. people? Is there even a word?
Attacking Lieu, Lee and Progressives for the horrendous actions of the Pentagon and Republicans is " selective bullshit selling ".
And, progressives aren’t selective, they don’t have any power in this current UniParty arrangement.


As the previous Republican President did, this one is turning our men and women of the Armed Forces into murderers.

May God have mercy on all of their souls.

Except Trumps.

#Lock Him Up!


Congress has abdicated its duties. It is derelict in its responsibilities. By ignoring its legal obligations, it is allowing the country to indulge in dangerous and foolish activities. One day the US will go too far and the blow back will be horrible. When this happens, Congress will be even more responsible for the death and destruction, than the Administration that caused it.


Did you join those pushing for the illegal invasion of Iraq, by denouncing those protesting in the streets as being allies of Saddam Hussein?

I remember such coming from the likes of Miller, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bush, Rice, McCain, Limbaugh, Hitchens, Blair, and the list goes on.

How is your assertion of false equivalence any better?


The initial bombing of Syria came about because Obama was put in a difficult position, ISIS was about to commit genocide against a group of people of different religion who had fled to a hill. Rather then let genocide occur he decided to bomb and many of those people were able to flee to Turkey. He continued to bomb Syria to fight ISIS based on Congress giving him authority to fight al-Qaeda, which was a stretch to say the least. He tried to get authority from Congress to fight ISIS but never succeeded. He never attacked the Syrian government which would clearly be an act of war against another country. Trump did without getting the authority from Congress so it seems clear that was illegal under US law. How to legally fight these non-state groups like ISIS seems rather unclear. I don’t think the laws were ever devised to deal with non-state military groups that seize land in various countries and pose a threat to the US with regard to attacks on US facilities abroad or carrying out attacks on US soil.


And Obama and Clinton…they are all war criminals


There should have been no bombings, period.


Absolutely correct. The Duopoly believes we can ‘Bomb’ our way to a Democratic World.


I don’t kno who to believe…JUST STOP BOMBing SYRIA…anyone seen the documentatry "white helmets:?


Square jawed Brian Williams, of NBC, said the first missile Trump said was “beautiful.” He and Matt Lauer liked to play act during the start of all of this war 14 years ago.


Leftists for Assad? Leftists for Erdogan? Leftists for Pinochet? Really? That should be Center-Rightists who worship $$$ more than ethical and moral behavior in regards to Foreign Policy, shouldn’t it? Or, like your team, think we shouldn’t have to pay retail for that which we can get at wholesale, with the help of a gun? Where did your wires get crossed? Do you remember the exact day?
Napoleon said an Army runs on its stomach ( energy ). Today, and for 70 some years, an Army runs on OIL ( energy ). And, increasingly, other extraction resources necessary for the feeding and caring of The Military Industrial Complex. Which feeds the beast of Endlless War. It requires subordinating everything else, eventually. As we are now seeing in the hollowing out of America’s near past, present and future.
Maybe you see all this as " real politik ". Most leftists I know don’t ascribe to this mainstream policy groupthink, however. They don’t think the downside is worth the upside. On any given day.


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Of is Amy Goodman just a “shill for the elites” now too?