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From 'Alternative Facts' to 'Alternate Electors': Stephen Miller Pushes Absurd New Strategy in Face of Trump Loss

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/alternative-facts-alternate-electors-stephen-miller-pushes-absurd-new-strategy-face


Arrest these cretans already and charge them with sedition!


Trators ought to be put before a firing squad


Hopefully, the Georgia AG,apparently one of the few honest republicans left in that great state, will put the brakes on this as soon as it gets kicked out of court. If the GOP (goofy old putzes) doesn’t start another civil war in the interum.


This isn’t really about a coup in the traditional sense, it’s about undermining the power and effectiveness of the next administration. In that sense, like most of Trump etal’s actions, it’s mostly a more extreme version of what both parties have been increasingly doing. The whole ‘resist’ movement within the Democratic Party leadership, for example, was about sewing and encouraging divisions for political points rather than actually, ultimately, opposing whatever Trump happened to be doing. McConnell and the rest, of course, play the same games. Voters get turned off (helping the GOP) and Trump and the rest get away with whatever they happen to be doing.

Delegitimizing elections has also been a bipartisan tactic in foreign policy. Ultimately it was bound to become a domestic one, too.


“BIPARTISAN tactic in foreign policy” ?

Republican Eisenhower authorized the CIA to overthrow Mossedeq in Iran after Truman twice refused the CIA’s request. Republicans Nixon and Kissinger authorized the overthrow of Allende in Chile. I know that Nixon’s successors lent credibility to Kissinger, but which Democratic Party POTUS authorized the overthrow of elected foreign leaders ?


Ive said it before, and I’ll say it again: this activity is treason plaina nd simple and must be called so, and treated as such - hanging offenses threatening the Republic - beginning with the odious stephen miller!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

(And that’s just laughing at the photo.)


Red meat for the crazed so they get ready for a showdown when Biden gets sworn in. Evil to the core.


We may end up with Biden being the one who must instill marshal law.
Miller would be a wonderful bobble-head.


The Joseph Goebbels of our time.


Miller the NAZI is trying to avoid his Nuremburg


“This isn’t…about a coup…it’s about undermining the power and effectiveness of the next administration.”


“like most of [Trump et al.’s actions,] it’s mostly a more extreme version of what both parties have been increasingly doing.”

Yes, both parties are doing it - though not for identical reasons, other than to maintain power:

For the right, Republican endorsement of or silence on the “fake election” is to keep Trump-ists placated, agitating and voting Republican;

whereas, for Democrats, ‘Russiagate!’ and ‘Imminent coup!’ claims are to shut up any progressive liberal criticism of the right liberal Democratic Party: ‘Yes, healthcare is important, but the right is instigating an armed coup led by a fascist President, so shut the f’ up until…look, just shut the f’ up forever.’


Hey, why not. This is the same stunt they actively used in Venezuela and the whole world went right along with it! Much like Guaido, they just declare Trump the “rightful” president of a “fraudulent” election, and then he can run the country and everyone can ignore that “illegally elected” guy. Right??

It works just fine when we do it to “other” countries… Why shouldn’t it work here?

It’s a bitch when them chickens come home, ain’t it!?!

(Sorry, this was meant as a general reply, not a specific reply to you) However, I agree w/ you. The whole running about screaming RUSSIA!! for 4 years was equally disingenuous.


Alternate reality!

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They don’t scare anyone, they only scare those of us from ourselves because we might run out of patience and react in kind. That’ll happen if these monkeys keep playing with guns.


Is this a rhetorical question?

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Hi W. Coyote:
I think it happened with Eisenhower in the 1950s when the US took down the democratically elected leader of Iran, and put in the Shah.


Miller, the current center of the American culture of hate and cruelty.


Well just go back to Barack Obama. Libya was regime change authorized by Obama. The Coup in the Honduras had the tacit approval of the USA under Obama who rushed to recognize that Government after the coup. (Those Generals in the Honduras met with the US embassy members prior).

There was of course the Coup in the Ukraine which Ms Nuland and the Obama administration got behind and encouraged. Obama then attempted regime change in Syria and started the sanctions against Venezuela which he declared “a threat to national security”