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Fringe No More: Sanders Leads Clinton in Key Battleground States

Fringe No More: Sanders Leads Clinton in Key Battleground States

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

'Fringe candidate' no more, Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders leads former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among likely Democratic presidential primary voters in the battleground states of Iowa and New Hampshire, according to new polling released on Sunday.

The new CBS/YouGov poll finds U.S. Sen. Sanders (Vt.) with 52 percent support among Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, while former frontrunner Clinton receives 30 percent.


It really seems possible that the people vs oligarchy will end up with the people winning!!! You just have to smile to read this. Go Bernie… Americans are listening no matter how much money the oligarchy spends to control the media and all the rest… people still vote they way they want to and it looks like the American people want Bernie.

Yay Bernie…


He’s helped by the fact that his presumptive opponent is Hillary, whom few like or trust.


I have to ask you directly. Who do you think is the best candidate and why? Put your horse race observations in a personal context i.e., which horse makes your heart a flutter?


" In horse racing at least sometimes long shots win."

Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the Labour party in the UK, was a 200:1 shot to win 3 months ago. And I think Bernie’s odds however slim, of getting the dem o rats to nominate him for POTUS is much better than that maybe 100:1 !


Bernie can win, we must all get the vote out and may the youth be the ones to finally bring this war, and that war to an END!


Hillary Clinton is:


I not even going to watch it: " Mean Woman Blues ", per chance? :sunglasses:

They’re not letting her in, they’re kicking her out.

She was on the board of Walmart for five years. I think you don’t do your homework. She’s been a corporate lawyer for all her life and has worked for some major oligarchic firms. Someone else pointed out that she was a lawyer at a law firm that represented Monsanto. Oligarchy is in her blood


Keep in mind that The Oligarchy will not let go quietly, no matter the election’s outcome. However, this is one of the most encouraging developments in a long time.

Go, go, go Bernie!


Lol, no, Running Scared . . .

Orbison, very special!


I was considering voting for Hillary when the primary comes around to my state, but now, realizing that she can’t win, I think I will vote for Bernie instead.


Her firm, The Rose Law Firm, also represented the despicable, anti-labor chicken processing giant, Tyson Foods, which is based in Arkansas.

It’s interesting. In watching campaign discussions on MSNBC over the weekend, the “experts” (I’m guessing just about all of whom are for Clinton), are now saying things like, “Well, Bernie may be popular in Iowa, but it’s all about who has the team in place to turn out their supporters on caucus night, and Hillary’s got the machinery”. And, “Yes, he might win one or both elections in Iowa and New Hampshire, but there is no way Sanders can win South Carolina”. Surprisingly, Republican pundits, like (Uncle Tom) Micheal Steele, say good things about Bernie’s campaign, but are doing so because they think they could more easily beat him in a general election than Hillary. I think they’re very wrong about that, in part because a lot of Bernie’s supporters (like me) will NEVER go over to Hillary if she is the nominee. Bernie is the Democrat’s one shot at our votes. I also think that they are not paying attention to Bernie’s volunteer ground game in the early states. He’s putting everything into those states, in the order they come up in the primaries. After getting established in IA and NH (and catching or passing Hillary in the polling), he is now spending most of his time in South Carolina, where he was this entire past weekend. He is a very shrewd politician, who managed to win 70% of the vote, as a Social Democrat, in a very conservative, rural state for over 30 years. You discount him at your peril. Bernie 2016!


I would sure love to be a fly on the wall in Hillary’s war room right now. I bet the feathers are flying!


I suppose your problem is that you don’t understand what this whole oligarch thing is all about. But thanks for my first laugh of the day…kind of.


Without Bill she would still be a corporate lawyer in Chicago…and I think she knows it and it drives her crazy. I just read a rather Clinton slanted biography on those two, and it seems she wanted to run for Governor of Arkansas if Bill wasn’t going to run in the late 80’s. She sent out pollsters and they came back and said that the percentage of voters that would vote for her was less than 4%…haha.

No, they’re pulling the wings off the flys and putting them in a jar full of spiders.

Hillary and Bill are buddies with Lannie Davis, for gods’ sake. He’s a ponzi-running, corporate hit man of the first order. Lannie Davis is a part of the scum that also rises. Sheeesh!