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From Bombing of Hiroshima to Collateral Murder; War Crimes of Empire and Prosecution of Free Press

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/05/bombing-hiroshima-collateral-murder-war-crimes-empire-and-prosecution-free-press

The worId has to stand up for JuIian Assange—not just because modern government wants to siIence him----but because if we faiI him----it’s Iike that oId quote that, " first they cam for the socialists–but I wasn’t a socialist and I didn’t speak up—
It ends with the speaker realizing that because he didn’t speak up------ no one is Ieft to speak the Truth -----at aII- : (


A quote by Pastor Niemoeller who realized in his poem that the brutal fascist reign of Hitler and his henchmen effected hero and coward alike. It’s really a warning to not be complacent in the face of fascism…


Assange is one of a handful pioneer computer geeks who understood and very creatively used the power of modern technologies to benefit the many, not the few. He put his life on the line, and the powers are proving him right. UN’s Meltzer is right, his case is this century’s most important one in revealing the face of western ‘democracies’. Good article.


This is a really great piece of high journalism. thanks for printing it here. I do wonder how come it has not got more attention. has the empire really silenced us about Julian?

Hi gritona:
I read a reaIIy good article about JuIian Assange in Consortium News. too.
But the UK is such an evil menace now, not just with JuIian Assange, but with hiding VenezueIa’s goId and not giving it back. : (

I knew another pair of journalists persecuted for their reporting. Bill and Sylvia Powell were journalists in China during the Korean War. They reported returning soldiers’ reports that the US was using biological weapons. When they returned, in the midst of the McCarthy period, they were prosecuted for sedition. Although they were found innocent, no paper would hire them. They made ends meet by fixing up old San Francisco homes, and later running Houses of Charm, an antiques store on Church Street. In 1981, Bill published an article in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists that the Japanese Unit 731 [Google: “Unit 731 Wikipedia” for more info (although this article doesn’t mention Powell’s earlier expose)] had done human experiments and used biological weapons during WWII, and that the US had exonerated the war criminals responsible so that it could gain their secrets.