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Fridays for Future Europe Calls for Transforming Common Agricultural Policy to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/22/fridays-future-europe-calls-transforming-common-agricultural-policy-tackle-climate


One day a year (in most places, especially the US) we celebrate and teach sustainable agriculture, and 364 days big-ag chemical conglomerate poisons the Earth - lands and seas - destroying our priceless bio-diversity and intricate, fragile, Web of Life, especially the insect Armageddon mass extinction.
The capitalist profits above all else mechanisms and power of wealth alone that dictate our collective direction, and thus future (what may be left to us), must be smashed for the survival of all things…

The silence for articles such as this on CD as opposed to the usual political masturbation in the extreme, tell a sorry story.


Unfortunately, governments are under the control of corporations/fascism –
Rather than HALVING animal/dairy eating, it should be disappearing – and if
citizens were actually hearing regularly of the damage it does to the human body
and to our soil and water with steroids and other drugs used to cause animals to
gain weight and/or to help the animal survive in factory farming conditions –

and, of course, there is the long chain of violence connected to animal/dairy eating.

With agriculture as we know it now, humans broke nature’s bonds of control over
human populations.

Humans are totally unsuited for life on this planet –

And the planet cannot much longer survive the ever increasing populations.



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I have ad blockers so couldn’t get to your link –

Probably just as well cos it was horrific. Market in indonesia selling all kinds of animals to eat. But well researched and documented.

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Easy to believe –
This is what is so sad about the end of the New Deal – about what has
happened to the US after WWII -
Instead of leadership in the world for Enlightenment on every level –
Instead of moving past slavery into ending all oppressions –

We are offering the world Trump – and corporate-fascism – and doing constant harm
in other nations to their people –

and wherever we can bringing war to the world – destruction and mayhem –
as our MIC marches on.

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“evidence-based” is progress.

“evidence-based” means that corrupt political plans are at a disadvantage.

“evidence-based” should cover all of a farm’s carbon inputs and all of a farm’s carbon outputs. Pesticides cause ecological damage and they also have a carbon cost. Tractor fuel has a carbon cost. Natural gas burned in greenhouses has a carbon cost.

“Agriculture” should properly cover every acre or hectare of land on earth. We’re going to find ways to have scrub land absorb more carbon dioxide. We’re going to find ways to have tundra exhale less carbon dioxide and methane.

“evidence-based” means we need an expanded field of reporting, so that fewer scam carbon schemes can get funded.

“evidence-based” means that we need stakeholder review, not dictator-for-life review, of our options.

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