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"Frickin Illegal": Congressman Says Trump Has No Authority for Latest Bombing


Obama's drone strikes were illegal too.


We have to remember that the trumpster has given the military full control of the wars and no I don't like the trumpster.


Leftists believe that the White Helmets of Aleppo were just a US propaganda stunt against the brave heroes defending the Syrian People Assad and Putin. They believe that the photos if the dead and gassed Syrian children are fake too They don't believe that Aleppo was even bombed and that all the deaths there were due to "US supported terrorists like ISIL"

The sad thing is that there are cases where accusations of government brutality ARE largely bogus political-economic motivated media and state propaganda - Haiti under Aristide, Venezuela for several years now, and Bolivia will probably be next. But thanks to the new risible attitudes of the left toward Assad and his sponsor Putin, the left's viewpoints on these matters will have little credibility.

And we aren't even talking yet about all of the left's totally nutty conspiracy theories the new-new-left shares with the nutty right.

The left has abandoned the concept of human rights itself. The left can go to hell.


I just want the bombing to stop


So do I. But the leftists support the bombings and gassings when Assad is doing it..


The easiest way to address any threat on USAns by groups like ISIL is to simply get out. The hazard of terrorism to average USAns on US soil is les than lightning strikes. The terrorists are a major threat to ordinary Iraqis, Syrians, and Afghanis. The solution is simple. Get the US and its bases out, stop the bombing, issue an apology for past atrocities, and few to none would be motivated to join ISIL or the like.


" Since when does the law have anything to do with U.S. actions."

Paul Craig Roberts:
Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions. Washington is "exceptional indispensable" no one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington's will. In its claims Washington surpasses that of the Third Reich."


I do not know about Syria, but like CD, Amy has been a shill for 9/11 by censoring any discussion of alternative theories.


Congress can no longer sit on its hands and allow this administration or any other to send US military power—troops, planes, bombs, airstrikes, drones and more—against people and countries across the globe without its permission," Bennis concluded. "Congress must be held accountable to enforce its own powers – no one else will."



Obama was wrong and trump is wrong. Congressional authorization is necessary.


No, no, no no more bombing


No. You (deliberately and maliciously?) completely missed my point and reversed it on its head!

As someone who was heavily involved in anti-war organizing and protests in 2002-2006 in Pittsburgh, DC and New York, I NEVER recall anyone in the movement to stop the US invasion expressing support for Saddam Hussein in the way the current-day left is defending the even more brutal Assad. If someone has shown up at a protest in 2003-05 with a portrait of Saddam, they would have been sternly told to leave.

Yet leftists have actually been seen marching with portraits of Bashar Assad! - All the while opposing and the popular domestic resistance against him since 2011.

No Abraham Lincoln brigades this time, I guess.


I support all forms of bottom-up popular organizing, armed if it comes to that, to overthrow brutal fascists and capitalists.

The left no longer supports this, it seems. Instead, leftists become a bunch of Robert Ludlums (who was a right-winger) engaging in nutty - and worse - totally destructive, armchair geopolitical conspiracy theories involving spooky superpower actors and intrigue.


Excuse me. Are you so sure those are leftists? Maybe they're part of false operations. Straw man arguments, indeed. I've been to some protests and never saw those types of items. Never heard anyone praise Assad. That's weird, actually, unless their ex-pats who don't like U.S. relationship with Saudis.


Well said congress critter. Now we see if you have the scruples to write and put forward a bill or other action to do something about our illegal governmental behaviors. Unless you follow through your just a bleating gas bag.


I'll skip the armed part unless, of course, you're protesting in Damascus. AR-15s are for the Trumpster crowd.


According to The Guardian the American jets struck Iranian-backed militias advancing on the Syrian town of al-Tanf where US troops were on the ground with US-backed "opposition forces". The article goes on to explain (and cite a companion article) that the Iranians were not just on their way to assist Assad but are attempting to clear a route from Tehran to Damascus.

Cutting off Tehran from Damascus (shattering the "Shia Crescent") has long been a major US-Israeli goal (see "A Clean Break - A New Strategy For Securing the Realm" [1996]); overthrowing Saddam and occupying Iraq were among the first steps. So today's action has ramifications well beyond defending US troops who were "training opposition forces" or whatever.

This article appeared yesterday, before US jets attacked:


More jumpin on the democratic congressmen sayin bad shit about Trump bandwagon...


One of the very, very few congresspersons who has declared there is an elephant in the room, and has been there for some time! It's been a long, long wait for me. Somebody, please, speak up!


Can people just stop ranting and raving on these blogs and get off to their representatives that this cannot stand?
Code Pink must have a big email list..maybe a few thousand, I would guess. We had a Mothers Day March against the military in NYC..
I would guess approximately 40 Code Pink members showed up...and dissapted mostly, after a couple of hours...what the hell is chanting and singing going to do? there wasn't even any press that I could tell.
what will it take?
starting another draft where people get really active because it affects their children?
Can we get up off our asses? Dropping a near nuclear bomb...God knows who and what was killed with a mile radius? any mention on mainstream media, past the day it happened....of course not!
that was last month! forget it! just forget it...
never really happened.
when are we going to say we have had enough,? that it has to STOP!!!!
and that this too may be an impeachable offense...does this SOB have to go to Congress?
what the hell is going on? where the hell is the "press"
can we DEMAND something instead of KVETCHING???