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From Birth Control to Passports: Embattled Groups Prepare for Trump


From Birth Control to Passports: Embattled Groups Prepare for Trump

Nika Knight, staff writer


I hope people know that while Tor is good, it’s not enough. For those concerned about this, you might want to check out the Tails live operating system and using a VPN.


Silly marginalized groups. Still shilling for Killery, even after the election!

Every true leftist knows that Killery was the worse option. Maybe if marginalized groups put more effort into understanding the perspective of us white males, they’d have a more well-rounded political perspective and would understand that Trump’s election doesn’t change anything! Everything is all the same as it was because blah blah blurgh.


Trump is the perfect president for the fascist states of Amerika that elected him. US foreign policies have been totalitarian and I predicted a long time ago that it was just a matter of time before some fascist like Trump would make US domestic policies the same. But I sure wish I had been wrong!


For the past five years I have driven past the Planned Parenthood venue in my town once a week and never seen any protesters. Yesterday there were a dozen folks in the parking lot holding signs reading DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD. The Murkin Taliban Party (MTB) win this week, has empowered the Murkin Taliban.


Notice that there is almost universal expectation that Trump will deliver on his (horrible) promises, whereas there is almost universal knowledge/experience that progressive promises are rarely realised.


I vote for option 2.


Whether or not fear is a helpful emotion these groups are fearful–for good reason!!-- and not all that different than the white folks who voted for Trump out of economic fear–that too is understandable. To my mind at least, both Trump and HRC, were not options to consider at all. If you were non–white perhaps you would not criticize them, and in such a demeaning fashion calling them ‘silly’. They felt/feel that under HRC they may have had some protection. So, whites–especially those who regard themselves as ‘left’-- owe these groups understanding and standing with them to take the blows too if need be.


This was an ongoing, daily activity of those anti-abortionists where I used to live. I’m sure their numbers have grown.


Time we join forces to change that, no?


“make copies of your passport, ID, etc and have them in a secure place outside of your apartment (friend, family, safe deposit box) should you need to leave your home quickly.”"

"take part in community-supported agriculture programs from local farms, community gardening, food pantries, and to organize informal networks to share food. "

Sounds like an episode from “Doomsday Preppers”. Maybe National Geographic is gonna revive the series “Doomsday Preppers II: The Progressives”.


I empathize, but understand that some of us already have our hands full. We’re 20 years deep into our war on the poor. The majority of US poor are white, and live in the vast spaces between cities. Trying to get very limited vital resources – food, etc. – to these people has looked like a lost cause for years. This is one segment of the population that has no allies in government, no concern from the public.


I’m not sure I understand the question.


WTF? is this for real, or sarcasm?


Black vs White Male Imprisonment Rates

Whites: 1 in 17
Blacks: 1 in 3

If that aint white privilege, I do not know what is.


Please reread my post.


Doesn’t it tell you a lot about the current moment that you have even have to ask?


If people were really as terrified of what’s coming they should have thought about their choices for candidates. Nominating a woman with a tremendous amount of scandals and mistrust was a sure lost. Everybody put on the blinders and cheered and celebrated. Next time, forget the media propaganda, the politicians, Corporate America (Who had a vested interest on a Clinton’s victory) and all the spinners of reality. You had the biggest chance of your life to turn this country around with Bernie Sanders. You turned a blind eye to what transpired during the Primary, and here we are. Direct your fury against the DNC, the real culpable of all the maladies that you are afraid are coming. The real Missed Opportunity took place the day Bernie Sanders lost the nomination.


Cool story, bro.


The conditions you describe is why many of them VOTED TRUMP: they felt ABANDONED BY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Poverty has been completely “colorized”: people of color living in pvoerty are “victims of oppression & racism” (which is mostly correct—though, there’s SOME truth in SOME situations of people creating their own poverty by 1.starting to have kids when they’re teens BEFORE establishing either a stable relationship or economic life and 2.dropping out of high school which means only getting min.wage jobs or rime in order to survive). White people in poverty are either INVISIBLE or are considered LOSERS. Being told how much “white privilege” you have while gong to the food shelf or living in your car or spending 70% of your income on rent CREATES RESENTMENT. And the current economic struggles are COMPOUNDED by this sense of being invisible, being labeled BOTH “privlleged” AND a Loser has fueled enoormous RESENTMENT…voting Trump was a desperate act as a result of all of this.