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Friday Night Massacre at US Postal Service as Postmaster General—a Major Trump Donor—Ousts Top Officials

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/friday-night-massacre-us-postal-service-postmaster-general-major-trump-donor-ousts


This will get even worse now:

22% of Mail-In Votes Never Get Counted
Jim Crow is Hiding in the Mailbox


This is still pretty horrible news despite that the general is already going to be illegitimate. It feels there is no end to the depths the U.S. will sink to.


In the Postal Act of 1792 the object was to create a web of communications across the country, regardless of large or small population, close to cities or in the far boonies. It specifically stated that ability to show a profit margin was not a requirement for starting a post office which could be created by any member of congress - sort of a best use of pork barrel politics.
That lack of a monetary requirement allowed the very young USA to have a better system than many other countries and at least 50 years ahead of Canada. It worked so well that when Alexis de Tocqueville visited the country in 1831 (or so) he reported on a visit to the backwoods of the Michigan peninsula and said the people there knew more about Europe and France than his own countries’ citizens.
It was the internet/web of its day. It included a special item for free exchange of newsletters and by the 1830’s each printer averaged 10 papers/sheets a day from elsewhere in the country (around 3,500 yearly). That meant republishing items in a manner similar to today’s blogs. And, like the ideal of net neutrality, it specified equal shipping/mailing for everyone.


I’d like to see a breakdown of what other countries are doing now that most info and communication comes by the internet, and package delivery is mostly privatized. How many other countries still have door to door service?


The first thing I did when I read this was to see what the Democratic response was. That there was no immediate response demonstrates the rank incompetence for the Democrats to act as the resistance. Tired old stupidly wealthy fat cats who have lived so far away from concerns for the impact of their action and inaction, offer nothing in the way of solutions. Is the DJA an accurate gauge of how America is working for us?

Wouldn’t a competent politician be rousing the rabble non-stop since at least May over what’s going on? If a party can’t find someone to achieve an 80% plurality over Trump they should shut down shop. And the Democrats should, we’ve got no need for two parties of Republican policy pushers.

I don’t know who’s winning in November, but right after it’s time for a people’s party. The donkey is dead.


Gigantic disturbance in The Force, one from which we may not rebound. If people can’t vote by mail in the midst of the pandemic, then we’re screwed.


There may be a risk that signatures in crayon will rub off in the mail and invalidate too many maga ballot envelopes. (sorry just the joke writer in me)


so where are the Democrats and the impeachment solution–fussing and mussing but actually doing? nada


This is diabolically clever of Trump. HIs rabid loyalists, who otherwise might questiion their loyalty to him if he simply took action to weaken and eventually shutter the PO, will now think that what he is doing is necessary to prevent mail-in voting, which they have been brainwashed to believe will be rigged against Trump from the outset. Even though this could very well be the beginning fo the end for the Post Office, they will welcome it as a shrewd and necessary move by their hero. This makes me so sick I could puke.


The duwop, duwop (duopoly) chorus, I mean cabal, has cannibalized their centuries old scam. Because? one might ask… that has ALWAYS been the plan. It occurs on a f***ing regular basis, when they flap their jaws and wave magic wands composed of funny mouth noises they hammer into rhythms of their saints, excuse me, modeled after satanic slick - 'member slick willie? Noses in the air, condescendingly “managing” what is caused by “an outside force”.

Trump was put in office to be the ‘bad boy’, loved and hated stunningly (intentionally so) to waggle their asses in the ongoing narcissistic, choreographed shambles-in-a-tuxedo (DO check out the detailed origin of the tuxedo) scam. Slam the polarity card for all its worth to set Americans against each other and all ‘other’ human beings (the REAL treasure, they want you think is worthless) rather than recognizing that an economic system COULD BE ANYTHING.

When hatred and division are sown, the public (utilizing the written word - see Marshall McCluhan on the written medium) response is to call for arbitration and the law, both of which are now the targets for placement of manipulator puppets with snide, derisive dismissal of the better angels of our aspirations, while they, as the basest of bottom feeders are sucking up the toxins that have been generated for these centuries. All one need note is the sheer toxicity of the duopoly incompetence. THAT is now trickling down forming ruts to become torrents. Their REAL challenge is what we do at the local level. See the beauty, the strength, the alliances, the creativity - what is actually ALIVE in this world.

I would submit that it is essential to keep in mind that we are now using the term “narcissism” in public conversation with regard to our system of “governance”. This bare-assed sort of assessment ALWAYS precedes catastrophic failure of the planned-to-fail system of oligarchy. Military being swamped with resources being the giveaway.

Part of the strategy of these pathetic excuses for human beings INCAPABLE OF LIVING ACTUAL HEALTHY EVOLUTION is to exhaust their opponent - the rest of humanity and the natural world. If one needs evidence this is not a conspiracy theory, one need only look around.

