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"Frickin Illegal": Congressman Says Trump Has No Authority for Latest Bombing


You’ve likely read the following?

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II – May 17, 2017 – James A. Lucas – GlobalResearch


I don’t think anyone thinks they are bombing “our way to a Democratic World.” They are doing what empires have always done: expand their powers and control until they no longer can. When that happens, the end isn’t pretty.


This is what the leftists I know believe. I’m not sure where you are finding those other ‘leftists’ you have descried in other posts nor why you would extend them to all leftists. Perhaps it would be better to align with those who agree with this idea and ignore those others rather than expending so much effort on angrily attacking them. Those attacks distract from your message.


Dec 28, 2015


What is this threat that Russia presents to the US?


If you’d like a specific, factual indication of how extensively the U.S./EU MSM and NATO have lied to us about events in Syria, particularly in Aleppo, please listen to this podcast interview of journalist Vanessa Beeley, who has been on the ground in Aleppo, reporting for at least the past four and a half years.

The Syria cauldron, interview with Journalist Vanessa Beeley [podcast] – May 18, 2017 – Caitlin Johnstone – Greanvillepost



War Veterans Ask “Democracy Now” for Real Investigative Reporting on Syria. “Many Progressives Seem Totally Blind” – May 18, 2017 – Daniel Borgstrom and Ann Garrison – GlobalResearch

Meanwhile, Amy has continued – with only rare exceptions – to promote the “Assad-did-it-again” stories, featuring guests such as Anand Gopal on her show.

We’re now thinking of writing an online petition to Amy. That’ll be our next step. It’s important that people hear about this and speak out. Just because somebody happens to be a major star in the progressive world doesn’t mean that they should be beyond criticism.


Lots of comments on this story, stop the bombing, it’s illegal etc. But yet I don’t see a single protester in front of the factory gates that build our bombs, or protesters on Dale Mabry blocking the entrance to the US military command and control center, or the Pentagon, or the Capitol.


I just discovered Caitlin Johnstone. She is a powerful voice for the radical left.


Yunzer -

You really are an obviously right wing or bullshit neocon. Your skewed view of the jingoistic interference by the imperial US in the affairs of all the other nations of the world - read UN, become more and more psychopathic as time goes on. Are you being paid for the drivel you compose? “White Helmets” my ass. If they were actually assisting in digging innocents out of the rubble created by thousands of bombs that the US is dumping on all of what was once Syria, their “white helmets”, would be covered with dust. Their “white helmets” are an ISIS scam. Please find another place to park your sorry ass.


Excuse me. But what stupidity are you thanking god for now? Think. Use your brain. People!!! I think you could thank god for the other 434 warmongering, military industrial sell outs, who continue to promote American Exceptionalism because of overbearing religious influence within our government.


Assad is legitimately elected.

ISIS et al are supported by Israel and the US. Yes, it does appear the White Helmets are crisis actors in Syria, advancing US and Israeli propaganda efforts.

The US has no legitimate business in Syria, and Mr. Lieu has pointed that out.


I cannot even read this disgusting article. Congress has been absent from how many Presidents’ illegal bombings? That AUMF is a lame, cop-out that will not hold the blood it represents before an international criminal court.


Yunzer must be in a manic phase from the way he has taken over the blogging. We will expect that this will burn him out and that it will subside.
I am not a lefty. My friends and associates always have considered me to be right wing. I think that I am a moderate.
I think that poison gas was used in Syria but I do not think that al Assad has ordered its use. Why would he? The war has lately been going better for him. It would be stupid for him to use poison gas.
He is not stupid or drunk or crazy! His opponents are using the poison gas in an attempt to give the United Hates of America an excuse to attack, with some semblance of public support. [So far with no success.] The guys who use the poison gas to kill the women and children deserve the most worst that anybody can think of but I think that al Assad is not guilty. Ask yourself if you, or anyone you can think of, would use poison gas after being clearly warned by the U.S. President and Terrorist-in-Chief not to use poison gas, on pain of U.S. attack. Any fool with half an eye can see that criminals in charge of part of the U.S. government are manufacturing an excuse to attack. They deserve DAMNATION


Can I ask about another part of the problem? What is the evidence that President al Assad of Syria is such a bad guy? I have heard endlessly about him having done bad things or having been responsible for bad things, I know that the United States of America used to kidnap people and take them to Syria to be tortured, at a ‘black’ site. One Canadian was traveling and was caught, in a New York airport, as I remember, and so tortured that eventually he was awarded TEN MILLION DOLLARS in compensation. Other than this little item, what has al Assad done that would justify an illegal attack on his country by the U.S. and the deaths of thousands more people, including women and children, and almost all innocent and powerless.


Just when I thought you couldn’t sink any lower. Not only do you not reference the gross and indefensible illegality of the United States’ actions in Syria, you repeat propaganda to cover up your complete ignorance.

Your jingoistic chant quickly falls apart when reality is brought to light. The Western media’s coverage right from of the start of the conflict falsely claimed that Syrians wanted the ouster of Assad when external polls showed that the majority of Syrians supported him.

Ironically Obama’s approval rating was lower than Assad’s at the time of the protests, and all polls that I have seen show that more Syrians supported Assad than Americans supported Obama.

The New York Times and Time reported that Assad had popular support. Little attention was paid to the large pro-government protests. Think about that for a second and put it in context of what you are saying.

Also missing from the Western reporting was that the protesters were heavily armed and more police and security forces were killed than protesters. The fact that many of these protests were
infiltrated by Western “fighters” was completely omitted.

Former Al-Jazeera reporter Ali Hashem had footage of armed men crossing into Syria from Lebanon before the protests. Al-Jazeera refused to air this. Keep in mind that Qatar partially funds Al-Jazeera, wants the overthrow of Assad, and supports ISIS.

In any case, even if Assad decided out of the blue to start killing protesters, it doesn’t change the fact that the United States is violating both international and constitutional law… period.

Your level of misinformation is appalling and a testament to how effective propaganda can be. It’s not like the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya (all based on lies) happened last century. Before you sink any lower, do yourself a favor and read the following article (I also highly recommend it to readers on this site):

The Revolutionary Distemper in Syria That Wasn’t

Oh Yunzer… it’s misguided individuals like yourself that are the impediment. It’s time to stop looking for those weapons of mass destruction.


Until every living person responsible for the decades of war crimes and torture is brought before a court, Nuremberg style, the atrocities will only get worse.


It is past time to address such laws!




Obama’s “attempts to get Congress to approve attacking ISIS” never occurred. Under Obama, a few airstrikes against ISIS were claimed, but in most of them the bombs “missed” and fell on Iraqi troops fighting ISIS. Weapons and supplies supposedly dropped to the Iragi troops also “missed” and fell onto territory controlled by ISIS.

The US presidency has been in utterly evil hands for a very long time, now. US workers are paying the price for that evil with their taxes, and the unfortunate citizens of small, defenseless countries are paying with their lives.

Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, etc, and the Wall Street firms invested in them are cleaning up, though, so I guess it’s all OK.