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From 'Bizarre' to 'Disgusting': Trump Harassment of Female Irish Reporter Draws Rebuke


From 'Bizarre' to 'Disgusting': Trump Harassment of Female Irish Reporter Draws Rebuke

Jon Queally, staff writer

The word Irish journalist Caitriona Perry used to characterize her recent interaction with President Donald Trump in the Oval office was "bizarre."


Not to mention that he misidentified her to her chief of state, Anglicizing (or perhaps Germanicizing) her name to Kaitrin, which would be about the most offensive thing to an Irishwoman bearing a good Celtic form. And not to mention that he’s wasting another head of state’s time with “locker-room talk.” Yes, disgusting.


#Crude, rude, and lewd.

Will somebody Please take this asshoLe to the woodshed.

If Melania was smart, she would take her son and move back to New York.


What a fu#^ ing slime ball pig. :pig2::pig2::pig2:
Sorry, but a well written critique of the event simply wont do.


Who will be rump’s first intern-under-the-desk?
My mother used to complain about Bill Clinton but she went and voted for this sleazeball.
Whatever mom…


This is over the top! Sexual Harassment is now telling a women she is beautiful and has a nice smile?
Our credibility will be challenged and our contempt for Trump will be marginalized by this.

Yes, it was unprofessional. Enough said.


I also think people are trying to make a big deal about too little. Nevertheless, it was still inappropriate. However he was actually telling the Irish prime minister that she had a nice smile etc.

How Trump could get away with saying that women would let him grab them by their pussy because he was rich and famous is beyond me but this incident is not that big a deal.


Perry and the brunette in front seemed to think it was funny. How would they react if he grabbed their pussies? The rich and famous can get away with anything. Ask Cosby.

Direct Democracy


Yes, when a man in power calls you out where you’re doing your job so he can ogle you (watch his face as she comes and goes), that’s always been sexual harassment, a particular flavor of unprofessionalism. I had a boss who stated that, when we went to the printer’s, during business hours, he expected “ties for guys, hose and heels for [me, the only woman on the staff]”; then he would lead the little troupe across the grass between our hotel and the printer’s building at his unhindered 6-ft-plus stride. That made his dress code gender harassment and created a toxic work atmosphere, but of course it took me several trips to the printer before I even mentioned it quietly to him.

It’s an even bigger deal when it objectifies, @Wereflea, as in this case. djt clearly didn’t have any idea who Perry was or whether she might already be known to her PM. He didn’t treat her as a journalist, just as a piece of ass with a nice smile.

And @natureboy, grinning as if it’s funny is how we’re taught to act, and the more power the man has, the tighter you grin, especially on camera. Ask them what they said in the women’s restroom later, when they were trying to get the foul taste out of their mouths.


Obviously money does not buy dignity, honor, decency or wisdom. Since so many in the US seem to worship money and power - look at where it has led us and the leaders that we have. The U.S. needs a revolution in thinking about life and our values. Trump is a sad reflection of how low the nation has sunk.


The U.S.needs a revolution in thinking about ‘Money’ and how it’s used.

If it’s used to support people, that’s fantastic.

If it’s used to take advantage of or hurt people, this must be punished.


I’m not sure grinning as if its funny is how we’re taught to act. Monkeys and other animals express their submissiveness to authority in alike and similar ways without being taught, apparently from birth and regardless of sex. It seems like instinctive behavior to me, an epigenetic survival tool inherited from our ancestors.

Authoritarians intimidate others. The beasts with teeth, claws and testosterone, conservatives with megabucks and testosterone shots. Which brings us to the root of our problems, too much testosterone.


I’m calling out my congressman, John Faso, to publicly rebuke this behavior. Failure to do that means he condones this sort of activity in the Oval Office. Show some respect for the Constitution, Mr. Representative, not your fealty to the reprehensible man whose boots you and your party members lick. You are as bad as he is.


There is nothing thing wrong with Trump’s interaction. The correspondent appears dashing in her deep red dress and does look lovely. She was so long and the atmospheres was light. I am by no means a Trump fan or supporter but this judging of interactions between men and women as if sexual attraction is prohibited searms rather regressive. Please do find other topics to discuss.


Well done! Can you imagine the uproar if President Obama EVER even thought of saying and ogling any female reporter or staff member in a like manner? But the respectability and integrity bar for DJT is set so low that a pit has to be dug to get under it. His bad behavior is passed off as “men just being boys” Ugh!


Behavior may be commonplace in a skid-row bar (strip joint) but not by a standing U S President in the Oval Office in a very public setting…the White House, which is the peoples’ house.


Depends upon the behavior context. There is nothing appropriate about the president of the United States hitting on a woman in the nation’s main business office, no more than it was for the Clinton-Lewinsky encounter. These guys who think with their dicks never disappoint, and their behavior is never appropriate anywhere.


It IS a big deal and here’s why…

When a woman is working in a professional capacity and she’s told she’s beautiful and has a nice smile, to her it is insulting because in that situation she doesn’t see that as a compliment but rather as a patronizing and belittling comment that’s out of place. She would much rather hear comments about her performance as a professional. THAT would be relevant and respectful.


He is doing it to shore up his alt-right support. The alt-right is all about male domination as well as white supremacy. Trump knows what he is doing politically. Why are people still expecting Trump to behave in a way that is acceptable mainly to those who don’t support him. He is obviously a white supremacist misogynist. This is what they do. The fact that Trump was elected president is a disgrace for the United States. Perhaps the worst setback for the image of the US since the Vietnam War. It is yet another ugly chapter in US history. Quite a come down after the US surprised just about everyone and elected a black president.


I felt that in a general way that anyone’s attractiveness or lack thereof is out of place in a professional setting. However I am not sure that people are justified in making such a big deal about this incident.

First off, it was part of socializing about there being Irish reporters there. The woman held up a press pass which obviously showed her to be an Irish reporter. Trump saw this and called her over. At that point, Trump’s customary chauvinism took over. He asked her name and repeated it for the Irish PM and then he said to him that she was beautiful and had a nice smile etc. Trump was speaking about her to the Irish PM but it was still awkward and out of place.

Without question that was sexist of Trump to do and certainly inappropriate but hardly constitutes sexual harassment. Trump suffers from a deep seated lack of empathy for people and is used to conning people with hyperbolic flattery and florid showy compliments. He seemed in that mode rather than really paying attention to the reporter.

Nevertheless, she was a reporter and not there as model or showgirl eye candy. The incident was inappropriate but otherwise not really that big a deal.