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From Brady to MH-17, Power Defines Reality


From Brady to MH-17, Power Defines Reality

Robert Parry

Power – far more than fact – determines what is defined as true in America, a nation that has become dangerously disconnected from reality in matters both trivial and important.

The way it works now is that, in case after case, the more powerful entity in the equation imposes the answer and the rest of us are invited to join in by throwing stones and jeering at the weaker party. Two current examples make the point:


Americans are largely believers and they will believe anything that can be drilled into their heads. Believing is much easier than understanding and the acolytes of Bernays know this all too well. What was that seductive term Americans swallowed? "Change you can believe in."


I had a hearing for my divorce case last week.
It is clearly stated that no changes in a parenting plan will be made unless an investigation warrants the change.

The commissioner changed the parenting plan based simply on allegations (that are completely baseless) and then ordered the investigation.

I offered, in my plan for resolution of the matter, an initial investigation by the court appointed supervisor.
The commissioner looked at me like I was mentally ill.
He instead appointed a gaurdian ad litem(usually attorneys). Simply five times the pay rate(50 vs. 250 an hour) and a retainer of 1500.
I am not sure how many folks know this, but the state gets a matching federal dollar for every dollar of child support assigned.

I do not currently have a job, and have no reserve income beyond this months rent and child support payment.

The commissioners are simply toeing the line of making the system money. Its a great justice system.


"Plus, there is the arrogance of powerful institutions,whether the NFL or the U.S. government, that they can literally define reality for us commoners — and who’s to stop them."

This has been going on AT LEAST since 911.

Here are a number of other equally FALSELY framed narratives:

  1. Edward Snowden is a traitor
  2. The FBI/CIA are only collecting "bulk" data (or not spying on citizens at all)
  3. The TIPP and TPP will create jobs
  4. The U.S. economy is recovering
  5. Bailing out the big banks saved the economy
  6. Social Security cannot be sustained
  7. Vaccines are completely safe
  8. 19 Hi-jackers from Saudi Arabia were the authors of the 911 events
  9. The U.S. stabilized and/or brought Democracy to Iraq
  10. Qaddafi was a brutal dictator
  11. Chavez was a brutal dictator
  12. Standardized tests are a sound measure of student (not to mention teacher) performance
  13. That the unemployment rate is under 7%

These are the ones that come to mind first. But the list is far longer.

And in all of these instances, ANYONE who takes an opposing frame or perspective is quickly chastised, castigated, silenced, and sometimes worse...

Indeed. Power wishes to control perception since that's a lot cheaper and easier than incarcerating 300 million citizens. And that's only in reference to the U.S.

As many now understand, key corporations are now global entities some of which have budgets that exceed entire nations' gross domestic products and incomes.

Plus now there are legions of people employed to publish opinions that reinforce the Power Narratives; and they do this by insisting that the 1% engineers = the 99% (We, The People).


Your post is Exhibit A in proving my case that not a day goes by when the C.D. message squad (first up posters/opinion shapers) don't take the facts of power's abuse and abusers and turn THEM onto those being done unto.

Bernays' tactics worked not because people lack intelligence. They work because the use of certain emotionally-geared subliminal messages bypass the workings (or filters) of the conscious mind.

Second, the problem of Power's lies and abuses is hardly limited to America or American citizens.

Right now due to economic contractions, lots of poor people in Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil are turning against their Left-leaning leaders.

Posters like you either are employed to defend the Establishment Powers or you unconsciously (Hello, Bernays!) identify with them.


Because whenever there is asymmetric power, it's disingenuous to blame those on the weaker side.

Arguably if ALL citizens were ALL engaged and ALL clear on the events of their times, then this cohesive force could potentially OUST the 1% power donors.

However, as you know, there are significant ideological differences within a population pool of over 300 million.

Instead of showing disgust for the Powers that misuse the public's air waves and have lied the nation into unspeakable, diabolical levels of violence waged against innocents in at least 6 nations... you focus on blaming citizens.

How can a citizen KNOW what's going on in Yemen?

The citizen must rely upon the News Sources.

How can a citizen know the true fiscal numbers... those related to unemployment rates or tax sums taken in from corporations, and so forth.

No one can find all this out on their own. And even if you push the canard that anyone can do research on line, the fact is, many on-line sources are as tainted as their mass media equivalents.

There is both a problem of POWER and one of FALSE NARRATIVES: a blanket of deception covering everything from the content of the food we eat to what we hear.

