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From America With Love

From America With Love

Nick Turse

U.S. Commandos Are a “Persistent Presence” on Russia’s Doorstep.

The United States isn’t alone in fielding a large contingent of special operations forces.  The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency estimates that Russia’s Spetsnaz (“special purpose”) troops number around 30,000, a sizeable force, although less than half the size of America’s contingent of commandos.
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Regressive, in the most basic sense of the notion - [being forced to] move backward the ‘sphere’ of “war games” will never be able to shed the profile of a mafia operation.

At one end, the ‘silencer’ screwed onto the ‘tunnel/barrel’ vision papered with layer upon layer upon layer of ‘taxpayer $$’. The glue thereupon being the “basic training” of men and women in uniform whose lives are and have been impoverished by other phases of the system. A brutally enforced subservience to “command” eschewing all questioning and recourse to thinking beyond ‘orders’ which in turn have been honed in tandem with the ‘non-accountability’ of non-attribution- in an exercise of corporate/military/administrative exceedingly/propagandized “narrative”. The narrative designed like the woven ‘finger trap’ that tightens the more you attempt to extricate, as incoherence (the apparent job assigned to the Trump administration) is chaotically tossed on a regularly irregular basis.

The propagandized smoke and mirrors being constantly shifted to distract from domestic plundering by the likes of [apparent ‘operation’] WHitefish (anyone else read White House on display looking at their logo?)

The chessboard has been implemented, reset in the sphere of ‘full spectrum dominance’, and the ploy to ‘play crazy’ is not without precedent

Where exactly are the human beings NOT informed about and manipulated by this deadly legacy disease of colonization thousands of years old? We are, in effect, held in ‘reserve’ until which time the blades of intensification of propaganda are aimed at ‘minds and hearts’ by these mafiosi.

Humanity as natural condition with commensurate faculties of empathetic cognisance, imagination, civil discourse and capacity to create are imprisoned in a (now opioid) mirror world. The only option being to recognize and decline to participate except in civil life building the alternatives absolutely necessary given the now utterly toxic extremism from the poisoning of Detroit via “emergency manager” (which really ought to be struck down as the fascist lock-grip that it is) to the mercenary family head of the Dept of Education - for (fascist) privatization of the minds of the next generation and the deplorable arc of injustice exemplified by the Clinton cabal and their collaborators cum partners in platform presentations of pugilism.

It will be interesting to see how much longer the powers that be attempt to keep the bloat afloat in both process and non-content veiling their collective violence.

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US won’t quit until the entire planet is reduced to rubble.
And the rubble has bounced a few times.
Leaving mines, unexploded cluster bomblets & depleted uranium everywhere.