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Friends of the Earth vs. Shell: 'Historic Moment' as Climate Movement Takes on Big Oil at The Hague

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/friends-earth-vs-shell-historic-moment-climate-movement-takes-big-oil-hague


A historic moment indeed –

Peter Carter of the Climate Emergency Institute says on Analysis.news, “net zero” carbon emissions by 2050 and targeting 2 degrees warming are a recipe for runaway climate catastrophe.

We need more actions like this the shut down the ecocidal disaster of Amercan corporate poltics.


Friends of the Earth vs. HELL OIL! Thank you.


Shell is just doing what big monopoly globalized capitalism does, even if it destroys the Earth. Like the Borg, they are programmed to do it and can’t change. We can change, however. We can live much more modestly on the Earth, paying attention to what is truly essential, not splashing out in all directions in a hopeless quest to have it all. Our species has overgrown its limits. If we don’t limit ourselves, Mother Nature will step in, showing her rigorous, implacable side…

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Thank you Friends of the Earth!

Where is our new “climate envoy”? He should be joining them! (she says facetiously)

In keeping with climate/big oil and in this case the dirtiest of oils:(~https://content.sierraclub.org/creative-archive/sites/content.sierraclub.org.creative-archive/files/pdfs/0766%2010TarSandsTruths_Fact_04_web_0.pdf)

Ashley fairbanks ~https://twitter.com/ziibiing

Yesterday the final permits were approved for the expansion of Enbridge’s Line 3.

This pipeline will endanger lands, waters, wild rice beds—and people. It runs through Ojibwe homelands.

“The Line 3 pipeline has not yet received the national attention that DAPL (530K BPD) or KXL pipeline (840K BPD) have gotten. However, if built, this pipeline is proposed to carry 720K BPD and will have a maximum carbon footprint of 273 million tons annually (or 50 coal plants worth) of carbon emissions per year. State agencies have failed Minnesotans, and now our Indigenous partners are being pushed ever closer to direct action to protect their sacred tribal lands and water.”


It’s still possible for there to be a stay on construction. Please take two minutes and call Minnesota Department of Commerce commissioner Grace Arnold at 651.539.1441.





Every issue oriented organizing needs to coalesce under this, the one seminal issue of our time. If all the eco-systems die the rest is moot.

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Great link Caroline… thanks, Shanti.

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