Throughout history human beings have together taken kachistocratic catastrophe and teased apart the functional remainders and rebuilt. This time is no different. ALL OF US have something to contribute - be sure to make menial as well as substantial contributions. Respectfully engage the spectrum in a timely manner for the sake of balance. Another word for that is humility.

The era of the proud ego is, thank heavens, clearly headed for the ash heap of history. Lets aid that along the way. Every problem is the universe offering a teaching and opportunity for engagement with the primordial substance of life that no human construct can alter. Our niche in this planetary organic/organism CAN, however, be destroyed. Therein lies motivation to consider the mythical images of overwhelming justice and beauty. That’s US guys. If it ain’t us, it just … ain’t. period.

) Public Banking
) Co-operative business models ABOUND - research them
) ALL sectors of society who and that have been marginalized ARE ESSENTIAL ALLIES. Their insights and experiences are essential contributions and elements in antidotes to the failed notions of the collapsing system.

The lords of the domination system have externalized/marginalized/denied/ignored wherever they could and can.That is called ‘maintaining profit margin’. Their thievery is utterly dependent on so doing. They sweat bullets (quite literally now) because people are beginning to note things like Mike Pense not recognizing elements of the Bible he so smarmily and sacrificially hauls in the mega-church folks who have been captive now since Constantine in Rome figured out that the way to beat the Christ was to conflate/consume/internalize to negate the “competition”. That is how plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face the actual criminality is. And they work their asses off to try to make you beilieve that THEY ARE ALL THAT EXISTS. Balderdash. Our options and efforts will be demonized with scare tactics of “communist” (if they can’t steal from a given construct that benefits communities) and “socialist” (they are having a little more trouble with this mouth noise, I mean term and idea).

Edgar Allen Poe said it so well… quoth the Raven, never more.


We can argeue about all of that AFTER THE ELECTIONS. If you don;t see the timing of this is motivated PURELY TO RIG THE ELECTION IN TRUMP’s FAVOR, then you have not been paying attetion or you have been drinking the Trump Kool Aid. The timing of hiring DeJoy the hack and the “reshuffling” stinks to high heavens.


A good joke at that. May be Trump should gift all his MAGATs a sharpie! That will make the vote rigging complete.


We all need to remember that the Ds haven’t done a damn thing to try and save the USPS from the
many years of attacks (e.g. funding their pension 65 years in advance, etc.) since their masters are
just as happy to see the USPS go “private”, and their large union disappear. D&R, Same coin,
different sides. I’ll go with a 3rd party any day of the week!


Q: Who could have seen this coming?

A: Anyone who was paying attention


The intent is crystal clear; destroy the USPS to make vote by mail impossible, just as the pandemic and trump regime of greed and extremist mental illness did, especially in states with Republican governors - limiting polling places, having one voting machine for thousands of citizens - this IS a coup, and treason in the extreme! and if there are any politicians or leaders worth a goddamn they had better do something toot sweet to limit and stop it until the people can evict the orange emperor wannabe neo-nazi scum from all power! The image of Mussolini in the square comes to mind.

The USPS was created by government OF, BY, and FOR the people! to serve the public, run by a legitimate government not dominated and controlled by corrupt wealth and power and their tools like this trump “appointee” WTF!? - the power to “privatize” everything in sight and destroy governmental oversight of private wealth and greed! - ALL the things a nation needs to be “great” has been sold-off to the highest bidder - and THAT was a slow-motion pre-coup. make no mistake, the political class in this nation are totally complicit and beholden - controlled - by the coup and have been the main enablers, screwing the public to serve the likes of trump & co.- first they came for the media, corrupting its position as truth-teller to make it a fuckin joke of pablum and misinformation, telling “both sides” of the story is BS - truth is singular - a sick joke that made idiots of millions! That made the pathological lies and fantasy-world of trump possible!

Education, “regulatory” (ie protective) agencies sacked and made toothless, the war-machine and arms industry gifted trillions, police-state goons like the ICE organizations created to downpress the public!, NFP Universal Single-Payer made impossible (they claim) , all the things needed by the public sold-off to the evil greedy and vulture capitalism - the master-serf form of slavery.

Wave bye de bye to the late great (sort-of) US of A.


Is it fascism yet?


Yes. Why didn’t Saint Barack and his Democratic majority immediately undo the 2006 Pete Sessions Bill that required the USPS to fund pensions 75 years in advance? WHY???


It is getting closer by the day (hour?), there is no need to trust this guy dejoy, he is a lying piece of shit, just like his butt-buddy trump, of course this is nothing but a coup against the USPS, and, what little democracy is left in this country.


Yes. But Americans are ‘slow on the uptake‘ as my daddy would say…