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From Barry Goldwater to Donald Trump


From Barry Goldwater to Donald Trump

César Chelala

Increasingly, members of the psychiatric profession are expressing their concern about President Donald Trump mental health status. In a recent letter to the New York Times, two prestigious psychiatrists, Judith L. Herman and Robert Jay Lifton seriously question his grasp of reality and say, “Soon after the election, one of us raised concerns about Donald Trump’s fitness for office, based on the alarming symptoms of mental instability he had shown during his campaign. Since then, this concern has grown.


When you consider that Trump won because he understood the voters he needed while Clinton lost because she understood the corporations bankrolling her, anybody who "questions Trump's grasp on reality" is delusional and does so at their and our peril.

Trump understands that enough Murkins are at wits end with the Democratic Party and GOP that they are willing to grant a license to steal, rape and murder to anybody who they believe will upset the system, irrespective of anything actually being repaired. Just as candidate Trump serially turned bad PR into forward momentum, POTUS Trump knows no limits in pushing that same envelope.

Few Trump supporters are going to wake up and realize they erred, the fewer of those who come to that realization will ever admit it. If the shrinks writing to the NY Times don't understand this dynamic, they need to find a second career.

Short of bringing Trump and his band of pirates to justice and convicting them, there is no hope of taking the wind out of their sails.


His strongest supporters don't care. All they care about are their guns and the maintenance of white "superiority and privilege.


If Trumps handlers can keep the muzzle on him as they have for the past few days since he accused Obama of felonious actions, he may be able to fool those who believe he's doing some good for the country. At least until the next press conference.


Something is seriously wrong in a country that is more concerned with the mental stability of its truck drivers and airline pilots than with the President whom now has the nuclear codes. The PEOPLE of the USA should sue their government for Reckless Endangerment. Make that the people of the WORLD who should sue the USA for candidate eligibility laxness which now puts 7 BILLION people in danger.

And you Republican Congressional butt-wipes who watch this all happening, but still don't enter Articles of Impeachment against this man who who illegally assumed the powers of the Presidency, with no intention to divest from his business corruptions, HOW can you put "party unity" ahead of the safety of your countrymen and all humankind? You are even sicker than Madman Trump!


Trump won becasue of carefully targeted internet-based psychological operations, including some utilized by trolls right here on Commondreams.

I have yet to see a Trump voter who is in any way in poverty - or who would have not still voted for Trump had Sanders been the candidate.

Trump himself clearly has psychopathic personality disorder which leads to a complete absence of a sense of fact or fiction, truth or falsehood or most frightening, right or wrong.

And it so so nice to see that you have such enlightened notions regarding mental illness that you would call mental health professionals (and the highly respected Dr. Chelala who you apparently have not heard of) the derogatory term 'shrink".


Unfortunately, the Republicans support the madman Trump becasue be has been very-very good for the stock market - and both their Ayn Randian capitalist agenda PLUS their fascist racist xenophobic agenda.

They will continue to support him until the very day the Dow plummets to 0.0000 under a mushroom cloud.


Professional impressions could be mild or strong but they are not the same as diagnosis; they can still warn and educate the public preventing potential harm. Such rule should be applied wisely and judiciously but not at the expense of similarly important ethical obligations imposed by the psychiatric profession. Therefore, while it should be respected, the Goldwater Rule should not gag the psychiatric profession from protecting the public at large.

This is a joke, right? The Headshrinker industry has no ethical values at all. Since the close of their mental hospitals in the US, they found employment torturing countless victims on waterboards and Iron Maidens for the empire.

The Headshrinking Association of Pseudo-Science never opposed torture of "suspects" until recently.


I do know of a couple voters from work who voted Trump but would have voted Sanders in the general. To think that this percentage is < 1% of Trump voters can't be right. I've seen polls claim numbers like 20%-25% which is likely too high, but a few % would matter a lot. But in any case, I don't think this is the crux of the argument for claiming Bernie would have won (which I stick by myself). I think the more significant gains would be people who didn't vote at all (and to a lesser extent, people who voted third party). Bernie could have picked up a few percent of those voters which would have put him over the top in the 3 states everyone talks about (WI, MI, PA). Whether he would have lost any of the states that Clinton won? People that either sucked it up and voted for Clinton or those who actually liked her - would they switch to Trump, 3rd party or not vote? - I haven't seen polls for this, but I don't think this dynamic was large enough to have cost Bernie the election.

Even though I'm pretty disappointed with the Democrats who have been woefully inadequate in addressing the mistakes they have made handling the primary and couldn't even vote for the obvious reform to go back to DNC funding rules under Obama before the election started, I'm not giving up on the inside / outside strategy. We should keep targeting Democrats that take corporate money with primary opponents AND keep running third party alternatives. If a truly progressive Democrat makes it to the general and we aren't talking about an enlightened state that has Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), then I think a third party endorsement (as I'm guessing would have been the case if Bernie won the primary) is in order (though it is completely up to the third party and their voters). And any truly progressive democratic candidate should be for electoral reform that benefits third parties (RCV, rules on debates, etc.).

The fact that the Democrats choose Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear instead of Bernie to give a response to Trump tells me they still don't get it, but that doesn't change the pragmatics of election law in too many states. We have no choice but to keep means could be an my opinion progressive third parties should endorse the Democrat.


Sorry, I tried to edit the end of this post but timed out. I meant to say We have no choice but to keep trying with the Democrats.


I seem to recall a conversation with a Bernie supporter who cast his vote for Donald Trump as a way to flip a big middle finger to the Dems but now is freaking out because he just might lose his medicaid.

Asked why I should empathize with his situation, after all he voted for the guy that's trying to strip him of his insurance. His response was he didn't really think Donald Trump would win.

Unfortunately he bet all our futures on that roll of the dice and lost.


Had Bernie been the Nominee, and been allowed to debate Trump on National Television, he would have DISMANTLED Trump, much in the way he DISMANTLED Alan Greenspan, when he came before Bernie in Congress. (watch it on YouTube)

Then, the millions looking for a Populist would have seen that only one was truly being offered, and that would have been Bernie.

Such a scenario, of course, could not be permitted to happen, hence the Bernie Campaign's sudden Termination, by the very Forces still working against us.