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From A Russian: Our Planet is So Small that We Must Live in Peace

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/14/russian-our-planet-so-small-we-must-live-peace


“Do you think the US is an enemy of Russia?..Not one person said yes.”

I believe this is true between the working people of almost all cultures around the world. If we could sit down and be able to communicate with each other, we would find much more in common than differences that separate us. It is our political and military “leaders” who promote strife between countries, too often for the benefit of corporate greed. With the climate placing humankind in peril in the near future, somehow we all have to find new leaders to overcome these manufactured differences and work together as one world, or all die as separate countries.


From A Republican: Too Bad For You That You Put Your Country Over My Oil.

From Pelosi: …crickets… The Republican might say nasty things about her and give her a sad

As leftists, we should oppose any clash of states, but shoud side with our comrades in their struggle to free themselves from their own oppressive rulers.

In partcular, this US-centrism has got to go. The US is jsut one of many oppressive elements in the world.

Right now, Russians are starting to rise up, but the backlash from the Putin government has been severe. On Wednesday, the offices of hundredss of social justuce and pro-democracy organizations were raided and their members arrested.

Wonderful article! Another reason why I financially support Common Dreams.


Hi ReconFire:
I think that all of the self serving nations make up lies and create enemies out of other nations. I think they do this so that the, " people" will have someone to hate, instead of their own lousy government. : )


Hey stardustIBID, you bring up a good point I missed, besides corporate greed there are few governments anywhere in the world that actually benefit their citizens.
I also need to clarify for everyone, when I said “working class”, I’m referencing the 99%. If you’re not in the top 1% you are working class, this includes Doctors, Lawyers, etc., not just labors.

A sane conversation on Russia from Consortium News:



Thanks Ann.


Hi Recon,
*Sorry to have disappeared for so long. Some bastard hacked my computer, robbed me then sabotaged the computer. Finally got it back and running, but couldn’t log into CD, but finally figured it out. I’m back!
*During the “Cold War”, I wrote to many world leaders including our own regarding war, and the threat of nuclear war. Our propaganda was always that the Russians were itching to start a nuclear war with us and we had to have the biggest and most deadly weapons ever seen. Money was no object, as long as the various arms makers got it, and We the People paid for it, which we did (and still do today) through taxation.
*My argument was that Russia and much of Europe had been steamrollered by two wars in the past century. They were finally able to start rebuilding. I read numerous articles on Russia digging up their buried treasures, and rebuilding historic buildings. I was in contact with Russians, some ex-military, and some just people, who fought for their survival and who celebrated the end of the war and the meeting of troops from East and West in Germany. The main theme was that the war was finally over and they could celebrate with their allies. It made no sense to me that a nation that had been nearly destroyed by war three times (if you count Napoleon’s invasion) would be rebuilding their nation while yearning for a nuclear war that would undoubtedly destroy them whether they won or lost.
*I’m not saying anybody was squeaky clean. Patton wanted to rearm the Wehrmacht and get them to fight Russia as soon as possible, right after the war ended. So, threat followed threat from all sides, and the arms merchants were joyous.
*Many of you know that I am a nuclear veteran. I experienced seven H-Bombs, and the exposure darned near killed me. I’m in my eighties, now, and didn’t expect to live through my twenties. I sometimes wonder why I, and a relative handful of other nuclear veterans, are still alive. Perhaps some higher power wants to have a few who can bear witness to the insanity of a nuclear war, which is so lightly talked about by politicians and Generals. It seems that, to most of them, it is just like a computer game. Blow up a city of a million people and win 300 points. The “enemy” will then surrender and give us their oil and other resources that we desire, and do what our “Government” tells them to do.
*Believe me, there is no such thing as a “limited” nuclear war, and there will be very few survivors of the Nuclear Winter that follows, along with the radiation exposure and diseases that will ravish those who do survive. And now, the same emphasis is being targeted in Asia. The result will be the same.
*Now, it appears that Gaia, or Mother Nature, is bleeding to death, and nobody is willing to bandage Her. She may be fighting back, as the hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis seem to be saying.
*The children and youth of the world see what they are facing, and are laboring mightily to turn us around, to make splints and bandages for Her wounds instead of bombs, drilling and burning.
*They want us to wake up and start working hard to rebuild our home and feed and house our people; to forget about making weapons of war and begin building things of peace, using solar, wind, water, and the heat of the deep places on the earth.
*I hope that We the People, of all nations, races, creeds, will join together in making earth one world, where people will recognize that all of us are equal, and that all of us would like to live in peace and plenty. And let us all cheer the youth of the world and all of those who want to live in peace, then work to make it so!


