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From All-Powerful Post, Maniacal Islamophobe Flynn to Wage 'Global War' on Muslims


From All-Powerful Post, Maniacal Islamophobe Flynn to Wage 'Global War' on Muslims

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An Islamophobic "master assassin" once described by former Secretary of State Colin Powell as a "right-wing nutty" (and worse) has been appointed by President-elect Donald Trump to the post of national security adviser, placing


"Amid a wave of controversial new appointments by President-elect Donald Trump, this may be the scariest"

You mean scariest SO FAR, right? I don't see it getting better or less scary anytime soon.


This is the stuff nightmares are made of.


Personally, I'm looking forward to his SCOTUS pick. That will last for another generation. Fun times ahead. Did somenoe give him a list of terrible people or something?


" List of terrible people."
Yeah, I wonder when Trump will appoint David Duke assistant Attorney General?


He will bring Kissinger out of retirement next no doubt.


If you want to see how this is turning out, just read German history of the 1930s to middle 40s. Only the language and names are different.
* The worst part of it all is that the Fourth Reich has the most powerful Wehrmacht the world has ever seen and has the ability to destroy the earth about thirty or forty times over with its growing nuclear arsenal.
* Unfortunately, just like any schoolyard bully who has found some rocks in the playground, they are willing to unleash it if they are challenged in any way.
* I don't think it bodes well for any of We the People of the World if this tragicomic opera is allowed to proceed.


Trump was able to evade scrutiny on facts over past months (including refusal to provide his tax returns) - it could be accurately said he is a pathological liar - but when he appoints other psychopaths and liars, every American, including Republicans that possess any integrity or conscience, and Democrats not intent on "normalizing" this coup ( the phrase "working with is often used), must call Trump and his nominees in the strongest possible terms for any misrepresentation, exaggeration or overt falsification of truth and fact - and that must include our corrupted pathetic media/press/talking-heads/"journalists" who either ignore, repeat ad nauseum, or fail to challenge clear falsification - fantasy "facts"! It is NOT "telling both sides" of an issue to repeat fabricated BS lies and false facts, it is collusion with such! Wars have begun by not challenging lies and deception and ignoring political madness.........


True; especially, a nightmare for Muslims. I wonder what this Islamophobic, right wingnut's agenda is for the next four years " to make America safe again".

I would sincerely hope I am wrong, but it would not surprise me of some kind of false flag, worse than 9/11, implicating Muslim terrorists to demonize Muslims as a threat that has to be decisively dealt with, like Truman did with the Japanese Americans in WWII. Some people claim there is evidence that Pearl Harbor may have been a false flag. True or not, one way or another...A NIGHTMARE!


8 years of crickets, and now I'm seeing more energy poured into a joke of a cabinet than in the last 8 years combined.

Letters make all the difference, apparently.


Chomsky quote 6 years ago about the Obama Administration: " it is very similar to the late Weimar Germany. The parallels are striking".

Now with the election of a fascist and his nightmare cabinet from hell! I would amend it from very similar to exactly the same.


The trajectory from the Treaty of Versailles to Weimar and than to Fascism in Germany was not something the majority of people were aware of at the time. By the time The conditions arose for Hitlers taking power, it was already too late.

The Fascists in Germany were not to blame for those conditions. They were in a position to take advantage of them.

Much the same as happened in the USA takes place in other Countries and it imperative that the root cause be identified first and foremost.

It starts with inequality in my opinion and the way wealth distributed and includes the destruction of the environment so as to achieve that wealth. As such no solution can be arrived at by simply supporting Political Parties that do not address these issues. Said parties might not be overtly Fascist but the longer they in power with "business as usual" the greater will the intensity of the "blowback".


David Duke will head up the DoJ's Civil Rights division, I think.


Whatever his ideology, Flynn was one of the first high-level officers (or former officers) to blow the whistle on the insane strategy of arming jihadis to unseat Assad. He spoke with many news organizations about the famous memo in which US strategists talked about using jihadis to create a "safe zone" in northern Syria, If Trump is serious about scuttling the "regime change" policy, maybe this is why he's appointing him. With the entire US military having been at war with the Muslim world for the past 15 years, you can be sure they've all had Islamophobia drilled into their jarheads. The MSM and CD are being a little disingenuous not to point out Flynn's dissension to the policy, even if for the wrong reasons (i.e., that we shouldn't arm them because they're Muslims).


Don't talk about the SCOTUS. That's just telling people to fear vote. And of course, voting out of fear is never legitimate. Or so I was told repeatedly by folks here.




There really was an Emperial Japanese Fleet that attack Pearl Harbor. That simply was not a justification for the internment, and Japanese Americans in Hawaii were not interned. Why do some people feel comforted by these false flag myths? It's an Alex Jones specialty.


Because so many progressives prefer fiction to fact. It helps justify unpragmatic behavior at times, while increasing the feeling one is in the "know" when the "know" is just bullshit.


There's a creepy sense of inevitability. It's important to come to terms with the fact that the US has earned the contempt/rage of much of the international community, especially since the 1980s. Further, the US is now drained out militarily and economically by our longest war. This guarantees defeat if China, Russia, etc. are compelled to respond to a US threat.


Actually, the US has been implementing fascism (by definition) for years, slowly and from the bottom up. Trying to address this has proved to be a lost cause.