The ONLY time this forum's regulars understand the problem of disproportionate power is with respect to the purported "two sides" frame applied to Israel versus Palestine.

But when it comes to U.S. power abuses, and people subjected to all sorts of insults for not conforming to the Lies Told Often... you blame The People on the RECEIVING END of the State-sponsored punishment, rather than those DOING the punishing, the deceiving, and the murdering.

THAT is why I refer to many of you as "soldier boys." You're just following orders. And this kind of "blame fellow citizens" is far more in keeping with the jack-booted goons who must demean those whose doors they're about to kick down, than the TRUE Progressive who seeks common cause with fellow travelers. It's mutual trust and shared respect that leads to solidarity... not the constant bashing of citizens by calling them fools, ignorant, sheeple, etc.

Of course THAT is "andrew Boston's" main meme... but there are at least 5 others who reinforce it. Daily. Good soldier boys marching lockstep that you are.


Robert Parry does the issue of the MH-17 no favor by comparing it to Deflategate. Tom Brady, got caught, his actions are revealing, he destroyed his cell phone, wouldn't discuss it, or the case with the league, and the evidence isn't exactly what Mr. Parry suggests. The ruling yesterday was a proper ruling from the court, as the court said, the powers given to the commissioner, to mete out punishments, are powers agreed upon by the NFL Players association and are part of the contract. There are many jurists who thought this case should never have reached the courts because of this provision. The science isn't as clear or as confused as Mr. Parry suggests either. For those interested this Wikipedia piece is very informative.

It really is outrageous for Mr. Parry to conflate a trivial issue about a football scandal to the coverup of the MH-17 disaster.


Far from complete, but nonetheless, true! The Amerikan empire, with some estimated 1000 military bases world wide is an inverted, totalitarian, fascist Republic. And to call the US a democracy... Is the biggest lie of all!


From the assassinations of JFK,MLK and RFK to Vietnam, WMD's in Iraq and 9/11 to the meme that Bernie has no chance and HRC's nomination is "inevitable"!
Sound familiar?


I surely agree. But my question is, why the NFL is crucifying Tom Brady?


I have no answer. But thanks for your question.


Parry is usually dead on but had a real misfire with this one.

I'm guessing he's a football fan.


The levels of illusion are so immense...

People either don't know or pretend that the Fukushima constant emissions of deadly radiation are not continually underway.

People either don't know about or can't take in what the refugee crisis really is about, and the magnitude of nations and lives destroyed for NO reason other than the B.S. canard of fighting terrorism.

Spreading war and terror under the guise of "fighting terrorism" is like someone with AIDS sleeping with lots of people and calling it a plan of mercy.

So many pundits talk about politics or climate in the year 2100... while there are very real indications that humanity may be facing a survivability crisis within a decade.

Perhaps, as is the case when viewers enter a movie theater, one must suspend all credulity in order to remain "in the theater."


Well said! Sometimes I think it would be a lot easier to be a brainwashed sheeple. Like someone said: that political ignorance is bliss.

I wonder if this is how many of the Germans that were awake in the Third Reich felt?


I am often haunted by the scene of Ancient Pompeii.... the locals were going about their ordinary days when the sky went on fire with volcanic ash... and that was their last day. Most were frozen in time, captured where the ash hit them.

I think that will be the way it plays for many people who had that "bliss" until a great disaster struck.

It's difficult to be awake knowing that the purposeful distribution of arms within an unstable world increases the probability of war as blow-back; that the elites have so inflated the money-changers' temple table bets as to make them untenable (thus to ensure a definitive economic collapse); and that nature IS coming apart all over.

In other words, collapse is imminent; but it's impossible to say if these 3 factors create the perfect storm-trifecta, or if one of them will summon the great implosion.

One thing I can say with certainty: what seems normal and solid right now is already beginning to come apart like sink holes increasingly, right where people are walking or driving. (Did you see the link I put up on THAT subject?)

Yates: "The Center Cannot Hold."

... Hence, Watch For Falling Debris.


Yes, and I suppose you think their still going to fine the missing weapons of mass distruction in Iraq??

This was a non issue power play by "GoodGod" Goodell and a click of power owners to punish the overriding success of smaller town venue.

Four games, and top draft choices for some air head witch hunt? What's next taking super bowl rings away for farting NE linemen?


Cry baby, cheating New England patriots, crooked to the core. They got off easy, the penalty would have been more severe if it weren't for those Thanksgiving dinners the Commissioner had with the sainted Robert Kraft-not. This issue should never be compared to the MH-17 coverup.