Hey Steve,
Sorry to hear about your recent troubles, glad your back, up and running again. I really enjoyed this story, and wish it was picked up by a major paper or the AP, the American people need this, humanizing the Russian people. They have been demonized for far too long. When the powers that be do that, there always seems to be a hint of irony if you look deep enough. I remember years ago as a young recon marine, we were given these packets of information every so often that described the current Soviet Union weapon systems, everything on the ground or in the air that we might encounter, with dimensions, capabilities, etc. You had to have a “secret” level of clearance to receive them. It always made me laugh, wondering why it was such a secret, knowing good well the Soviet troops doing our job were getting the same packets about our weapon systems, and if any of them thought about the irony of it. Even then I thought there couldn’t be much difference between what they wanted out of life, as compared to what we wanted, and this was before I learned the truth about what they had endured during WWII, how many of their countrymen had been lost, and how evil the rest of the allies had treated them when the war ended. As the US beats its chest as the savior of the world, they had lost more than any other country, and were the true victors over fascism of the day. Their demonization seems to come down to what you bring up, the US weapons manufactures needed an enemy to continue the dollars flowing into their pockets, and who better than a country that didn’t follow the capitalist way. I’m sure as you say, they had some bad leaders, but so did we, and none of it was/is a true reflection of the common people who populate our countries. I can’t think of a bigger irony than the only country in the world who has used nuclear weapons against another country, crying foul about any other country wanting to protect their citizens with the possession of the same weapons.
You may be right about why your still here, with the ability to warn future generations of their utter destructiveness, I firmly believe if their were more WWII vets alive today, we wouldn’t be seeing the up-surge of fascism we’re seeing today in this country. Hang in their buddy, with you’re experiences, I have no doubt you have a wealth of information to pass on to the younger generations.

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Hi Recon,
*Good article of yours as well. We gotta keep trying.
*I was on a delivery passage of an old schooner from San Francisco to Singapore. We were South of the Marshal Islands and I went below, off watch, to listen to some music and maybe the news. I got Radio Moscow, which often had some beautiful concerts on the air. The concert ended and the announcer came on, “And now the news. President Gorbachev has announced his retirement and the formal dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics tomorrow at noon.”
*Was I flabbergasted? Ya sure ya betcha! I ran up on deck and hollered “You guys aren’t going to believe what I just heard!” The big thing aboard was the idea that the “Cold War” was finally ended and there would be “Peace in our times” At the couple of stops we made, and in Singapore, we saw a number of Russian “trawlers” with some confused crewmen on board. The news was the main topic of conversation on board and on the beach.
*I think what happened next was the accountants and the wealthy CEOs of the armaments industry suddenly realized that they were going to have to start making refrigerators and stoves like they used to. Guy buys a stove or a refrigerator and he’ll keep it for twenty years! Where’s the profit in that? Guy buys a thousand pound bomb and BOOM! He’s got to buy another. That is real profit, and we can sell to all sides of any conflict, and lots more to the Pentagon. All we need is a war or two. The CIA was happy to oblige, they had been doing that for many years, and voila, it came to pass and the arms makers made trillion$. They’re still making it, still stirring the pot.
*If We the People don’t call a halt to this, it will continue to grow. Some day, someone will panic, see something on his radar screen, perhaps mistake a practice alarm for the real thing, a button will be pushed, others will see the launch and get their own off the ground and a few minutes or an hour or so later civilization, as we know it, will cease to exist and the only people who will be happy will be the “Christians” who pray for Armageddon. Even that happiness will disappear when they find that nobody has lifted them to the clouds “to watch the sinners die.”
*We’ve got to follow our leaders, the children and youths who know what they are facing and are doing their best to awaken the rest of us. We old farts don’t have long to go, but remember, those children are our future. Help them build a future of love and helpfulness to all; help them build a future of clean water, green grass and trees and blue skies. Help them grow real plants to provide healthful food rather than GMO garbage. Help them develop workable alternatives for power and transport that do not require fouling the atmosphere. It can be done, but we all have to wake up to do it.
*Increasing trillion$ for war, for repression of the people and great profits for the warmongers is a real loss leader. Those same trillion$ put into repairing the planet, encouraging true learning, improving health, providing Medical Care for all, growing healthy crops. The list is endless, but our children could build a beautiful, healthy world, for a bright future. We should all be helping, however we can.
*And thank you Greta and many others for making your wakeup call so loud and clear!


Actually what the article just said is quite the opposite, rural “true Russia “ is oblivious of what it’s government is doing . People agree completely on the Russian foreign policy from annexation of Crimea to bombing of Syria , there is no political opposition and facts like interference in US election are ignored.

Nice kumbaya for some sentimental stories but no prospect of viable progressive society .

Well said Steve, well said.

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Thankee, Sar!

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There is no reason to write off Russia’s prospects for creating a viable, progressive society. Certainly, the opposition has legitimate grievances and we should wish them well but their prospects are no worse than our own.

I support Russia’s annexation of Crimea (and I don’t have any connections with Russia. I’ve never been there and don’t know anybody from there). The annexation of Crimea occurred bloodlessly (entirely unlike any number of our overseas actions), occurred with the support of the majority of its people and resulted in a more stable political situation in the region.

While there is much to criticize in Russia’s action in Syria there is more to criticize in our own. Russia seems to have contributed to ending the fighting while our policy was to prolong it.

Considering the aggressively hostile nature of U.S. policy towards Russia since the end of Cold War I and the events in Ukraine in 2014, any of the alleged Russian interference in our elections – and nothing has been proven – is notable for its restraint. Certainly, we should work to prevent any foreign interference in our political process but any indignation about Russia’s role in 2016 is wildly inappropriate.


Rachael Maddow reports, “Putin tries to tricks President Trump into believing the Russian people don’t want to die from climate change and nuclear war.” Adam Schiff announces House hearings on the Russians trying to trick the Trump administration into spending less on defense. Mike Pompeo blames the whole thing on Iran and demands we bomb them immediately. Chuck Schumer says we must give Israel more money so they can defend themselves from Russian aggressors disguised as peaceniks. Trump goes golfing.


It really does feel like we live in a terribly written absurdist comedy.


Rural USAs are big supporters of our authoritarian govenment too. But change does not happen there - it happens in the city streets.

Big countries don’t fight. They just insult each other. They pick sides against smaller countries and fight on opposing sides while tearing up smaller countries.

Russia is against war with Iran; the region is key to Russian energy exports.
Europe is against war with Iran, fearing more immigration.
China is against war with Iran, it being part of the Silk Road plan.
Trump, currently is also against war with Iran. He is rather an isolationist.
Who wants the war? Not Trump supporters. Bolton and DNC and older Republicans want the war.

Iranians are well educated with a low birthrate, and politically fairly unified. I suspect they will maneuver and prevent a war.

When the Belt Road is finished, Eurasia will be unified due to improved transportation and commerce and it will become difficult to attack any of it. The current saber rattling is likely due to this. Oh, no! You mean no more war? Quick, do something, anything!!!